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I'm not a dev. But when your game crashes it should show a screen with a bunch of text about the crash and the option to abort the game.
If you encounter that crash again, you should copy that text and paste it so the devs can work out what happened.

No problem. I'll try to document any future crashes properly.

Was anything special supposed to happen when you unlock all the skills? That and gaining money to try unlocking the whole game world without dealing with lag were my goals. I was planning to eat that bread for exp but it never became necessary. So now I have bread.
Do you need any bread btw? Because I have more than I know what to do with.

I don't think it did anything aside from lower the framerate a lot.

Because I couldn't remember which skill triggered the crash or whatever else may have caused this I'll add the save file. I tried transferring one of these from my craptop to my better laptop with no avail. The game would recognise it as a save but would crash on loading that save file. But the data is surely intact.

Can I request a more elegant and less time consuming way of running a chicken coop than the screenshot I included with the save?

I've thrown a few gems into the market prior to those screenshots. But I'll go double check that.
Maybe throwing in 2778 bread will have an effect.

Because the exp bar locks at level 65, I am unable to unlock the last ability.

Also, is there a way to repair or destroy buildings like the market or these wooden platforms?

It's good I checked through these posts first because I was going to suggest something very similar. At least some way of stacking coins or large sums of items into a single item. I did have fun throwing all of my stone into the market at once through

I'm sure you are aware of this bug, but maybe not this variation of it. You can place a building half-way between tiles 

After breaking these buildings, you can walk over the water or whatever occupied that tile.

Also, at least 3 of the upgrades (Tactics, Resolve and Alacrity) require you to unlock at least one upgrade (Shielding) that is effectively useless.
For the purposes of the demo, is there some way that upgrades that aren't implemented could be bought for free?