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An invisible path of bushes.

Looks cool! A very high quality game created by Pico-8.

Amazing music and art!

Amazing! And music so awesome!

Wow! A legendary game on

Awesome little tactics game!

It's my favorite game!

Hi! Sorry, I still can't find it.

How about more gangbang parties?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Thanks! I've already discovered a lot of different things, but I just didn't know how to go further through the story.

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>>Delve into the dusk dungeon for a rogue-like adventure filled with tons of monster girls and unlock their exclusive scenes

I still can't found any dungeon locations, it's strange. But I have all max stats of RPG parameters.

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So can I use 550 tris for main character and 256x256 pixels for textures?
PS Or maybe 128x128 pixels?
PPS I found some info about Crash Bandicoot 1 (PS1): 532 faces, but not sure about size of textures
PPPS Okay, I'll try discord.

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1) How much tris can I use for characters?
Just for example Mario from Super Mario 64 has 752 tris.
2) How much texture resolution should I use for characters and objects?

Awesome game!

OMG! So awesome style and design!

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PS Sammy can walk without underwear with really low Confidence until she goes into the Wardrobe. So there's no reason to press that Wardrobe button icidentally sometimes in order not to break current settings of the clothes.

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Confidence really strange works. It turns up and down very randomly.
For working in the bar sometimes I get "Plus Confidence points"
and sometimes I get "Minus Confidence points".

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Confidence is a very unpredictable and chaotic variable. It jumps up and down without any reason. Just for example: for working in the bar Sammy sometimes get [plus], [minus] or [no change] Confidence points.

In Monday Sammy can walk in the house without underwear, but in Tuesday she can't it but in Wednesday she can it again. It's a very chaotic and jumping system.

How about to make a new variable "Perversion" (for Lewd actions), like in "Third Crisis", walking without underwear make more perversion and the character can more walk without underwear.

Can I make game with all seasons + farm and harvest mechanics?

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>> challenges participants to create something unchained and unabashed. 

I'm not good in English  so What we need to do in the Jam? The Game, demoscene project or maybe any other interactive work?

>>Using Parsec, you can stream video game footage through an Internet connection, allowing one to run a game on one computer but play it remotely through another device. Its the future of playing games online with friends and foes!

Online or offline project?

Why there's so many locations without events and any interactive objects?
Maybe I just haven't found these events? Or maybe these lcations for future?

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1) 4MB in 7z/Zip format?
2) Is it bad if my game size less than 3mb? (<2mb? <1 mb? <500kb?)
PS Tic-80 games in exe format have over 2.76 mb.

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>>Apparently people are confused. Pico8, Scratch, Flash, etc.. games are not allowed. Sorry :(( 
Okay! But can I compile Pico-8 or Tic-80 game to exe file? Or it absolutely not allowed?

It's strange but there so much warnings in virustotal , ZBot.17
PS It's scary to run it)


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Can I draw one character from many sprites?
Just for example:
Cat Head - 8x8 pixels sprite
Cat Body - 8x8 pixels  sprite
Cat Legs - 8x8 pixels sprite
Cat Hat - 8x8 pixels sprite
Cat Sword - 8x8 pixels sprite
PS Is it a cheating or not?! :)

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Or maybe more different code examples for memcpy? Because I don't get it.
I need a way to fast draw a big sprites from table variables.

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Is there a way to memcpy from table variable?
Like: memcpy(120, MyTable , 128*128)

There's the final version to turn any string to code.

-- script: lua
function RUN(_x)
 local _test = load("return ".._x) or load(_x)
 return _test()


function TIC()
 if RUN("btn(0)") then y=y-1 end
 if btn(1) then RUN("y=y+1") end
 RUN("if btn(2) then x=x-1 end")
 if btn(3) then x=x+1 end

 RUN("print('HELLO WORLD!',84,84)")
 t = RUN("t+1")

There's the link:

It's really my fault. I found an easiest way at all:

function RUN(_x)
 local _test = load(_x)
 return _test()

RUN("HeroHP = 1")
RUN("print('HeroHP: '..HeroHP)")
RUN("HeroHP = HeroHP + 1")
RUN("print('HeroHP 2: '..HeroHP)")

