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It looks really nice! 

The one way platforms add to the simplicity of the gameplay. But I didn't get what actions trigger each state of the platforms!

The penguin is so damn cute! I wanna feed him, the more the better!

Do you work with QA? That isn't a normal thing to do XD

I will have to complain to the QA team, that might be a bug that they let it pass XD

I agree with you, we had some ideas for the context but we ended up not giving any.

Thanks for the feedback. 

Man, you gotta be good at the game to lose for those two. They keep attacking the dead, why? XD

I loved how the visuals seem to be hand-drawn.

It would be nice if all the drawings were in the same style, the help desk is like pixel art. It is nice to keep it consistent.

Nice visuals, that old tv effect was really cool.

Nice use of the theme, I enjoyed playing all the levels.

Really good puzzles, well thought.

There are some bugs like you can pass the floor if you fall high enough.

It would be nice to have some music and sounds as well.

I would appreciate it if you could leave a feedback and rate our game also.

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Never thought that mechanic would be fun to play. 

When the enemies reach the wall, it is hard to read their words.

Not sure if it was intentional, but the enemies on top are harder because they enter the screen nearer the wall.

I'd appreciate it if you could rate our game as well.

It isn't loading, try setting the compression to none in the Project Setting>Player>Publishing Settings. I had the same problem.

Nice, I would appreciate if you could give your feedback and rate our game as well.

Nice concept of leaving the bodies as steps.

I would like to see a limit to how many bodies you can use at each level, it would change completely the strategy.

Man, that was hard and intense.

You don't have much time to think. Basically, you have to survive while getting hit and killing enemies. You can only get 2 to 3 points in a row before dying, so it is almost impossible to get more than that before needing a heal. After some rounds, I got 130 kills and could buy some upgrades. 

I really like the concept, matches well the GJ theme.

The game quickly becomes a bullet hell, couldn't survive for very long (max 6 kills and 1600 points). It is fun to play, although I am very bad at playing it.

There is some delay from the mouse movement and the char, and although it feels smoother to the eye, it makes it much harder since the game relies on precision.

The visuals, music, and controls are good! And the point from where he shoots is like wtf XD.

But after falling to the other platform, I didn't know what to do.

IMO the game could be more forgiving when dying from the spikes as it is for when you are shot.

I've submitted it yesterday, but for some reason, It isn't linked.

Nice little game! The artwork is really good!

We also delivered a game for GGJ'21, if you wanna play it ask a friend to play with, make a call and have fun.

Don't mind the bugs.

That was unexpected. Luckily I read the comment below and kept playing until the end.

One thing that almost made me give up on playing till the end was the fact that you never know what to expect from a movement. Some predictability helps the player know what is going on.

Overall great game, I enjoyed playing it.

I really enjoyed playing it, nice and simple. The main mechanic is completely new to me.

Game is not loading. But probably there is an easy fix.

When building an WebGL version in Unity, go to Project Settings -> Player and under Settings for WebGL, the Publishing Settings, and set Compression Format to Disabled.

I had the same problem in my previous jam.

That's what low effort is. Nicely done. 

This one wins by far as the best ending screen. 

This one wins by far as the best ending screen. 

I can see how much effort (little or nothing) you put in the game from every detail. Good job. 

I couldn't stop playing until I got all the achievements.

Really good game, well done!

Nice (and f***ing hard) little game! 

It would be nice to have some background music and some sound effects as well. 

A bug that I noticed is that sometimes the duck gets stuck in the mouse.

Cool game, the visuals and sounds are really good.

The only con I noticed is that when you die you can't shoot and more ducks can get nearby.  So the chances of getting killed again once you are not invulnerable are much higher.

Maybe while invulnerable you could still shoot or slow the enemies down a bit, idk.

Overall I had fun playing it.

Muito bom uso do tema e o fato de voces terem feito o game em 4 horas (a classe galinha foi demais)!

Mas realmente é muito dificil de jogar sem uma ajuda visual para os limites de onde tu pode ou não subir. 

Se adicionar um feedback pro player perceber isso, ficará muito melhor.

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The controls were one of the parts I focused the most. Spent most of the jam just making a good jumping mechanic, glad you liked it.

Thanks for the feedback. 

The spikes should damage, that might be a bug.

I couldn't fix the spawn on the walls. I will get back to it later. 

Thank you very much for the feedbacks, I really appreciate it. 

When hitting the spikes the should be invulnerable for 3 seconds, then that is a bug. I couldn't fix some of the issues in time, and spent the whole day trying to fix the spawn inside walls issue without success.

So I will just leave it for now, and will try fix it after the game jam rating ends. 

Don't be sorry, you did a great job. I gave 5 stars for the art and the music. It was really good. 

The visuals and audio are awesome! The gameplay could be better, basically player feedback (I left a comment on the game page)!

The art is specially good! The background music fits well the game.

But as you play, you never know what will happen, so it's frustrating not knowing exactly what you did wrong. IMO It would be far better if there were more player feedback on what can happen on each step.

Not sure how this should be done tbh, but for example, you don't have any hint that the bear will eat you, or that the floor will crack when you step on it.

But it's nicely done considering you made it in 3 days!

Hey Augustin, thanks for the feedback. 

The idea behind the teleport was not gettimg stuck on a dying/respawn loop. I didn't had time to make it properly. 

Idk why the wall issue happens since i am verifying if there is anything in the spawn point before spawning it.  

I will try to fix it later. 

Thanks again. 

This thread was created for an already finished game jam. You probably are looking for Begginers Circle #4 or something.

Hi Marcelo, thanks for the feedbacks! It is nice to hear it from a fellow brazilian game dev pro.

As you can see no one besides myself play tested the game. I used rigidbody drag, so I could use velocity to end the turn and also to make the gravity field feel stronger. 

Of course it is not meant to be like the "real" thing (what is real, maybe it is all a simulation, right?), but I didn't thought about how this would affect the gameplay, jsut like many other things.

I set the scale of the gravity fields to be always twice the radius of the planet for the sake of simplicity, but maybe making it non-linear would feel better.

I am not sure if I will keep updating this game after the GJ, but I will take your feedbacks for the next ones!

I played it again, after you fixed some details.

It got easier now that you added that visual feedback on the bars and the sound.

Nicely done!

Another improvement, wd be to randomly place the ship parts and resources! Now that I already knew where everything was, it was really easy to finish again!

Thanks for playing! 

You get a momentum from your speed and mass, so in order to stop for example you need a force of the same intensity in the opposite direction. I don't made it clear in the game. 

I noticed from vlad's video that the asteroid is so tiny on the screen in some levels. Of course I knew where they were from the start, so I didn't noticed that was a problem. But yeah it lacks a visual aid to locate it.