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A tiny game editor you can use on your phone or in your browser · By sg

Games created with Mosi

A topic by kaelynmauve created Dec 14, 2019 Views: 2,369 Replies: 21
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Hi there :) I thought it would be nice to have a space to share games that have been created using Mosi so I started this thread!

Going to start off by sharing the game I just created:

A big thank you to SG for creating this tiny game engine!


Here's mine <3


Here is my game :D hope you enjoy it 


I really enjoyed using this engine SG.

I made a lil game.


Yet nother toy thing I made not so long ago:


my mosi game :)


I also made a thing!

(+1) here you go. Had fun making it ^.^


I just finished this one:

I also made this other one a few years ago on an earlier version of Mosi:


Made my first serious albeit prototype-y game for some jam on




Here's the game  I created in 2020!


here's mine :)

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I just used it to put together a last-minute entry for Bitsy Jam #68! I figure any tool that lets you get your first game done in a day is pretty great all round:


My latest Mosi project is a WIP exploration software toy and serves as a first step towards making a custom 3D game engine down my pipeline but yeah, I am currently quite early in the process, aka sketching a more proper large 288x144 cells X-wrapping world map & its tiles because I got a constructed world in mind for the project that requires heavy customization, custom scripts code and other web tech learning curve stuff (taking full advantage of Mosi before I rewrite the thing for Unity, one among many milestones I got rn). Ngl, it looks like feature creep but I got some passion, resources and familarity with much so it is a fair project I can realistically do in a month. The hyperlink to the project is here ->

I made some tech demo to show some script ideas for Mosi.

Wow amazing work!



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i would like you to try my game I made with an extended-version of mosi (which has a feature called on-update scripts, that helps you to make  interesting mechanics)

This is my game: Volunteer Heart by Sarturo (

and the mosi fork: môsi ( (currently outdated )


Recently made for a Bitsy jam.

Вопрос: Как опубликовать игру? Я просто новичок


This is my first game but I think I pushed the limits of the engine, mostly through excessive use of layers.

Thank you to sg for making Mosi. I learned a lot making my game and I feel like it made it easier to get started in more advanced engines.