PS Now it's a time for make my own pseudo script language for Tic-80. :3

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I found an almost ideal code for global variables:

function RUN(_x)
 local _test = load("return " .. _x)
 return _test()


function SetG(_name,_act,_value)
if (_act=="+") then
 _G[_name] = _G[_name] + _value
elseif (_act=="-") then
 _G[_name] = _G[_name] - _value
elseif (_act=="*") then
 _G[_name] = _G[_name] * _value
elseif (_act=="/") then
 _G[_name] = _G[_name] / _value
else -- default
_G[_name] = _value
return _G[_name]

RUN("print('HeroHP: '..HeroHP)")

PS But maybe there's a more easy and/or advanced way.

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I found a way to turn string to code:

function RUN(_x)
 local _test = load("return " .. _x)
 return _test()
MyVar = 5
RUN("trace('WORK! '..MyVar)")

And now I can make my own Language in Tic-80 with "switch", without "then" and with Pause by dialogue and menu for dialogue scripting,and game scripts by string with line parser and [=[  ]=] brackets in Lua for long strings: local MyLongText = [=[ ...  ]=]

But I can't find how to make variable initializations/changes! Because these lines have an error:
RUN("MyVar = 1")
RUN("MyVar = MyVar + 1")

Is there a way to change variables by string in Lua?

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Sounds really cool!
1) Is there any way to copy all text by pressing ctrl+A or by other ways? Because my line have 10000-20000 symbols to save. Or how to choose one full line?
2) It would be more convenient to make editors with save/load by ".txt" function. Just for example how much editors we can make right in Tic-80 with easy "save/open .txt file " function:
 *Vector Editors,
 *Pixel Editors,
 *3d editors,
 *Level Editors,
 *Full Game Constructor Editors,
 *Big Save for Big Games (with string variables and tables),
 *Animator Editors,
 *txt files to make cartridges for pseudo fantasy console right in Tic-80 (fantasy console in fantasy console (LOL)),
 *Text Editors,
 *Adventure Editors,
 *Game Moding (Bethesda style),
 *to make pseudo Bitsy or Twine/Axma right in Tic-80 etc.

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Okay! I just found an easy way to get Tic-80 console on my favorite editor Notepad++
with NPPExec plugin by command:  cmd /c "C:\MyPath\Tic80.exe"

PS Now I can make a level editor in Tic-80.
PPS I'm not sure what is /c operator for NPPExec plugin or cmd.exe, but it still works.
PPPS It's still not a perfect solution with output data string, but okay!

It would be cool to see the option to save and load Txt files right in Tic-80  to save/load:
1) 3d models
2) 2d images
3) maps and locations
4) big save game files
5) vector images
6) level and music editors data files

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I'm sorry! But is there news about fast copying log? I wanna to make a new image compressor.
How about command in Tic-80 console: "copy log" to copy all text in the current Tic80 log?
PS And I still not get what is a "terminal".
PPS Powershell or cmd  it's a long way to get log text.

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The smaller you are, the more you can enter into different places.

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Tic-80 Suggestions
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Hey guys!
I don't have any github accounts so I wanna to write about some suggestions for Tic-80 right here.

1) write/read from/to ".txt" files, to make some editors in Tic-80 (level editors, ZIP converters, graphics editors, vector editors, text editors etc)
2)  no "Close Game" menu for .exe

3) more layers for graphics: Fore, Middle, Back layers would be an awesome (in the current moment we have two layers: TIC, OVR, it would be an awesome to have BCK layer)
4) 64*64 pixel mode to make more low res games

5)  I have one more suggestion: Custom Sprites for fast draw, just for example Unzipped Custom Images.

          "local MySprite = new CustomSprite(array);" - init of custom sprites
          "cspr(MySprite,x,y)" - fast draw of custom sprites
(more faster than pixel by pixel drawing)
          PS ( Awesome for: graphics editor, unzipped images, big bosses, scrolling backgrounds
            without taking up space in regular sprites place)

Thank You so much, Jonathan! I found it!

Hey there! Is there a PDF documentation for scripts and editor help?