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Thank you. Unique is what we were going for.

I am glad you like it. I have added a windows build file for you to download. I am sure you can beat the pigeons! Just so you know, some of the Sudoku puzzles are harder than others, so if it is a tough one, restart, and you may get an easier sudoku.

I love that you made it like a game boy. It is very fun, and I am glad it was able to have a complete story!

I added thicker walls so it should prevent you from getting pushed out of the game. Go ahead and try again.

This game is a lot of fun, but I am really bad at it. I am not able to even survive for more than a minute. Good job making this. Everything plays smoothly, and the game play is solid. 

Can you tell me how you got kicked off? I haven't seen that happen, and I would like to fix it.

As long as Esteban is safe, I am happy

Very fun. I loved seeing the classic characters. If there were more, I would play it.

I didn't find Esteban, and instead I drilled too far in the crater and blew everything up! I had a great time though. Super fun writing, and an impressive amount of content for this little game jam.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. It is quite impressive that you managed to make such a large world in only 2 weeks.

This was a really fun game! The only thing I wish were added were a bit more showing where you would land, because I was really bad at at. I know it is probably just me, but if there were like a dotted line showing to the top of the arc, that would have helped me immensely.

Very fun game with fun dialog. The art was really well done too. I can't wait to see what other options you come up with.

Thank you! It was a really fun project to make, I am glad that the fun came out on the other side. 

Thank you! Our sound designer really did great work. It was a fun project, and we are glad you liked it.

Thank you so much! We worked hard on it. I am personally a fan of Globerta's ending, but to each their own :)

You are right, it is hard to make a hard rule that says you are no longer a beginner, and I don't think that there should be, because, as you say, there are many different things that you can be a beginner at. However, I think that someone who comes in and wins 5 beginner jams in a row is probably not doing it to improve their skills, but rather to boost their ego, and beat up on new people. I am not saying that there should be rules to prohibit people from competing multiple times, but rather there should not be rules to encourage people to come in and repeatedly beat new developers. Once you feel you are no longer a beginner, you should step aside, and let fresh blood come in and take a shot at winning. But why would you if there is a rule that says you get extra recognition when you win consecutively?

That was a really fun game. I like the premise a lot. It is creative and cute.

I think that someone who is winning game jams is not at a beginner level anymore.

I noticed today that the winner will get their win recorded, along with a count of how many consecutive wins they have. This seems to go against the spirit of the beginner game jam. 

Since this game jam is for beginners, and is advertised as a place for people who have felt like they were not taken seriously in other game jams, it seems odd to keep track of, and reward people for beating a bunch of beginners over and over. At some point they should no longer be considered beginners. 

I believe that once you have won this jam, you have probably moved a bit past beginner status. I don't think that means you know everything there is to know about game dev, but you are probably experienced enough to move on to more competetive jams.

I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but I saw that, and thought I should put this out there.

Hello, if you are still looking for a group to join we have a few people getting together on discord

We don't have a music or sound designer yet, so we would love to have you.  I

Hello, I have a background in software engineering, and I am looking to get into game development. I have been working with Unity on my own for a couple of weeks now, and would like to team up with some creative people to help with my first game jam.