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Submitted by ANCIPANCI — 6 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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Host (1 edit)

The music what an amazing choice to tie in the mood of the story. The animations and art of the dog was very well done and I enjoyed this short and sad, but well made game. The scene transitions were a nice touch of polish, along with a opening start screen. Great work on this! Please continue on your game dev journey!

Advice for future / Feedback for improving this game
- Have the menu buttons have some visual affordance when you hover the mouse over them
- Have the player blink or have a death animation for practice
- Have paths that you can go back and forth from and have items that are collected in order to complete the game

Thank you for submitting this wonderfully made and emotion game! Hopefully we will continue to see you submit to our future game jams!

Video Play-Through (<-Click)


Thank you!!! :D I went with multiple ideas for the theme.

Originally i thought to invert humans and dogs, i didn't do that but i kept the dog as character.

I created the game while trying to fit with the song but not minding at all for the theme (i only realized i was not fitting so much with that when i submitted it), i thought that saving the world would be good for that ! D: 

Niche art and great music. Keep it up so we can all enjoy a fully fletched and awesome doggo adventure.


actually.. the dog died xD. About the art i just felt inspired :3 and i learned that doing black outlines helps a lot


Good game. Music is very good. Bud why did the dog have to die? I'm sad now. Solid entry!


thank you!  i made the dog die to fit with the song hehehe.