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In this logic all the games are tools.

Can you please try to delete the out directory of scream_mr_jack and try again?

Also I forgot to mention in the tutorial that Java 8 at least is required. Can you check if you have it or install it?

You can download it from here :

The first part is part of the python-igraph and it's alright. It's how the pathfinding is written. 

The second part I have no idea why it's not working. 

I have to find another computer to try this out . Probably something in my environment paths were used and haven't noticed. 

Thanks for trying this out and sorry for your troubles.

Thanks for trying it out.

If you have any problems with it please  paste the python error and I will be more than happy to help. 

Out of rush I first uploaded a problematic version of it but the version I uploaded yesterday was tested and works as expected. 

Thanks again.

The use of online images was a put off for me.

It has been ages since I used html 5 canvas (looks like that this is what you are using) but as far I remember it was fearly simple to use and this engine looks like it is just an abstraction with few classes.

I do not know if it is me, but this tool does not work, freezes and my pc crawls.

Windows 10.

The tool gives a black screen and taping on it will open other black windows and sometimes a font selector or a window to type in.


This is a math game and not a tool.


This is a tool for a specific game, not for a game type etc.

I know that we spoke about this on discord but for the sake of complition thanks.

And here is the link:


Soon (probably today) the engine of the game will be released here on

Thanks for playing and for the reporting .

Yes back then I was making several naive things with Godot in general including the key bindings. 

The doors that can be entered have some pointers cause not all doors can be entered and those that you can change from time to time.

I personally cannot read as fast as the double speed. The whole idea was that you use double speed to speed forward if you just want to get to the next line of text and quadruple when you need something like a skip. Skip cannot exist cause the game is in real-time. 

Yeah I wanted the music to be atmospheric but I had not idea how to achieve this without the loud beginning.

The game have three speeds normal, double and quadruple. I really do not understand why it can be considered slow. 

Also there are no interactions in the game other than entering rooms through doors and the doors you can enter have some pointers.

I don't think I can discribe that, sorry.

I do not know if it is me or not but this game run quite fast, I was unable to play it properly, even thought I setted the emulator m88 to 4mhz .

The apsent of lives made my playing and testing quite a cumbersome.

Just found out my problem.

I maped the directional keys to the keyboard arrows and for some reason those did not work with mellonds.

So I remaped them to WASD and everything worked ok.

I like the graphics and I understand that this is not complite but there are some problems in this department too.

For example before you enter the house you can see white lines that separate the floor with the grass.

This happens cause those are two separated objects. If I remember those stuff corectly it is a problem with the accuracy of the floating (32bit) point in general. One way to avoid this is to make them one object and just uv map them accordingly. Another way is to just get one of them inside the other.

If this a problem only with the emulator I would like to know.

Good puzle game.

I had high hopes for this one, but I fell several time in bugs.

I have gone for example in a room with invisible blockers and I was not able to move. Probably some how I managed to get out of the map.

Realy good game.


One thing that I believe you can easily fix is that when you are on stairs you always shoot to the right.

By looking at the screenshots I thought that this is a Mario Bros clone, but it was quite diferent.

Diferent in motion in a good way for me as I hate the way Mario moves in general and diferent of how you deal with the enemies.

Very Good entry.


Tip: Try to listen everything from closed doors, but don't let them see you in their wayout if you hear the clue sound.


It's this one :

The problem with this is that it supports only joypad and if a frame in the sound department is lost then you loose a frame in the entire game.

I made some small changes to this to have keyboard suport and a little extremely naive change in the sound that gave me worse sound but more stable frame rate.

I had posted my version over the discord

Hope this link works.

Thanks for playing and for the critique. 

It's only for the first run of the loop, you also have two buttons to speed up the game 2x and 4x.

It was at the blue cave.

Yes it works. Sorry about that.

I have no other DS game to test the emulator.

I will wait to see other people who will try the game with an emulator to see what they have to say.

Very nice game. Graphics were top quality (for the system) but there was no sound at all.

Going left is a win win situation.

I do not know if this game idea is good in general. In practise it did not work and the more I think of it it makes no sense.

What I mean is that even if we consider that the game had a good ai to become chalenging the end result will be the game to be played near the end of one side as the player will try to keep the ball till the color is changed to score.

Ok. I have no idea how to play this game. I carried the the other guy I even switched I thrown on of them over and he died and the I was just waited for the count down to start over.

Am I missing something?

This was realy short, not even the first screenshot in the game page existed! I wonder why.

Also no sound at all.

Other than that the game felt solid and as it looks like you have a platform engine setted up for Master System to expand it.

I mapped the buttons on mellonDS I even restarted the emulator but nothing changed.

I wish to be able to walk around cause I realy like this kind of graphics.

First of all what an airplane is doing in space? (Just kidding)

The presentation was very good, but the actual game was pointless.

What I mean is that I constantly tapped the fire button and nothing touched me. At first I thought that this was the first stage so it is just easy but when the counter started to count below zero I just quited.

The game was fine for what the patform offers but it had some bugs and some design decisions that ruined it.

The first door remains open after you die, this was a good adition but I had to go all over again to get the boots. I think a continue of any kind would helped with the overall expirience.

Some times the character just wraps around the screen. Probably an overflow of a byte or something. I died this way by climbing a stair. In fact I died 3 times in the row on this stair and I quited the game.

I do not know how to move forward, I use MelonDS, please inform me so I can play and rate.

Did you made the graphics over those last 6 days, I am just curious that's why I ask.

Nice game idea, but with some problems.

It seemed to me that it was not realy turn based as I was able to move one more block to exit the level even thought I was on a white one. I do not know if this was the intentional or nor.

Also the movement of the npcs felt random and also sometimes they got out of the game level.

Sound was very limited.

Last you haven't used the whole resolution of the GameBoy but as I see this was initialy created for a jam with a limited resolution theme, so I just mention this here and not taking this one as a rate consideration.

Overall a very good game idea and the school theme was fun, I do not know why you did not expand the game or make it better during this jam, but as it looks like the oportunity was lost.

Thanks for the video.

I see you failed to save her. 😉

(1 edit)

Nice game.

About the visuals I have to complain only for the rate of flashing. I think I got little bit dizzy but maybe that's me. 

Another is the use of green screen and crt effect in the testimonies. The problem is that it was visible not the crt but the cut. Probably the limited time affected this cause the presenter is top quality.

As a game it had many flaws, as not much interaction and no ability to pass the intro. You know... to do many play throughts. Also why I am getting always D?

Edit: I missed the meaning at the beginning but this is in theme.

Yep... I tried to find flaws, cause this is very good, and I realy liked.

Thanks for playing.

Did you beat it?

Nice game.

I do not agree with the theme interpretation but this game had some innovation. So my rating was balnced this way.

Overall it was a good game.