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A tiny game editor you can use on your phone or in your browser · By sg

Games created with Mosi

A topic by kaelynmauve created Dec 14, 2019 Views: 986 Replies: 11
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Hi there :) I thought it would be nice to have a space to share games that have been created using Mosi so I started this thread!

Going to start off by sharing the game I just created:

A big thank you to SG for creating this tiny game engine!


Here's mine <3


Here is my game :D hope you enjoy it 


I really enjoyed using this engine SG.

I made a lil game.


Yet nother toy thing I made not so long ago:


my mosi game :)


I also made a thing! here you go. Had fun making it ^.^

I just finished this one:

I also made this other one a few years ago on an earlier version of Mosi:

Made my first serious albeit prototype-y game for some jam on




Here's the game  I created in 2020!