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this game seems fun

Thank you APgamesGRs thanks for giving me this nice comment 

High Heights community · Created a new topic Problems

List problem here

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I played this game on my CPU (i3 3220 I think?) it can’t handle this epic game 8/10 I got one kill during the lag totally recommend. Jokes aside what type of processor would be recommended? This game is really laggy and it turns out it’s my cpu, turns out it’s under full load and my GPU is just relaxing as if it’s in the Bahamas. Please help

This is the place where you would discuss about the parkcore game...

This is the place to leave your suggestions and feedback for the game.

Please keep it appropriate.

I'm looking forward for your suggestions and feed backs. 

I'm not really sure what to call this game so I thought that maybe the community could make one up for me 

So just post a name that's appropriate and I'll see which on seems fit for the game

Is it just mulitplayer or is there single player mode

so this means I can make a leud fps game 

Yeah the moment though, Its a simple explore alien exploring game  Please tell me if the Linux and Mac versions work 

I think that I'm doing good just having a hard time working on the sound its hard to make music and sound effects because I don't really have the proper equipment or software. But over all I think I'm doing good

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so can I make my OWN assets now or only  during the game jam?

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The final boss fight really got me cranking it took me a long time to beat that but that what I like about boss fights they put up a challenge and you guy('s) put the challenge in that boss fight. Also that bonus level (secret mission) is super scary and fun, the feeling of finding two of the skulls in complete darkness and in the meantime being hunted it reminds me of aliens. I would recommend this game and I will definitely buy the full version.

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I'm trying to say is that can I host my own game on my LAN connection 

I got a question is there LAN server making or is it only online? 

I had the same problem, I was running the game on a pentium E5500 4gb ddr3 GT 710 gpu and when I click Sortie it would just crash, Luckily I had a spare system (intel i3 8gb ddr3 GT 710) and it ran perfectly fine. So there might be a *capatablity* problem in the game. I think that it had to do with my CPU (Pentium) not being able to render or make up the AI. Maybe try a different system (or someone else's) and see if that's works.

Thx for the 0.8.4 release that fix my problem thank you 

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My gpu is a intel HD 2500 it supports Opencl 1.2, OpenGL 4.0 and DirectX 11 and I'm running on windows ten with 8gb ram, so it shouldn't run just fine at 720p-480p right?

I'll try the new version and see if they is any improvements

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I Have a problem when I'm in combat with the drones, when I'm in combat my frames drop down to 10 frames (ussally around 30) and when I escape the drones are still in the background they keep my fps very low. So would you mind just placing one drone per attack and once you get too far away from them they should just disappear.

So is this for Unity, Godot engines or what?   

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This is an awesome game difficulty was very easy but the final level was super fun you have to focus to beat the final boss('s). It gives you a Doom vibe when playing this which is great, I found one little problem when changing the quality during the game like if you put it at modern art ( I think that´s what its called) you can't see anything maybe that's how it is or something, But I still recommend    

I also made a YouTube video to show how fun it was.