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Olaf The Game Master

A member registered Oct 23, 2020

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the audio just started glitching out after i collected around 4 crystals. That's all I could tell :p

I loved this game. Amazing and eye-opening experience. I'd like to hear more words of wisdom from you, God!

Cool concept, great art-style and epic music. Great game, keep it up!

The game looks good, the controls work but can be unpredictable and the music is cute, but a bit repetitive. An enjoyable experience to say the least. Keep it up!

This game is very underrated and jam-packed with content. Great OST, simply marvelous art-style and complex yet simple gameplay at the same time. This was most certainly a positive experience and it deffinitely shows serious potential. Keep it up!

Niche idea. Liked it a lot. simplistic yet effective. Only problem was the audio as I ran into some audio glitches. Either way a most certainly positive experience. There's deffinitely a lot of potential!

Simple yet effective and addictive. Most certainly a positive experience. Keep it up and you can achieve great things!

very unique concept, remarkable OST and an overall simplistic style and gameplay result this in being quite an enjoyable experience. Good work keep it up!

Niche art and great music. Keep it up so we can all enjoy a fully fletched and awesome doggo adventure.

Cool concept, really liked it! Pretty challenging as well. Keep it up!

The game was a great and fresh experience, the only problem is that it froze and crashed before the music part of the last culture. It's a shame though as I really wanted to see the end. Great Job and keep it up, there's a lot of potential here!