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I'm not completely sure if this is a bug or a feature, but here goes nothing:
I cant seem to change my crude robots original "sensing area" (or "work area") whatever it is called, not by changing by teaching it anything new, no nothing :( I just started so its only running a very simple "find tree in area, chop it, do forever" kinda script.

Also while I'm posting anyway, It might be nice with a simple UI thing that lets you know whether a building needs flooring or not, it was quite confusing at first. (The buildings that dont need floor should possibly also be able to be placed on flooring, just for looks :) ).

Regards Jule.

Both good points.

The Find Nearest area centers around where you teach the bot so by re-teaching in a different place, you'll set a new area. Also you can use a Beacon to specify an area. Just click the "?" symbol on the Find Nearest instruction and select the Beacon.

Yes buildings that require flooring are not clear at all. This is something we'll fix in a future version.