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Fair enough, I dont think anyone has any sprites. You will probably have to settle with some screenshots at first. So far the dev haven't come out with anything in that direction. It will probably be more relevant once the game is actually out :)

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough* :)

The wiki currently contains a lot of the sprites, but they are mainly just me and some other people taking screenshots and making the background uniform. No reason to start a new one, if you can just contribute :)

I got all the implemented ones legit (except the ones around tactics, as i didnt know they existed). But levelling beyond like 45 or something takes ages, so I used the exploit I wrote about in the bugs thread.

Not not really sure about tactics, as we cant get exact exp values. But I feels like that with the other 30% makes it faster. But allas i cant be sure.

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If you haven't already seen it theres a few video, showcasing the new content (As some of it is already added :) ):

You can actually already do this with the bottle, it can be filled at the sea and will then make crops grow twice as fast. But having a watering can that covers maybe 2x2 would be cool.

I spent a bit of time unlocking all the equipment and then cleaning up the background etc. So here is a slightly improved version of the guide (IMO). I added a white background for this forum, but on the wiki it doesnt have one so it fits the background color :) (I have a bunch of versions of it with/without text, descriptions background etc. just tell me if you need any of it.)

I got this problem, and I found a wierd solution. Turns out the recipe is showing, but it for some reason show way down to the right on my screen, so far out you cant see it. Try ctrl+mousewheel (zoom out) when you're in the building/crafting menu, then when zoomed out it will display relative to the menu which makes it visible...

It would probably make more sense to just keep it about the demo for now, later on you could just bin that or add whatever is new. No telling when the full version or anyother version will be ready.

If you havent already found out (and its still relevant), you can delete buildings by starting a task in it and then destryoing it with your pickaxe. You do lose charcoal though if you destroy a furnace.

I would love to help with a wiki, it would be nice to have some stuff cleared up :)

Something that would really help in the late(r) game would be someway to chain furnaces (and other machines) together, meaning that they would balance whatever they have in them. Currently if you have a bunch of one item that you wanna distribute between 4+ furnaces it is extremely annoying. It would be cool if you could for instance colour the furnaces and that would link them, or it could just be if they where next to eachother they would chain. Alternatively this could be a skill that would come after automation or engineering skill.

Another thing that might help, would be if you could somehow choose more precisely how many item you wanna put in / use at a time in a machine. A tool tip that somehow tells you how much your items sells for might be nice, kinda like how you can see what they cost (this might already be fixed with the new UI showcased in the dev video?).

As someone who enjoy some more "organised" farms, it would be nice if you could somehow designate areas. Or at least make it so natural growth doesnt happen there. For example: I wanna make a berry farm, so i designate it so only bushes can go there. You could then also add berry seeds or a way to move the bushes, so i could actually make a berry farm. If there was also a more specialised "mining pillar" that didnt destroy the bushes that would help even more.

Some other nice to have things could be a structure that sucks item in and store them (for the mining pillars, to decrease lag). A "seedbag" or something similar that lets you plant 2x2 etc. Landfill acts like bridges but they look like land, so you can essentially make a large island. Landfill should be expensive, 20 stone?

Well thanks anyway for a nice game, even if it is only at the demo level currently :) Keep up the good work.

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Im unsure if this has been posted before, but here goes:
 -If you ctrl-buy somthing in the market you can go to negative money. This doesnt crash you, but its obviously a problem. 
 -You can ghost through buildings build on bridges.
 -If theres a "pressure plate" from a puzzles and a trees spawn onto it messes up the hitbox a bit.
 -On occasion a rock and a tree stacked up, seen it a few times, idk when it happens though.
 -(Is this a bug?) You can more or less farm exp, if you have the "taxation", "gemtrade", "trade" you can just buy gems and sell them for exp. You lose a bit of money, but nothing compared to the exp gain.

I'm not completely sure if this is a bug or a feature, but here goes nothing:
I cant seem to change my crude robots original "sensing area" (or "work area") whatever it is called, not by changing by teaching it anything new, no nothing :( I just started so its only running a very simple "find tree in area, chop it, do forever" kinda script.

Also while I'm posting anyway, It might be nice with a simple UI thing that lets you know whether a building needs flooring or not, it was quite confusing at first. (The buildings that dont need floor should possibly also be able to be placed on flooring, just for looks :) ).

Regards Jule.