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Hey buddy, I bought this font. I really like it (as well as a lot of other items you make).  I do online Game Design tutorials  (SkillShare) and is there any way I could include this font in a future tutorial?  (I assume purchasing this allows personal and commercial, but probably not distribution.

This is pretty neat. It's like those old carnival games where you have to move the metal ring without touching the bar.

I really like the controlling multiple people with the barriers so you can spread them out. This was a super fun game.

I really liked this entry. The getting a power up on getting hit mechanic reminds me of a reverse Brave Fencer: Musashi with the ability acquisition. I made it to the sunset. Good job!

I do enjoy my fishing games. All the way from Super Black Bass on the SNES. This is my first time to die in a fishing game though, haha.

I'm a sucker for procedural generation so I played several rounds seeing how far I could get, how fast you can throw bombs, etc. I was having so much fun blowing stuff up I forgot to get potatoes haha.

The sound was solid. The impact of shooting also felt good.

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You're a true gamer! Brings me back to like super Nintendo donkey Kong country or random NES platformer games.

Level two you can jump off 2x going right to get tot he secret level if you didn't find it.

Way to go finding all 12! It's not easy given so little instruction haha. So with the super jump, after you get a golden potato, it changes the properties of the jump (usually making it just high enough to get back to the ssurface with sometimes other things happening.

For the wall clipping, it's something I didn't have time to fix as I one manned this project. But essentially what should happen is you dig down 5 or 6 spaces, super jump back up and dog 10 to 12 in an adjacent line. Making a stair case of sorts. It was supposed to add another element of strategy but needs a lot of work.

Thanks for playing long enough to get all 12 golden potatoes!

Super Potato @168 signing on.

168! Boom!

I've never played frogger controlling multiple frogs at once! Nice twist!

My high score was 71. Once I figured out how the game works, I quite enjoyed it. I feel like this would be super fun as a table top card game (or multiple tablet game). Good job buddy.

Sorry for all the comments.

You spent such a long time reviewing other people's games, I thought I'd give some better feedback than just it's an amazing game.  Again, love this game, best game of the jam - from the music, the aesthetics, to the real selling point: the just overly fun mechanics. 
I'd like to see a level indicator so I know where I am (my game also didn't have one ironically haha) or something letting me know a boss is coming up.
I'm a fan of non-traditional tutorials and you did that well with the text in the background. Maybe on level one, have the text flash once to make it a little more apparent that it's advice.
The last boss, you might want to consider him skipping a turn every 5 turns or so as once he gets next to you, there's not much you can do.
When you die, maybe have something flash on the screen ESC to return (I know it's on the upper right side already though).
Shooting through walls (actually to be honest I like this aspect a lot) might not appeal to some people.
Enemies also won't move from behind walls on their own (which could be considered a strategic point in gameplay or some necessary AI tweaks).

I've played this again and again. I finally beat it. Just everything about this game is so good.

Hey, I really like your style of game review. Pointing out the good and bad and from seems both a gamer/designer point of view is really helpful. Making note of specific elements of both style (art inconsistencies) and game mechanics (wall jump, etc) that should be improved, things that you would like to see added, as well as strong points of the game and taking such a long time to review it is really a gift. I appreciate all of your feedback.

I also subscribed to your channel, I don't know if the channel is something you're trying to build or not, but I quite like your style of review and would love to see you continue doing it.

I made a list of notes from your video and if I continue to develop this game, I'll implement the majority of your notes! A lot of the suggestions such as indication of enough potatoes gathered, arrow indicator pointing to the house, particle effects on run are super solid suggestions. Thanks for all the suggestions buddy!

One thing I wanted to add, the "house" I had completely forgotten about until the very end so it's literally just 3 UI Home button icons stacked on top of each other with a black circle as the door, haha. So for it even to be considered "art" I felt I flew in under the radar haha.

You're on the right track so I'll leave the design to you but I could see many different things going into this. Maybe hidden traps? Chance to drop an item on enemy death. Treasure chests.  Maybe a super meter/revenge bar. Different forms of mission (escape to a certain panel, save another robot, fuel a giant robot/vehicle), etc. Maybe an "upgrade disc" loot drop or something that allows your player to get small upgrades like max energy or +1 weapon damage to a specific weapon. Weather effects (lightning storm everyone takes damage if lightning hits them, foggy - chance to miss, etc). Tiles that do different things (slows movement, gives +1 damage while on the panel, damages you every other turn, fog of war).  Fog of war (enemies can't see you inside tall grass - like League of Legends or Brawlstars).  

I beat it on my "okay last last last LASY try."  It's rare that a 3 hour game gets me to keep wanting to play a "last one," but this game managed that. Solid game buddy!

"The Spudnik." I really dropped the ball by not seeing and adding that. Shame on me for that really.  The assets were mostly premade by my friend (Caiden) in the credits. 

Haha he's supposed to be a guy in a spacesuit but then again, we did have those potato powered lightbulbs as kids. Maybe he's a potato powered robot?

Thanks for your response. You're a true gamer checking all the holes for secrets, haha. In the first level jumping over the left wall leads to a golden potato and a portal (just before entering the void).  In level 2, you can find a portal at the bottom if you dig or jump the right wall and continue on to find the secret level portal.  There are other secrets and portals and such to find as well. Potato facts there are about 20.

Thanks for the kind words!

It's quite a fun game and you really nailed the "bring back potatoes" theme.

Kudos for making a game complete with upgrades in less than 3 hours!

I like the music.

I like the fish damage animation. I'm not sure why, but that stood out. Fun game!

Additional points for use of duck.

Please, PLEASE make this into a full game. I love everything about this.

Solid game. Reminiscent of a lot arcade games! Good artwork!

Well, you win the game jam. This is a super unique concept. The art is nice. The mechanics are great. The game is fun. Everything about it is great.

I liked the music and retro feel.

Definitely the cutest game I've seen so far in the jam. I really like the hamburger's art.

Controls work perfectly. I like the shaking effects when rockets explode. I like the gameover mechanic, having your planet as a visual HP bar was a cool idea.  Good job on the balancing of the rocket mechanic, allowing for (spaced) rocket spam with a penalty for being too aggressive on it.

Very solid submission!

Cool game buddy. There's way more types of enemies/objects than what I first thought!  Most of the time I played I was constantly finding new stuff. I like the bouncing around art as well.  The giant robot (god?) statue was my favorite.

Might want to tell the players to put it in full screen mode though (or increase your viewport size in the options).

There are 4 ways to dig faster. There are 4 (or more!) endings to find. There are secrets in every level. There's a secret level!

Loved the music/sfx choices. A lot of gamejam games neglect the musical aspect (understandably so) but you guys managed to get sound effects in about every place it was necessary with a nice choice of theme.

I like a lot of the small details this has that a lot of us miss in gamejams due to time constraints. SFX for everything that needs it. The tractor vibrates as you move like a real (non-pixel haha) tractor.  Frog AI is good. And the spawning flowers gives the game some randomness in enemy movement and required action on the player.

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Thanks for checking out my game. The end condition is the left bar goes to 0% or the right bar goes to 100%.
Right bar is remaining HP essentially, left bar is how many people have died without being reaped.

Thanks! It seems you may be right about the difficulty, others had trouble as well. It's supposed to a high score game, but perhaps giving more time and slower despawn timers for the humans would make the game more fun. I decided to develop this game a bit more so I'll take that in to consideration.