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Forager (Demo)

Base Building, Crafting, Adventure & Secrets! · By HopFrog

No Item Requirements

A topic by Unholy_Riku created Jun 03, 2018 Views: 273 Replies: 7
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Has anyone else ran into a problem where the game isn't showing the item requirements for crafting?

I've done everything I can think of, and I can't seem to solve it.

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Yes. (make sure you have view hidden files turns on in your folder settings) To fix you need to go to your Appdata folder in your user files. From there go to Local and delete the Forager file. It will delete your save game but it'll also fix the issue. I tried just deleting the game files while keeping the save file intack and that didn't work.

I've already deleted the entire appdata folder, as well as every registry entry, but it still happens.


I got this problem, and I found a wierd solution. Turns out the recipe is showing, but it for some reason show way down to the right on my screen, so far out you cant see it. Try ctrl+mousewheel (zoom out) when you're in the building/crafting menu, then when zoomed out it will display relative to the menu which makes it visible...

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I've tried that too. if it is showing, it's too far to see even when zoomed out.


I had the same problem. It looks like it is cause by high resolutions. I have tried it on two separate computers, one running in 4k and the other running in 2000x3000. On the 4k monitor i fixed the issue by droping my resolution down too 1920x1080. Im sure this could be fixed in game through the video settings but the system button seems to be broken.


mine worked after rebooting :D also if you need recipes like ingots and iron it is iron/gold plus 1 coal steel is 2 iron and 1 coal and gold coins are 1 gold ingot and the key is 5 gold ingots and 5 iron

i really hope i did all of this correctly im from japan and im not very fluent with english

hope i helped (:

I'm having the same issue, zooming out does not show the recipes either, my screen is pretty big so that might be the issue. In the meanwhile, would anyone be kind enough to list all of the recipes? Would be more than helpful. :)