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Thank You so much, Jonathan! I found it!

Hey there! Is there a PDF documentation for scripts and editor help?


So what the theme? My link on "steamable" site isn't woking at all!

Is there a function to convert 4 bits -> 2 bits and 2 bits -> 4 bits?

It is very hard manually to redraw 4 bits sprites to 2 bits sprites.

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Hey guys!

Is there a way to import or export sprites in 1/2 bits?

I just made some sprites and a mockup.

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There's would be nice to see an option to output a console data to file by console like: "export console"

PS like "export sprites"


I think in real Game Boy we can use only 4 colors at all and use one color for mask/alpha color in sprite, but
Can I use fifth color for alpha mask an invisible color in sprites?
In fact there's will be 4 visibility colors at all and + one invisible color for invisible pixels in sprites.

I always using PowerShell.exe to get console data, but it's not so easy.
Is there an alternative and easy way to get console data?

Awesome! :3

Thanks! :3

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What should I to avoid to make a SFW game?
Wikipedia is not have a full list of SFW/NSFW elements.
Some examples:
1) Kiss, Hugs, Licks is SFW elements?
2) Sexy Poses, Sexy Dancing have SFW elements? (Shantae have Sexy Dances)
3) Dirty bodies?
4) Swimsuit or Underwear? (Ghost n Goblins have underwear :) )
5) Sexy Clothes (almost all old fighting games)

I like Brackeys too, I'm a really fan, but I like NSFW games too.)

I'm not sure about NSFW right. Can I use bikini or underwear in my game?

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I have an idea for new palette for Tic-80.
But manually grabbing a HEX data from color and copy to Tic-80, is not so fast way.
Is there a fast way to move palette from image to Tic-80?

Is there any free version or demo  for contest time?

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Does Scroll Shooter have more than one mechanic?
Is Scroll Shooter a good game for current contest?

Sounds cool! :3

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Nesbox, Thanks!
I think "mget()" is awesome idea for my future projects, but I need it now for my big map in the current project.
But I don't know how to save data image right in tilemap sectors in edit mode.

Idea with logo is Cool too! Your link isn't working for me but I try to open in other way:

I really wanna to find editor like Tic-80, for my middle indie games with many memory (10-20mb) for sprites,
with very very easy way for programming like Tic-80! Tic-80 is very easy for me.
Just for Example - "Love2D" is very hard for me, there's so many operators and I'm not so good programmer to work with it.

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Hey Guys! I so much love Tic80 free version, but 64000 symbols is not so much for my mini game.
One Logo and one background eat all my memory in code.
How much I can write symbols in Pro version? More than 64000?
How much memory for sprites in pro version?

But anyway Tic80 is very awesome! :3

Can I make NSFW content in my game?

I'm not sure about ideas for one button without mouse.
I have idea only for idle games.

PS Looks likes the next jam name is: Zero-Button Jam 2020

Can I make a game with some NSFW elements?

Looks like is correct. It's strange.

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I just use Google Chrome. Maybe I should to try Mozilla Firefox.

Maybe it's because my notebook is not so fast.

There's text version:

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Thanks! ^_^
I can share, there's my last version of an experimental game (sorry, it's some with NSFW elements):

It's strange, but looks like {else} with many levels isn't work good or maybe I just got confused because very hard code in Ghost Enemy.
It's not so easy to read it without Tab and with many many "{" "}" symbols:
I know Mosi is not created for big code, I just trying to test it, is there any possibility to create mini RPG game.

{set-var foelvl 1}
{if {gt {var hp} 0}}
You have battle with enemy!{p}
{dec-var hp {var foelvl}}
{if {gte {var hp} 0}}
{inc-var exp {var foelvl}}
Your Health: {var hp}/{var lvl}{b}
{if {gte {var exp} {mul {var lvl} 2}}}
Exp: {var exp}/{mul {var lvl} 2}
{inc-var lvl 1}
{set-var exp 0}
{p}YAY! Level Up!
New Level: {var lvl}!
{set-var hp 0}
{set-var wear 0}
{transform-avatar nude}
{p}Your HP is 0, and your clothes torn apart!
{set-var air {var lvl}}
{transform-avatar soul}
{move-avatar deep 3 7}
{p}You're dead!
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Advanced Script with text:

{dec-var hp 1}
You get hurt.{b}
Your life is {var hp}!{b}
{if {lte {var hp} 0}}
You're dead!
{move-avatar start 3 3}
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I'm not good in english, but:
1) at first

 {set-var hp 5} 

we need to set some "HP" variable, on "world" script

2) At enemy/danger sprite:

{dec-var hp 1}
{if {lte {var hp} 0}}
{move-avatar start 3 3}

* (1-st line)  "dec-var" - it's like "hp - 1"  ("dec-var" - decrease variable)

* (2-nd line) lte - it's like "if (hp <= 0)" ("lte" - low then or equal)

* (3-rd line) move-avatar to level with name "start" on X,Y axis (we need have "start" level and don't have any walls on 3,3 axis)

* (4-rd line) if ending state

I hope I don't make errors here!

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{else} - working good! I like it!

I really like Mosi!

But sometimes my game character is trying to move randomly in any random side few steps. It's strange.
Maybe  it's because I try to use 16x16 pixels sprites and maybe it very laggy for Mosi engine (I don't know!).

Wow!  I'll should to test it!

Thanks! :)

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I would ask some more about MOSI:
1) Is there a way to set variables on start game before first steps?
2) Can I make minor NSFW games with nude content on Mosi? Or maybe isn't so good idea?!
3) Is there a way to add new rooms without deleting old locations? I just forgot to add some more rooms.
4) How to get Ending or Game Over? Is there a way to reset game after Game Over?

Maybe bugs:
1) I just try to add some scripts to "On Enter" level function:

Test 1!
{transform-avatar mer} 
Test 2!

All text  working good! But  line  "{transform-avatar mer}" isn't working at all!
But it's working with object scripts.

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Thank You so much! :)
I like Mosi! It's awesome!

Môsi community · Created a new topic Advanced Scripts
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I trying to make some advanced scripts in my little game and got some problems.

1) Is there a way to write ELSE dialogue? 

{if {eq {item-count fly} 0}}
 You can't fly! Poor thing!
 I give You wings!
 {inc-item-count fly 1}
 {transform-avatar fly}
{else} // else isn't working
 You got wings! Just fly away!


2) Or maybe is there a way to use a "Stop" script function?

{if {eq {item-count fly} 0}}
 You can't fly! Poor thing!
 I give You wings!
 {inc-item-count fly 1}
 {transform-avatar fly}
 {stop} // stop function to prevent showing last words in first time
You got wings! Just fly away!

3) Or maybe there's other way to prevent showing last words for first time of dialogue?!

PS I'm sorry for my Bad English!

I like it!
But is there a way to change volume for one single note?