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davidoc : This is an obstacle, but we can find out the extra MB added just for Mono and subtract it from the Mono projects.

xudz : .pck (in pure godot engine) is just all the content scripts, models etc. For example export a project named for example one. It will create an one.pck and one.appimage (exe or what ever). Afterwards export another project named two.

Go delete one.pck and rename two.pck to one.pck and then run the one executable. The two project is going to show up.

I believe that the way to count mb is wrong.

Just force the submissions to be exported with a .pck file. The size of the .pck is your content the executable is just the Godot Engine.

Thanks for testing again, in the end I just made the max value of the slider bigger.

I haven't tried bigger FOV. I kept the default 70.

I tried different size of the planets, but size turned out to be something like a level of difficulty. Cause the bigger planet, the easier to deal with the line of following enemies.

Can you tell me please, if the last fix (fix_2) was alright for you?


I am trying to fix the mouse sensitivity.

At first I made a mistake and hidden the settings

The first fix was just about to unhide the settings.

The second fix (fix_2) was about to take care of the screen resolution.

Fix 2 is up. Hope this works as expected.

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Still too slow? Can you give me more info please, cause I have only my PC with Ubuntu to test this.

For example what is your resolution?

The OS you are using.

Is the speed of your mouse pointer slow, fast....

Edit: I ask all this cause Godot even in 3.1 contains a problematic mouse motion input. For example speed is wrong and I had to use relative position. I have created a github issue that is almost 2 years old but there is no fix for this. I will try to use the screen resolution for the mouse sensitivity. This will probably solve the problem.

I uploaded the fix. Hope this is not a disqualification for the Jam.

I uploaded the fix. Hope this is not a disqualification for the Jam.


This was a last minute mistake, settings for mouse sensitivity was there.

I deserve all the blame.


I had created settings for mouse sensitivity but when I was about to upload the game, I hidden  them to take the screenshot for the page and I forgot to make it visible again when I uploaded the game. It was too late at night and I was too tired and I had to sleep.

I will change the downloadable after the the rating.

Lesson learned...

Not sure if I can post extra credits, after the submission so I will post it first here.
Credits were included in .txt files inside the .pck but I believe that I must mention them here too.


Panoram Image (Our galaxy!) by
Credit: ESO/S. Brunier
link :

aurthor : n3b

aurthor : dklon




Coin.wav Explosion.wav Hit.wav Powerup.wav Select.wav Shoot.wav
Aurthor : ZigWin

I mean can I have a sprite or backround with black, white, blue and red or I have to use only blue and red?

I have Manjaro Linux 64 bit and NVidia GT540M (notebook).

Judging from other creators who used Unity and did not offer a Linux version of their game, it looks like to me that Unity is problematic on Linux.

The game freezes on the main menu on Linux, I was not able to play, I was not also able to exit and I had to reset my PC.

It doesn't realy matters if you have Mac or Linux to export the game to those platforms.

For example I use Manjaro Linux 64 and I exported my game for Win32, Win64, Linux32, Linux64, Mac and HTML5 I haven't tested it on any other platform apart from Linux64 and HTML5 but the testing of Godot's functionality is already tested.

Other from that, I have encountered a problem on the first boss. I killed everything but the game never allowed me to procceed.

Controls needs little bit more work. For example when you fire in the spaceship mode you cannot move up and down, another is that the spaceship does not face the dirrection of the movement, this last one seemed little bit wierd but helpful on the boss fight, so I do not know if it is a design decision or something else.

Another suggestion is to use in the display settings (in godot project properties) the stretch mode, put it on viewport and your game will get good scale on fulscreen. The way it is now, you can see all the level in fullscreen and etc.

Nice game overall a little rough around the edges but nice. It reminded me a little bit of Thexder, cause you can transform to a spaceship.

I hope that the game, repaid your enthusiasm.

The game is nice but not moving while on air and getting straigth down when you hit a wall or ceil reminded me old games that I hated to play.

I realy liked the "fog of war" idea.

I am using Godot and I am using apply_impulse ( I used apply_force too but I didn't like the results).

The problem with physics engines in general is that they move the objects in the physics step and then apply forces to separate the overlapping objects (collision reaction). This way if an object is moving too fast there is a possibility to pass through an object or stuck inside. The solution to this is to make more steps for the fast moving objects. Godot have this but the physics engine is locked with the frame rate, this means that if you loose a frame the crucial moment then you may have a problem like this.

This is how I remember things worked for Bullet at least, cause I have read some of the presentations and techniques back in the days of the first versions. I also remember similar things about the first presentations of Box2D. Godot's physics engines are like striped down versions of Bullet for 3D and Box2D for 2D.

I Unity I do not know what they used, but I remember that they had good reaction for fast moving objects.

Please upload a linux version, also, why not an HTML5 version too.



Yes, it is a multiplayer game. It is based on the boardgame named PitchCars.


This is a very common problem with physics engines and fast moving objects. I thought that it was well callibrated in the game, but on the other hand if you loose a frame just before the impact then this may happen.

I had to create an option to reset the ball position.

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Yes I know about the html5 vesrsion.

But The html5 version was created for people who cannot download and play the game on their computer. For example Windows XP users.

If you look at the description you can see that Html5 version requires mouse click.

I just added an html5 version, but I made some changes in the controls. You have to press down the second mouse button to move the ball when you position it and when you rotate the camera. Also keep in mind that I am currently adding more stages to the game.

Thanks for your interest.

I will post an html5 version for this game tomorow.

Yes, Windows XP are not supported from Godot.

Thank you guys.

@bean Just found out what stopped the game from running in Linux.

It is the extension .bin if you remove the extension by renaming the razorx.bin to razorx then the game runs.

Nice game.

Not sliding on the walls was a little bit irritating.

Joystick support is a must for this kind of games.

I became overpowered too early in the game, I have finished 10 missions easily and lost cause there is no pause.

Nice game.

P.S. I cannot run the linux version. Played it with wine in linux.