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Can I make NSFW erotic game?

Thanks! Sounds cool!
I hope there's some examples in documentation how to use VRAM and copy some sprites.

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I hope there's more memory for sprites (like in 8-bit NES), because almost all virtual console not have so much memory for graphics.
(Tic-80, Pico-8, Liko-12 not good for artist who wanna to make Pokemon, Shin Megami Tensei or Dragon Quest games with many monsters)

Sorry! I don't get it.
Is there any documentation information about "SheetToClip" command?

It's would nice to see a special site for uploading games like Tic-80 library
with downloadabling source code for all Liko-12 community.

"you can store additional sprites sheets in the code, with gzip compression"
Wow it's awesome! Is there any example of that code?

Is there a way to show variables right in text?

1366*768, but monitor is very small.
How about manual switch in options of the editor?

I have a small monitor on my notebook and don't like Bitsy style interface with multiply tabs. I like old Mosi one window interface.
But anyway thanks for new version! I wanna to test it. :3

Wow! It's amazing!

It's cool! Thanks! :3

It's really awesome, but still there's need tilemap tools to create levels right in editor.

Wow! That's amazing! *_*

You need more ugly 3D. Like:

Hey! I like  Mosi more than Bitsy:
1) More easy and clear interface than Bitsy
2) More advanced script (in Bitsy I can't  teleport avatar  or delete tile without plugins)
3) I like world settings: colors,sprite size, world size

But there's some no good things:
1) No community :<
2) No documentation (just randomly I found a way how to move map location to other sector, by mouse dragging)
3) No example games for start
4) Avatar moving is very slow, I don't like that speed feeling. (There's need speed setting for avatar in world settings.)