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A problem with the y offset of the screen had been reported over PSX PAL version but users had been reporting that it is playable.

I would love to hear back from you.

Thank you very much for this comment.

Yes it is drawn by


Thanks for trying.

The uncompresed  vertion passed the antivirus checks.

Gameplay wise I liked it. It had the velocity and gravity I like.

It was hard enough to make me angry but in a good way cause I new it was my fault.

On the downside are the graphics, the absence of any sound at all, menu screen, highscore etc.

Ok I found a way to check this out.

I was very intersted to see how tou achieved the dithering effect, but running the game this was obvious.

Well as you said this is just a tech demo,  Just walking around.

So I do not have much to say.

Neat idea and very well executed.

I was unable to pass the stage with the cube that moves to the opposite direction and the blue button and the red switch.

Nice game, it had it's momments.

I really liked the fact that you can throw items to destroy windows.

The graphics are minimal, but work.

Sound is minimal too, and there is no musics at all.

Because if this is a GB game then it will be just few kb.

I do not think that it is a critical error.

It is just a good proof that you did not used any game engine that comes with many MBs for the runtime. Like Godot or Unity. 

I get from AVG that :

"We've moved SigmaDemo.exe to your Quarantine because it was infected with IDP.Generic."

I don't know what to say.

The game crashes on me when the ball it is about to collide.

Thanks for playing and for your comments.

Music sound like those games cause the game uses the YM2612 chip that Sega Genesis / Mega Drive had.

I just love this chip.

The game is very simple and unforgiving as you have to restart it all over again when you lose that one life you have.

It was quite small too so I was able to finish it.

Also the game had no sound or music at all.

I am also confused why you did not uploaded the rom and you had only an html5 version. This is a Game Boy game after all.

Very impresive.

Graphicaly the game was very impresive even thought some textures were stretch at some places but this is a very common problem (I believe that as you reached this level you will eventually fix that too)

But most impresive of all were the collision detection and responce it worked realy well, even thought at some places the ship danced on the normals I guess and produced a like rapid fire sound. But this was expected in that complex geometry.

Physics in general were good but I had realy hard time landing on the planets as I was bouncing on and off. Maybe it was just me cause I am not used to this kind of games.

Also traveling from planed to planet was quite boring cause the space felt empty, but this is expected too if we take in acount the limitations of the Jam.

Sound fx and music were spot on.

The number one problem of the game is that it looks like more as a technical presentetion than a game.

P.S. The sound required an instalation of OpenAL to work. I uninstalled it to check this out.

Saturn blew up? Sega fanboys are not gonna like this...

The idea is quite cool but the game have some flaws.

Apart from what you said (UI, Start and End screen and a scoring system) the game needs sound fx and some music too.

The camera movement even thought it must had passed from some lerp it becomes the number one problem of the game cause it moves with rotation too and this game requires to rotate too often to hit the asteroids. I think the solution to this is to just use the relative position of the ship and ignore the rotation all together.

Graphics were ok as a tribute to "asteroids".

Physics were rock solid (smells like Rapier).

The idea that the ship is used as a hammer (and it looks like one too) was brilliant.

Thanks for playing and for the comments. 

Thank you for playing, for informing me and for your kind words. 

You are the first reaction over my game and you made my day.

And yes it is quite hard. I tried to make it as hard as  the old games.

The way the ship was controlled reminded asteroids but there was no way to me to realy control the ship. In the end without even achiving to touch any of the "garbage?" I managed to clean the stage as those two fell by themselves in the "black hole?"

But I must say that I had mixed fillings hearing Strauss as I was fighting to control the ship.

I liked the zoom in out.

Trying to download this I get this message from AVG.

We've safely aborted connection on because it was infected with Win64:Malware-gen

That's realy strange. I do not know what to say.

Nice game, but without music.

I wish there was a checkpoint system or something cause the first level was quite borring to replay.

Another thing I want to comment is the use of the scanline shader or overlay.

Scanlines must separate the pixels in the native resolution of the game, seems like you choosed a higher resolution for your game than what those scanlines supposed to be used.

This gives a strange outcome at least to me as I am used at scanlines.

Very good. Too bad there is no sound at all.

Nice use of 1-bit graphics and the tunes mach this.

Also it seemed too hard at first until I realized that I can shoot with both mouse buttons so I got high fire rate. And in the end I just passed by the endless hordes at finished the game.

Nice little game.

I really liked that every screen was a different mini game.

At the end by the way I thought that it was an endless hallway, but I got the carrot.

The exe version was crawling in my computer the task bar shown 33% of cpu ussage.

The web version was somehow better.

Other than that there was no sound and not intersting gameplay elements as far I played.

It was what the tittle said a "little maze" but this is not something good.

Almost a good try for a 2d overcooked clone.

I say almost cause essential elements are missing that made that game great.

Like the ability to leave ingrentients on the floor or on the kitchen counter.

Especialy leaving the ingrentient on the counter was the number one game design idea of Overcooked to force you to cooperate with other players. You can see it even in the first level as you cannot get 3 stars without doing this. And this is the reason that even in single player you control two characters. This forced cooperation of OverCooked made it great.

Other than that I like the simplicity of the graphics and the overall functionality.

In this logic all the games are tools.

Can you please try to delete the out directory of scream_mr_jack and try again?

Also I forgot to mention in the tutorial that Java 8 at least is required. Can you check if you have it or install it?

You can download it from here :

The first part is part of the python-igraph and it's alright. It's how the pathfinding is written. 

The second part I have no idea why it's not working. 

I have to find another computer to try this out . Probably something in my environment paths were used and haven't noticed. 

Thanks for trying this out and sorry for your troubles.

Thanks for trying it out.

If you have any problems with it please  paste the python error and I will be more than happy to help. 

Out of rush I first uploaded a problematic version of it but the version I uploaded yesterday was tested and works as expected. 

Thanks again.

The use of online images was a put off for me.

It has been ages since I used html 5 canvas (looks like that this is what you are using) but as far I remember it was fearly simple to use and this engine looks like it is just an abstraction with few classes.

I do not know if it is me, but this tool does not work, freezes and my pc crawls.

Windows 10.

The tool gives a black screen and taping on it will open other black windows and sometimes a font selector or a window to type in.