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Ya, I agree that is unfair and not rewarding at all. The ‘troll’ seems to be itch newest game curation system as I barely touched some meta data and some nitty picky details and bam it went to the top within 72 hours.

Thanks for the feedback btw, I am casually working onto a refreshed version from the latest source version and your feedback is vastly appreciated. 24x12 rooms of 12x12 each is alot of tiles (288x144 to be exact) so that may be shrunk soon. I am gonna try my best to improve it (perhaps a non-colliding multiuser variant too?), one day at a time, because I was burning myself out the first few days I worked on this initially.

As I learn the full process of game dev experience-wise, those details will be accounted for in due time. Sorry for this prototype raw state and take care.

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That was a fox, not a bear. There are a few bears well hidden across the map but ya. Bears are of the dark brown color, which makes them a bit hard to see, hence the title’s namesake. I am working over to improve the thing and avoid that shameless promotion. Good to know though. I used the random generation feature of Mosi for that game draft, so that’s part of why I don’t know the map well much thus far.

Thank you so much, I am revamping the game soon, so I am gonna push updates to the source code and all fairly soon. I am a bit slow paced but I am gonna optimize and add some more features in due time because it would be nice to be somewhat ported to some 8-bit hardware. That being said, I will do my best to exploit the engine’s capabilities at least to its’ full base features, if not include custom scripts and the like. Take care.


I haven’t tried it yet but I definitely like the premise of a adult English grammar serious game. I am fairly skilled in English as a French Canadian but I welcome this initiative with very open arms. I hope this edutainment game goes along well and fulfills it’s purpose, which would seem to be well on it’s way there. Good luck and I cannot wait to bring more value into your product. Cya ^*^

Nice thanks for your honest feedback, it’s very minimal but I do consider it as I am still learning alot of skills to make alot of game and engine ideas for what is essentially a huge idea bank I write often about on my Tumblr blog.

Made my first serious albeit prototype-y game for some jam on

Yet nother toy thing I made not so long ago:

Fair enough. I took a while but I am making a few games for Mosi right now and plan to add upon it’s features eventually. Still not sure when I will implement it inside this though. Also, this and that are also Mosi-related things of me. Sorry for the hyperlink mass-posting I just did, simply wanted to express my gratitude for this engine being my entry to my latest active game development projects.

Yep. Good to know, thanks alot for the direction and the tips.

As I am trying to design a simple Zach-like out of “Baba Is You”, “Paradise” and affirmative paradigm, and I got stuck at the “how do I design the machine and the puzzles?” step. I know a reasonable amount of programming, used some XXIIVV-HundredRabbit toys and got some Zachtronics titles (loving more TIS-100 than further-onwards games like Shenzhen I/O) but I don’t know how to design such a machine, and therefore most puzzles. However, I do see some puzzle models in my head, like comparing vessels’ values, drawing on a screen and playing chiptunes. Thanks for reading and responding to my query. ^^

Fair, thanks. I have no specific questions thus far though I just made my second ever Mosi game for a friend of mine. ^^

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Neat, how does teleportation works? I am making a personal game for my friends and wanted to be able to use such a feat for my narrative. ^.^ EDIT: Just seen it my bad, how does the engine work though? I also wanna explain it in video format to some followers of mine. ^-^

Q1. Hi there! What’s your name? Want to introduce yourself? I am Olyvier (call me Klara though plz, I’m MTF) and I have some programming and artistic experience as hobbies. I never finished a game before really but I did try a previous jams with very limited amout of success. Luckily I am awaiting the theme so to get myself inspired for my second ever Mosi release. Q2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what’s your reason for joining? Gonna try creating something simple as MVP and finish it. Q3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own? Well, I have much games to inspired by, but I would like to dabble into programming games, linguistics games and grand strategy mods eventually. ^.^ Q4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine? Some experience with Unity, ‘’‘beginner’’’ level practice-wise for programming, and lots of experimental learnings across a pletora of engines, prog langs and design philosophies. Q5. Tell us about something you’re passionate about! Preserving and iterating upon living vintage tech is kinda of my niche here, so ya I enjoy reblogging alot of them on my Tumblr blog. Q6. What are your goals for this game jam? Make a tiny story game (maybe about self-caring a friend of mine). Make a neat reusable 1-bit tileset Make myself some world to welcome that narrative

Here am I, inside a sweet sweet club. ^-^

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It’s amazing, I played with it and it looks real promising (alongside the ‘fe’ language) for further developments of mine. Especially regarding my eventual dream of developing a full Lisp computer system and software ecosystem. :-) Beautiful

Good to know that your are working on that ANSI C and thanks for the reminder on full lisp implementation. My latest effort so far has been to simply customize the styling to my tastes here: . Probably gonna have to learn back once again some sweet Lisp but that is a good base for backporting it to LISP 1.5 .

