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This is a neat idea, but I feel as though it asks rather a lot of questions about which letters are in the name rather than about the animal itself. Also, it seems exceptionally rare to get a correct guess: it managed "lion" but nothing else so far. Thinking of a giraffe, zebra, and hippo all prompted wrong guesses (though they were quite amusing all the same)!

Glad you liked it! I feel as though the game does work best when you've got roughly similar numbers of cards and have a bit of freedom to experiment with them (particularly at the beginning), but at the same time it's interesting to see what people make of it when they've just got tons of one to work with.

Simple and cute. The gameplay may not be groundbreaking, but the whole thing comes together really nicely - I love it!

Great fun! I was surprised to find this runs pretty well on my very old laptop. It struggles once the screen is literally filled with enemies, but remains playable (if extremely slow) even then.

You can actually opt for forums (instead of this comments section) for your game on Itch too, if that helps.

Really enjoyed this. It's one of those games that fits together extremely well - the music, the simple sprites, the snippets of text - and the difficulty is extremely finely balanced. I found that "Gaia" rewarded my natural inclination to conserve resources, but still required investing a whole lot in beacons and time-slowing at a strategic point.

There's not all that much I can offer in terms of suggestions to improve it. Obviously another world and/or more puzzles would be fantastic, but that's just extra stuff. The only other things are down to convenience: I feel as though the foreman upgrade should probably come as standard (since the resource cost is trivial and it saves a ton of clicking, it's basically a must-buy anyway), and it would be good to see some kind of pathfinding ("Desert" in particular wouldn't work without that long trek through nowhere, but does involve a lot of mindless click-click-clicking). Those are extremely minor quibbles, though - it's an excellent game!

Oh, wow! That's a huge amount of progress - I think I've managed to find all the creatures, though might have done it in an unintended order. I got the bear's column-pushing ability last, so although I can push columns there's nothing left that it would help me reach.

Obviously at this point I know what I'm looking for anyway, but the current version does strike me as being more readable. I'm still having trouble telling the difference between stone and water in the area where the unicorn is lying, but that doesn't seem to cause any knock-on problems.

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I like this so far! I got a little stuck on the screen with the rolling log, though: it looked like the stone/gravel ground tiles were walls, so I didn't think I could get the log onto them. I'm not sure how practical this would be if you're working to a time limit for the jam, but it might be worth reconsidering the look/layout of that one: it's pretty as-is, but I feel as though it's not particularly "readable" to have two different styles of tile with exactly the same behaviour, given that identifying how the log behaves on different types of ground is key to getting it into the right place to progress.

Taking another look at the level as a whole, I feel as though simply adjusting the colours slightly might help. Currently, there's a lot of green that's passable and a lot of grey that's impassable which I think is what threw me. The solution involves rolling the log onto certain grey tiles, where virtually everything else grey (water, rock walls) is a barrier.

That's fair. The game is hardly lacking as it is, but if you ever come back to the idea (even as a separate title) I'd be keen to see more!

I absolutely love this - a good deal of strategy involved despite feeling fairly frantic. The last level largely involved spamming trees around the central building to stop it swamping the land quite so much, but even that took a bit of thought up-front (and it's possible that I would have been able to take the boss down more efficiently if I'd been quicker to surround it with greenery to begin with). Plus, it's a suitably hefty obstacle for the final encounter.

The main thing I'd like to see is more levels - or (though I realise it's probably a huge ask) a level editor. It would be great to have a few where those bee-attracting plants were crucial to success - maybe a few little islands that have to be seeded with grass manually before you can plant there.

Ah! That's weird - the version I have here says "summoned creature." I submitted it to Backslash Lit a while ago and it's possible that what I'm looking at has already been through one more round of proofreading for that. Thanks very much for the screenshot. I would have really struggled to work that out without it (and I'll be sure to make sure it's fixed on Itch whenever I update the game).

Thanks so much for playing - and for giving this such thought! I'm still planning to come back to it at some point (both Draw Nine itself, and hopefully the same basic idea for another game). It's tough to write because each step of the journey needs two locations and each of those locations needs four outcomes for the cards, but at the same time that does at least mean that the story will never branch uncontrollably.

I'm afraid I can't spot that mention of the serpent in the passage where you use the spider card against the manticore - there are two versions of the encounter so a fair bit to check through. Do you happen to remember if you saw it in the version where the manticore is defeated or the one where you just run away?

Thank you for playing! It's so good to know you enjoyed it.

This thing is great! I've just used it to produce illustrations for a game. I can't share the thing just yet, but I'll be sure to pop a link in here once it's an option. I don't even really feel like I've scratched the surface of what this tool can do, though: I've mostly just tweaked a few settings on that "normal polygon art" option rather than tried to manually set and move points myself.

This is a neat game. I feel as though the basic samurai units might be a little overpowered, though: I plonked down a bunch of Samurai Bells in my first turn (ever) and found that was all it took to gain a huge advantage right off the bat. You don't really need to worry about healing units when you get a new one every couple of turns and ranged attacks offer little advantage unless you've got enough troops that you need to deal damage from behind the front lines (which the Oni army never did). The Samurai might be more balanced if they were mostly good for holding ground without being able to deal serious damage themselves. It might also help if units retaliated when attacked, though I realise that would be a fairly substantial change to the game as a whole.

I think 3hoursonly has a point about the camera movement causing motion sickness, by the way. It wasn't a big issue for me but I'd prefer to be able to click and drag with the middle mouse button to move the map anyway: it's considerably smoother if you want to move the view to a new area altogether.

