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Forager (Demo)

Base Building, Crafting, Adventure & Secrets! · By HopFrog

Game sprites

A topic by ahmed7721 created Jun 14, 2018 Views: 807 Replies: 3
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i need access to the game sprites, if you have access to all of them  please forward them to me, i am starting a forager game wiki page and i need access to as many as i can get a hold of

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough* :)

The wiki currently contains a lot of the sprites, but they are mainly just me and some other people taking screenshots and making the background uniform. No reason to start a new one, if you can just contribute :)

wikia is not nearly as popular as gamepedia, also i already started the wiki and many contributors are joining, i will work on the gamepedia wiki no matter what, and i want the official sprites so i can upload them to the gamepedia wiki.

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Fair enough, I dont think anyone has any sprites. You will probably have to settle with some screenshots at first. So far the dev haven't come out with anything in that direction. It will probably be more relevant once the game is actually out :)