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Looks cool!

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Can I make a remake of my old unfinished game created for old One Button Contest?
(I'm late ^_^' and drop it )
Can I just grab my old code and redraw all sprites?

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I don't have any menu ^_^'

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Game Maker Studio
Unity :'D
and Godot sometimes

I love this game! <3

I like this style!

Sorry! No more questions! ^_^''

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Thanks! I get it.
Should this game created for the whole family and all ages?

PS In fact I wanna add to my list more hardcore elements like:
1) Pantsushot
2) BDSM costumes (just for example: Ann from Persona 5)
3) Showing Underwear to Confuse Enemies
But it's really not good for all ages contest at all.

PPS In fact professional artists can turn eating food to a sexy scene. 
It's not my art:

So, I not sure where's NSFW or not a NSFW content.
Just in case, I wanna to mark all my future games as "18+", even if there's no sex content at all.

>>Rule #3028: Thou shalt keep pornographic materials away from your game. Bare minimum criteria: no female n*ppl*s, no genitalia -- as long as you do not include them removal for this reason won't happen

So, Can I make these sexy elements in the game:
1) Mini Bikini Clothes
2) Sexy Poses
3) Sexy Cosplay
4) Dirt and Wet Clothes
5) Bath or Onsen Scenes
6) Grope Tits Scenes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
7) Kiss, Hugs, Pat-pat, Lick, Other Touch Scenes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
8) Sexy Dances?

Can I make game with Zelda leveldesign? It's almost like Metroid... almost :'D
Or Metroidvania only works for platformer games?

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Awesome game!
And it's a strange thing, buttons works only for mouse but there's no mouse control in the game.

I remember that game on Stencyl forum :3

Really Awesome!

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This pixelart graphics style is awesome!

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Is it possible to make NSFW games?
Character Creator is a good theme for NSFW content ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I don't see anything about NSFW in rules.

PS UNINTENDED =? Universal Nintendo Characters?

>>That doesn’t mean there is a need for jumping
Sounds good for me!

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So, not a platformer = not a metroidvania?!
Platformer mechanics is not so easy because platformer needs the good feeling of control like Mario or Meat Boy games.
Many platformers have bad feels because not right jumps and laggy collisions.

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Metroidvania is possible without jumps like as Zelda games?

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Sounds cool! Thanks for the info!

>>I found I was able to beat Arwin without removing the collar, by using the Thunder spell
How about Hard mode? I still can't win Arwin in hard mode without removing the collar.
PS And sometimes I can't beat Arwin in Normal mode, because speedrun, sometimes I am trying to win Arwin's world for 12-15 days. I haven't so much level up and stats just for 10-15 days.

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You need... maybe 15000 Arwin's world money to survive.
And how to survive in battle with Arwin: turn to Star Knight, and try to wait and to kill only spawned monsters but not kill Arwin, we need to lose Arwin max money (in first battle Arwin stop to lose money by 130000 points and we can kill him at first time)
PS Don't lose money to save Your team in battle because it's not a good tactic when you have Star Knight skill just safe that money to next battle to turn again to Star Knight (we need 5000 money for it).
PPS If You can't find  enough money in Arwin's world (we need 35000 minimum, 20000 for VIP pass + 10000-15000 for battle), just don't save refugee people.

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>>this game isn't a visual novel skip to the lewd scenes
Okay! Anyway it's not so good idea play without a skipping feature for games with replayable features and non linear gameplay with two similar dreams every night and slow sim life. Just try to test Your game many times and You could tired to look full time some same scenes every time without skip feature.But You made a great game anyway Sorry if I was a little rude.

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I hope in new dreams in next updates there's no so many unskipped and long "fade to black screen" effects.

Looks cool!

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I have the task (I thought it's the end of demo):


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Is Biker Boss a first and last boss of this demo or not?
Because I killed him but he (with HP = -7)  hit me on -1000 HP.
Looks like a cutscene, not a battle move.
So there's no any content after that boss!?
Because there's no quests after it.

Yeah! We need the "Skip" button.

Looks cool. But there's a bug. Unity has always some problems with collision.
Not sure how I did it. I just try to click many times on mouse and walk on WASD on same time.

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5) Okay! Here is one more annoying thing:  Show the picture (by dream or cutscene) -> Fade the screen to black -> Show this picture again.(like 25th frame effect)
Maybe it's good for narrative but it unskipable and shown very often.

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I really like the game and awesome arts, but...

How much content in the game and Main Story besides the "Monocle"?
There's so much locations but I can't find any interactive objects or characters.
1) Is it possible to finish at least one of the main quests? Or side quests?
2) What can I do at night in this game?
3) Is it possible to rise Corrupt Points on the current version (6.1b)?
4) Is it possible to get to "Drunken Duck" Pub?
5) Is there any other interactivity here, besides working in a newspaper and waitress?

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1) But it's a really annoying thing. Two almost identical dreams in a row per night.

A New Dawn community · Created a new topic Not bad.
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Not bad. But there are some minor issues here:
1) Every night I have 2 dreams (looks like a bug)
2) It's annoying that we can't skip the animation, especially when it's shown many times.
3) It's sad that there's no options to switch  all CG to anime graphics and see cute characters... Characters not so cute, but okay!
4) Main protagonist looks like a slut from the very beginning. Although in theory she should looks more modest at the start.

We should kill 2 Mutated Hyrangeas only in forest near of that sicked Village.

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I just try 0.15.2
The Hard Mode is a really amazing idea
but looks like all enemies have buffed in real numbers not by 25%
PS And what about Womb of Lust, can I reset effects of that curse by works on the Pub in second city? Or else the game have not so much Lewd scenes at the current moment to reset every times that curse.

Looks amasing!

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Keyboard Control not working on my PC.
It is possible to turn the princess to left or right directions with the movement buttons, but she does not move at all.


Interesting, thanks for the comment!

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I'm not sure but:
by tag search on itch_io

1)  "Male Protagonist" = 936 results
2) "Female Protagonist" = 5,285 results
3) "NSFW" at all = 2,179 results
4) NSFW + Female protagonist = 172 results
5) NSFW + Male protagonist = 123 results

PS I just missed this game for a long time, because I usually searching for "Female Protagonist" tag. But the game not have Female Protagonist tag.

Still, there's a bug with faces by skip dialogues ("Ctrl" button)