Still, this was fun without needing any kind of tutorial which I find is a bit of a litmus test for good design. I see it's marked as "on hold" on Itch but I'd be keen to see what you do with it if you ever come back to the project.


This is surprisingly good fun for such a simple mechanic!

Thank you so much for sharing my work! I'm really glad you liked it. I can confirm there is currently no music, but I do have serious plans to add some: on my desk I've got the list of tracks, and in a spare tab I've got an audio library that I hope will do what I need it to. It's actually quite reassuring to hear that's a feature you'd like to see in the game!

This is great! Any chance of an installable APK version? This is just the kind of thing I'd have a little go at on my phone now and again to kill time.

This is one of those game ideas that's so simple and elegant I can't believe nobody thought of it before now.

This is neat! I notice that there's a green crystal in the final "level" (roughly in the centre, near the surface) that remains in place even after being collected and can be picked up multiple times, though. It's hardly game-breaking given that it's more of a narrative experience anyway, but I figured I'd let you know.

Yeah, now that you mention it I never got around to limiting how far you could go: the "Player" object is really just that particle effect and apparently it's not affected by the obstacles I put in for the other characters. By the time I realised that was likely to be a problem, it was too late to fix it. With more time, I think having the camera zoom out to include all zombies on screen might be the way to go.

By the way, possibly a weird place to mention this but I read through a whole lot of Housepets (I think the whole thing at the time) back when I headed off to university. I didn't realise you were into game jams and whatnot as well!

It was, yeah! They were actually a bit of an afterthought for the first game I used them in - I recorded the whole bunch pretty close to the deadline - but this time around I planned ahead to add in a few more. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I did consider adding zombie soldiers and making them tougher than usual, but couldn't find the time to work in hit points at all. It would be a neat idea for a future version of the game, though!

Thanks for playing! Anything in particular you'd suggest for the camera?

Thanks for playing! I very nearly set up some kind of timer so you'd have to hold a zombie on the manhole for a couple of seconds to trigger the move next one, but figured that the inability to reliably mop up all the civilians in an area was probably the main source of difficulty anyway. Glad you liked it all the same!

You can actually get a fairly unique second run through by visiting locations that you didn't before. There will be broad similarities (especially at the beginning and end) but also a lot of material you can't possibly see on a single try. Third runs onwards are likely to start looking pretty familiar, though. Glad you liked the game!

Ah, that would explain why it only happened with some of them! I didn't realise it was there to address an issue with the icons - I thought it was to offer the option of icons either "in" or "out." That might actually be a handy way of printing things that might otherwise have impractical overhangs.

It ran fine for me in 20.04 - I installed in through the app, if that makes any difference.

This looks great! Weirdly I just started printing out dice from Thingiverse and was wondering if there was a tool just like this. The selection of icons on is great, but I'd be particularly keen to have the option to design my own - it's great to see you're already considering the possibility of custom ones. It would also be nice to have a range of D6 models, even just a plain cube.

Having played around a bit with this, I notice that "flip normals" sometimes changes the icons from positive to negative (if that's the right terminology - they end up sunken into the face of the die rather than standing out from it), and other times mirrors them. I'm not sure if it's down to the icon or the face it's on or if I've somehow screwed up and am toggling between two entirely different settings. In case it makes any difference, I downloaded this and launched it through the app - I realise an actual web browser may be more reliable.

Spectacular work here. I've only really had the quickest possible play around but as far as I can tell my throwaway design looks fairly printable in Cura, which seems like a pretty good indication that just about anyone could pick up and use this. The fact it's HTML5 makes that even better. If I actually print a design made in this, I'll be sure to post a photo.

Yeah, I imagine it's probably not a priority. Thanks for taking the trouble to put out a Linux version all the same - it was good to have a quick try even though it's not working 100%. I might see if I can get the Windows version running in WINE at some point: that's often an easy workaround.

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I like this. It's got a very Ticket to Ride feel to it, but in some ways the hex-based map is more readable than that game's rails. It would be great to see an option for local multiplayer.

Afraid I ran into some problems on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). The game launches and runs fine, but the pistol doesn't do anything to enemies (shots go where expected but pass right through them, and the particle effects I'd expect where a bullet strikes a wall appear somewhere way off to the left of the right). I can't seem to possess enemies either: the screen just goes dim for a moment no matter where I point/click. It's a shame, because this looks like an interesting game.

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This is really neat. I've just got hold of the Android version - it seems to play really nicely on a touchscreen. Haven't managed to get three stars on anything yet, which is actually kind of nice. It's good to have something to aim for even in a casual game.

I like this, though also found the first level a little hard to begin with. It may be simpler than the others, but in some ways I feel as though that gives the computer player an advantage: the multi-flag levels seem easier because you can end your turn leaving no safe sand to take (and they're more forgiving because if you screw up once it's not an instant lose).

What do the rocks do, by the way? Were they intended to knock over flags they roll into or are they just a fun little extra? Either way the physics are very satisfying - it would be great to see more games like this.

This is extremely well put together in terms of the level design and physics and whatnot, but it's the humour that really makes it.

Thanks! There are actually a few different endings depending on what you do throughout the game (including a good one, which you're unlikely to find on the first try).

Thanks for the response. I did wonder if Tachyon had some connection with the event, but if they weren't listed anywhere on the Jam page when I ticked the box to hear from partners then I don't see why I should be getting spam from them now. It does kind of put me off taking part in future.