All of my repositories are available at:

It’s a pleasure to continue my early open source journey alongside you two. ^.^

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I also have this next question besides the title’s: how could it be implemented in pure Lisp 1.5 or something similar. Because I am almost able to get the full PDP-8 virtual machine running and have the documentation for learning it but I just pondered if you had any suggestion tips or ideas for some help on this very topic.

For those who are unaware, I am trying to work on a 12-bit-byte version of Paradise and a constructed language’s translation as well.

Link to my conlang here:

I would indeed like a composer and a writer. All of you can join me through either my Discord at hydralisk98#4109 or my Tumblr at . Plus, I have a couple of free and non-free assets in my filesystems.

I am bored so I wanna make games/demos with a teammate or more. I am pro-efficient at design, although I know coding quite well for a beginner level dev. We are gonna start with a simple game, using Môsi, and grow our way from there.

I know the Jam is long gone (could be revived though) but I finally got something to work on. I am translating XXIIVV’s Paradise into my latest conlang to date. I am sure a odd person but hey that’s what I am going for.

So I took some time playing it and releasing a small test session. I enjoyed it big time.

So I gave a look at the GitHub repository and also at some recent news about XXIIVV. I love the idea of a computer system running something akin to this as a operating system, but as far as I am concerned, also want see a version of this that’s vintage microcontroller kit that is 12-bit based instead of 8-bit based. Plus, I am into conlangs so surely there could a way to make my very own translation for the software.

Have you ever messed with Inferno OS? Or with retro systems like the PDP-8? I saw you did with Plan 9.

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I definitely enjoy and like this project.

I need some help for making a game like this with Twine and some advice for improving my very first conlang, especially for the "cohesive vocabulary development" part. The link to my current conlang project is at the ConWorkshop, over there:

Definitely still work in progress but I definitely will appreciate your help as I try to make a couple of tiny games, either analog or digital, like here.

Demo #1: This Jam's Final Update

Basic scene with a basic character with basic controls (camera follow and player movement) with basic background... You can see how basic everything is, but it works!

Next time I work on that, it's gonna get a little better and so will all the other times until I get satisfied from te end product


Hello, my name is Olyvier, better known as hydralisk98. It's my first time keeping up to a game jam that long but not my first "game".

What is 16<sup>3</sup> / 16^3 ?

It's a 2D top-down walking sim inspired by "Quadrilateral Cowboy", "The Stanley Parable" and "0x10c". This game has no link to the theme and will be vastly smaller than my next release (supposing I keep working on that project over the next month).

This first chapter of the story is focused in a small town called "Maskutchew" which the playable character enters and explores.

As for the gameplay mechanics, undirected exploration & collectibles are the ones I am implementing as of now (simulations are for later)

What is ready?

  • Physics
  • Player movement
  • Graphics

What are my current goals?

  • Soundscape
  • Level editing
  • Collectibles
  • Interface counters
  • Interface control
  • Victory conditions
  • Placeholder NPCs
  • Placeholder Interactables/Props

What are my goals for the post-jam:

  • NPCs and their AI
  • Voiceovers
  • Custom music
  • Custom sounds
  • High definition spritesheets and tilesets
  • Animations
  • Inventory
  • Joints
  • Effectors
  • Social simulation mechanics (Money, needs...)
  • Programming playable character's actions mechanic
  • Labelling the entities in a few langs (+ conlangs) mechanic
  • Lore/worldbuilding
  • Levels
  • Story
  • Experimentations

Hello there people! My name is Olyvier and yes I am yet another 20 years old college student joining the jam.

I haven't participated to a game jam as of today, and I wanted to because I really wanted to start but most importantly finish a creative project of my very hands.

I love many types of games but Portal 2, Civilization 5 and Pokemon are some of my all-time favorites. I have a quite specific idea to iterate on this time and it will be quite original.

I have some experience with Unity & PICO-8, making experimental games including a clock out of a Unity "Breakout" clone and a top-down exploration of my town in that very same engine.

I love linguistics as I am somewhat trying to learn German on my own and collecting books around the subject.

My goals are to finish the game, support it and fit development within the time constraints of the jam.

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hello, world! My name is Olyvier and it's my first game jam.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?


3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

I'm fascinated by the deep lore and the exploration in games such as Portal 2, The Stanley Parable, Dwarf Fortress and Half Life. This jam I'm going to create some vocabulary sandbox (aka Scribblenauts), I won't be using those inspirations yet.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

Yes, but there are lots and lots of unfinished projects that most were deleted under the week after abandon. Including some text adventures.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

Beyond most of by huge interests list, "0x10c" is one that stayed in my heart since ~2014. Basically, it was a retro space sandbox about some retro computer developed during 2012 and suspended since 2013. Sad considering it jointed vintage computing, dying universe space and sandbox themes.

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

Start and most importantly finish a playable game out of my college spare time. I would love to use some Common Lisp but I'm not ready for anything like so yet.