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The Thing From Another PlanetView game page

Alien's journey to return to his ship.
Submitted by agon1, Bleron125 — 38 minutes, 25 seconds before the deadline
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a cool platformer with many cool mechanics. the cutscene about the shield was very cool, slowed down time for a bit, nice game


Thank you John. Appreciate your feedback.


There was a bug whith the cutscene where it showed the gun in the ceiling. If you pressed r in the cutscene the scene would restart and then show the cutscene, but the camera wouldnt turn down to the player again so you had to restart. And in the intro cutscene the audio was only coming from the right side. Otherwise good game.


Glad you enjoyed it. We didn't know about this bug. We will try to fix it. 


Character gets stuck at this point.
I didn't get very far into your game, because I got introduced to a few game breaking bugs. One of them being this one. I jumped over this platform, and all of a sudden the character model gets stuck and I can't move from this point.

Some other issues: I'm using headphones, and I'm only getting audio from the right side when I'm introduce to the cut scene in the beginning.

I'm mysteriously dying every time I turn around while standing at the edge of a platform, when there's a hazard placed next to it. I'm not even touching the hazard; I just somehow die.


Thank you for your feedback. We're actually beginners (as in this is our first game ever) so there are some bugs in the game, we will try to fix them after all this is done. Thank you for playing and I hope you could enjoy it despite those bugs you mentioned :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The game art was amazing it was simple yet intriguing! I have some problems with your game though and some feedback:

I am not a fan of the key binds of each control of the character it was hard to switch every time I want to change gravity. 

I also noticed that the camera limit was bad. There was a part where the camera wasn't showing a surface and I thought there was going to be a moving platform that is going to me but I didn't know you have to jump.

Also, some minor fixes: The credit "back" button wasn't working. XD

But I still manage to enjoy your game! 


Thank you for your feedback. We had a lot of trouble with the camera because this was our first game ever, and it was hard for us to code it the way we wanted. Eventually we ran out of time so we just left it the way it was. And I'm not sure why the back button isn't working, it worked before building the game lol. We will try to fix all these problems in the future after the results are out. Thank you again for your comment.


No problem, Keep it up! :D