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The game was a great and fresh experience, the only problem is that it froze and crashed before the music part of the last culture. It's a shame though as I really wanted to see the end. Great Job and keep it up, there's a lot of potential here!

Hey thanks for playing and leaving such a nice comment. 

I tried to replicate the bug myself but couldn't manage to do so. Definitely a result of my late-stage spaghetti code, something I certainly need to improve in future. 

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By the way Olaf, i thought I should mention I found that bug that ended your game, thanks for informing me about it, it was EXACTLY where you said it was, specifically I missed a piece of info in the JSON file that was being parsed. I'll upload the new version shortly.

Don't worry I don't expect you to slog through the whole thing again xD. The ending is simply a speech you give at the end where you can fix some of your mistakes before each culture declaring if they like you or not. 

Thanks again for playing.