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Sounds cool! I wanna to make some games  like Bitsy / Princess Paisley with turn based gameplay and Narrative Interactives on ZX Spectrum.

It is possible to make turn based games with that tool?
I wanna to make game like Stoneshard on ZX Spectrum
or maybe like Princess Paisley game on itch_io.

I just think about how to get some tiles from other room and teleport to current location?!
Because I need in left side different costumes and in right side different rooms

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Is there a way to replace one big static image with another big image? Just to show big characters in Visual Novels and change their clothes. And changing seasons backgrounds.

The game has amazing game mechanics. It's so cool feeling almost like  "Celeste Mario's Zap & Dash" NES hack

an amazing game for NES!

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I have a crazy idea: OnStep for any sprite, room and avatar in the game,
for advance gameplay with Mosi:
1) For turn-based Moving Enemies and NPC
2) Air Points in the Water
3) Poison effect on Health Points
4) Timer or Step Count effects etc

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How about to make Function/Global Function in the game?
Like in some Visual Novel engine we can look scene in other scene: show_scene
Or maybe like standart functions

* show_scene - like a standart scene but we don't need to go to here

Just for example:

* show_scene ("MainProtagonist",10,0)

or like random event to meet some NPC on the street

* setString myString RandomChoice("Police","Dog","Girl")
* show_scene (myString,100,0)

Hey! I used my export script in Aseprite. However, it was not so easy for me since I am not proficient in scripting and the script can only export one sprite at a time for Mosi.

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Corruption (political, body, soul, mind, mutation, system, structure, program)

PS The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

18+ games Horrors or NSFW games are allowed?

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Not sure what best control for First Person Dungeon Crawler for turn based grid games?!
I have some ideas:
1) First (WASD)
*W,S,Q,E - move (^v<>)
*A,D - turn head (90 degrees)
*F/Enter - use / talk (interactive/NPC)
*R/Space - wait one step
*Tab/Escape - menu
*1,2,3,4... - quick skills / items (hot keys)

2) Second (Up, Down, Left, Right)
*Keyboad Up,Down - move forward & backward
*Keyboard Left,Right - turn head (90 degrees)
*Shift + (Left,Right) - move Left/Right
*Z/Enter - use  / talk (interactive/NPC)
*X/Tab/Escape - menu
*R/C/Space - wait one step
*A,S  -  turn head (90 degrees)
*Q,W,E,R... - quick skills / items (hot keys)

3) Casual (like Bitsy 3D without any menu)
*Keyboad Up,Down - move forward & backward
*Keyboard Left,Right - turn head (90 degrees)
*Space - wait
Attack, Talk or Interactive - automatic using by collision
No Menu and no Inventory

PS I wanna make the game like "Orcs n Elves" (NDS)

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Yay! Amazing! Thank You so much! *__*
PS I think, with timer and check key buttons scripts I can made with this engine not only a novel but a simple QTE fighting with RPG elements)

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I have some more ideas:
1) Is it possible to change player name and write this name in any text message?
2) Is it possible to save scene name in string and go to special scene like:
* goto_scene MySavedName_Variable
* goto_scene "test"+Integer_Variable
* goto_scene "test"+String_Variable
PS Just for example I wanna to make Battle Scene (goto_scene BattleScene) in random scenes and return to current scene after battle

Wow! Thanks! :3

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>>Not currently; it should implement support for sprites in the future, but having the sprites being fully controllable is a bit out of scope for this humble VN engine

Okay! How about check buttons for quick choices?
Just for example:
A - attack
B - block
C - run
Up,Down,Left,Right - skills

>>Of course, if I ever implement a full RPG engine in the future, it would probably have this feature.

Sounds amazing! *_*

Wow! Thank You so much for all answers!

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Looks cool! Sega Genesis is my favorite console.
PS It's sad there's no Bitsy or Mosi features:
1) Is it possible to change text border? A black border not so cool.
2) Is it possible to hide text border when I don't want to use it?
3) Is it possible to check gamepad buttons and move some sprites by buttons?
4) Is it possible to make game loop? To make a sandbox visual novel?
Just for example:


I made some tech demo to show some script ideas for Mosi.

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Let's cheat and show some screenshots anyway :'D

I'm Sorry for my slow works,  there's my demo. I hope it can be opened by mosi, to look on scripts.

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Not bad:
1) If the project path have a space symbol so the project can't run at all.
2) It would be nice to have "Reset / Clear" button for debug window to Clear all debug text.

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Is it possible to walk by grid (16*16 pixels) like in RPG Maker games?
Not like Zelda games but Pokemon games on Game Boy.

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I made some mini-games by Mosi (without any plugins or special scripts at all). 
PS My first "Minesweeper" game at all :') 
+pseudo Turn-Based action mini-game
+fog of war mechanic

My favorite game ever)

PS Sometimes wanna more adventures in that universe by the space Ankh Battleship or something other)

Just made some progress with HUD :D

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Is it possible to make Stop or Break function to stop reading a script?
Just for example:

{dec-var HP 1}
{if {lte {var HP} 0}}
You're dead!
{Stop}   <<---------???
You're alive!

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Okay. I found how to make comments xD
It's works for me in Mosi.
{//My Comment} 

Thanks! :3

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Wanna turn it to:

{pick {sprite-at 1 0}}
{set-var HP {clamp {HP 0 10}}} // Clamp 0-10
{transform-sprite {str-mix "bar" {num-to-str HP}}} // "bar"+string(HP)


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Just a crazy idea to make HUD ^_____^'''''''''''

Amazing game! :'D

Môsi community · Created a new topic Custom Scripts?
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I found a Custom Scripts window. But how to use it?
1) What language? JS?
2) Is there any help/documentation/examples for it?

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Okay! :'(
Anyway, I like Mosi! <3
It's more advanced than Bitsy.

PS Just my wishlist for Mosi:

1) comments
// My Comment

2) functions (one function for different sprites)
{My_Function_Minus_HP 1}

3) numbers to string and strings+strings operations
{ set-var MyString {num-to-str My_Integer} }
{str-mix "Room-" {num-to-str My_Integer} "!"} // Array of strings

4) "OnStep" in Room and/or in World Scripts :'D
(scripts in rooms after any Avatar's step)

5) Clamp and Abs Math
{clamp My_Number 0 10}
{abs My_Number}

PPS I'll try to make the game without HUD for the Bitsy contest

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I'm just thinking about HUD Health/Energy Bar ^_^'

Môsi community · Created a new topic About Scripts

I'm trying to enter the Bitsy contest.

And I would like to know a couple of questions about scripts:

1) Is it possible to make comments in scripts?
// My Comment

2) Is it possible to add any variable number to the name of the sprite?
{set-var local-number 3}
{transform-sprite "bar"+{var local-number}}

Wow! An amazing platformer adventure.

Okay! I'm ready to try New Bitsy Jam by Mosi and check my experimental lua script with Aseprite :'D