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380, very fun but the crt screen effect gave me a slight headache and i only just now saw the setting to remove it. that's my fault though, all in all 8/10. the only thing lacking is content but that is normal for a game about snake.

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10/10 would get aneurysm again

Florida map is necessary <3

you probably got crit hit and it dealt double what it would have done

you need to make sure you have the units assigned to the right team and that you arent putting 5 people into a 10v10 because the game will crash


im going to be completely honest here. 

the game is amazing with the balancing of units, but the dragon's breath is overpowered if used correctly.

ive been able to demolish the waves by only targeting the enemies that give the ability points.

all in all i give this game a 9/10

only reason for not having a perfect score is the length of the game

i hope to see the developer expand this game a ton!

signing off


good concept but now my fingers are dead 

rip fingers

too easy

add a obstacle like rent or tornadoes and earthquakes

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are ps4 controllers compatible?

not sure if this is a bug or just my keyboard but i can't turn the ship

cool little game, would love to see this fully fledged with giant ship battles and trading

you should add a fence block also nice relaxing game

use stalagmite on him it kills him

i dont have the game yet but i have played it and it is...    AMAZING. i love the game (especially that it is free) although i cant get a beta key are you still giving them out?

how do you get more money?

mine worked after rebooting :D also if you need recipes like ingots and iron it is iron/gold plus 1 coal steel is 2 iron and 1 coal and gold coins are 1 gold ingot and the key is 5 gold ingots and 5 iron

i really hope i did all of this correctly im from japan and im not very fluent with english

hope i helped (:

this game should be fully fledged out with a story and a endless mode but the one thing i want to see the most is this game on steam with a demo it would do AMAZING trust me ive done stuff like this before on my other account ( this one is for commenting stuff ) and it blew up for a while so good luck and i will be checking for updates. oh i do have one semi complaint, when using cover you can't wait can you please add that function because i dont use the wait option due to it just giving the enemies time to shoot, but if you could do it while in cover you could preserve the enemy you just grabbed making it effective in the next wave. i wish you good luck 

i hope to see a fully finished version soon.