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Is the update out now? :D

Thanks so much for playing the game! <3

Thanks, glad u liked it! :D

No problem, Keep it up! :D

No problem! ^-^

No problem! ^-^

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The game art was amazing it was simple yet intriguing! I have some problems with your game though and some feedback:

I am not a fan of the key binds of each control of the character it was hard to switch every time I want to change gravity. 

I also noticed that the camera limit was bad. There was a part where the camera wasn't showing a surface and I thought there was going to be a moving platform that is going to me but I didn't know you have to jump.

Also, some minor fixes: The credit "back" button wasn't working. XD

But I still manage to enjoy your game! 

Ohhh, I probably was moving at the time that's why it wasn't shooting. 

For a first time game, this is a good start for you!  Though the rocket was hard to control and some minor bugs like when the rocket falls it doesn't move anymore but I'm not sure that was intended but I can't seem to restart the game. XD but overall it was a great game!

Hahahaha, I'm sorry if you had a bad experience with it. I wasn't able to focus on working with the spikes and I didn't know the enemies were hard to deal with but despite that, I'm glad you enjoyed my game and I'll take your feedback for my future games! ;D 

Thanks for playing my game!

Thanks! :D

I think it's on the second stage after you kill the first boss. 

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Yeah, there were so much flows with my level designing. I'm just starting out but your feedback is appreciated a lot and I'm glad you enjoyed my game! 

I also might try adjusting the enemy movemnt, we'll see what I can do! Thanks for playing my game! :D

The game was fun and I enjoyed it though I didn't like how the player can't shoot while walking especially at the part where there a lot of enemies, shooting me.  I also found a bug at the part where you have to dodge flying objects, there are times I can't shoot bullets and sometimes no bullets will come out. 

The voice over was terrifying I had to lower my volume because it was loud but overall it was still amazing, great job making this! :D

No problem! Just let me know when it's fixed! ;)

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Haha, yeah I'm sorry if it was something annoying for you, I'm still learning how to work with level designing but I'll try to avoid those next time in my future games. I also should've added more details to the spike but I I didn't have the time for it.

Sorry, if the alignment of the labels triggered you, I actually thought it was centered. XD

Thanks for playing, though! :D

The game was nice and the ending was hilarious,  not sure who was the person on the closet. 

The game was simple  but fun! :D

The game was fun and the music was amazing! Great work on making this! :D

The gameplay was amazing, the graphics and the visual are astonishing! I enjoyed it a lot and especially the music, I was jamming from it! Great game! :D

It still has the same problem what Aisem said, sadly I couldn't play it. D;

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The game was fun to play, I love each levels and their designs! I recommend adding some warning when the player reaches the rope part at the first level because I actually thought you have to jump long, I thought the wires was part of the design.  The player movement is kind of fast in my opinion, I was struggling trying to work with it but overall it was a great game!

The concept of the game was beautiful! It took me some time to understand how the game works but I manage to work it through. The music was amazing it really gave so much impact to the game! :D

The concept of the game was beautiful! I loved the art and the music! Though I was kind of struggling at first but I manage to work it through! Great game!

Firstly, I apologized if it destroyed your ears, I didn't know it was that loud! I also didn't add the "player could kill slimes" cause it would be easier to finish if the player did, but yeah I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing my game!

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I'm glad you liked the art of the game, I was struggling to find a good design for it. I'm sorry if you had some difficulty playing my game I guess playing it too much made me think it's easy haha but I'd take your advice and improve it on my future games! 

Can I use this music for commercial use? I'll be uploading my game on google play store.

One recommendation is to add different direction of an object for example a bed that's facing left or right/up and down.

Aight! Thanks so much! :D <3

Can I use this for commercial use? :)

Glad you liked it! <3

Also, the movement is kinda slippery  and delay

Controls was kinda confusing but it was fun to play!

I'll try to make more soon! ;)