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Can't seem to get the yellow shroom to show up. Anyone else?

Same here

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Another game crash as I'm trying to make the Robotic Shovel. As it completes the build, the game freezes and doesn't let me send a report. I have to CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart the game.

***EDIT***   Also when making the Master Gloves. 

Hopefully, you can get that figured out cuz I can't progress any further, which makes this unplayable. If there's some way of sending a bug report, please inform me how, thanks!

***EDIT 2***  Now it's also crashing after opening random chests and anytime I make gear from the Forge and the Clothing Station...

I seem to have found a bug in the latest release where I try and bottle a beetle and the game crashes. I've tried 5 times now. I get the screen that says:

It won't let me actually send the bug report, it just freezes there. 

Not sure if this was already discussed but during the skeleton dungeon area, you're given some choices in that Boon chest area. I couldnt figure out how to NOT choose one of those, which decrease your max health. Now I'm down to one max health. I die so frequently, I'm debating scrapping my 3 hour game and starting over :*(