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this is really sick!

what engine was this made in? I'm on a quest to find cool engines, and that loading screen looks unlike others I have found!

wait dude that's actually really epic

yep! the full game is on steam!

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toki! I'm appak, and I actually discovered bitsy quite a while ago, but I am only now introducing myself. I occasionally make bitsy games, and usually they're ok. most of the time I mod Celeste Classic. 

mostly i just screw around lol

sadly, no.

everything in the description is fiction!

ah! I see

you can't, sadly


one of them took it up, and are now addicted to it! 


by "you may generate a Team Rocket Grunt" do you mean it's optional or a set rule? my dumb brain might be not understanding lol.

time to force my friends to play this!

very fun!

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so you can have more time to work on your projects

i have no clue what this chibi is, lol
"dun dun dun dun dun dun dun"

title says it all ;)

love it!

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oh yeah that's ok

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yeah, but only if text is the main thing though (no using pictures to describe rooms)

if you use a picture of a cave for a cave room, make sure that you also describe the room also, no pictures only.

this is extremely cool!

aww, thank you!
and, yeah, maybe they are! :-)

this is fun! I love f11 :-)

such a fun game, the concept is great, I love this so much!

oh, I LOVE this idea!

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this is fun, although a bit hard!
gives me intense doom vibes. :-)
(also this might be my stupidity, but I can't pick up the beer...)

it should be fixed now!

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thanks! I had fun with this!

oh no, something's broken! hmmm...
that's odd!
I'll fix this and add a windows download!

thanks for pointing this out!


naw it is a year now XD

oh shit this is insane!

does it work on a ds lite?

woot woot!


pleas Mac!

yeah, I was wondering this myself!

very on time, nice job! :)

thanks! <3


i made some art and took a screencap, but it does not fit in with the background on where I have it! help!

I'm stuck too!

the ending was funny, yet deep

you're welcome!