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I love it, but for some reason whenever something cancels a bullet or i bombed, It's super laggy, like 0.5fps. It might be my problem so i guess just give me tips to improve it, either way I really love It, the ost, the desifn, a lot of it. Very Awesome!

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i understand now yes thank you

Hi are there some limits like you could only have this or you need to have this?

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Hey Orama Interactive! Thanks for you beautiful app! I was hoping if you could add a moving selection where you could move the images and the other one if you could have a blur(blending) color if you could that would help me. Overall Its a really great app would recommend to friends!

I'll try. Thanks

Hey I was wondering if you could make an 2.0 openGL cause my pc doesnt support this. If you can but if you have some things to do thats ok. 

O: ThErE aRe BuGs??! 0/10 WoNt PlaY