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a little engine for little games, worlds, and stories · By ledoux

introduce yourself Sticky

A topic by ledoux created Jan 08, 2023 Views: 1,173 Replies: 58
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say hello!  👋

Hello! I'm Wander, I'm mainly a musician/composer and I like to make soundtracks. I used to make small games for myself (just an excuse to make music lol) with RPG Maker 2000, but never found another game engine like that before I discovered Bitsy! You can find some of the games I've made (mostly for bitsy jams) on my page.

Hello I am Phi(Not my real name).I ma a small indie/web dev who likes to make small games and websites. I mainly use Vs code and  small game engines. I am new to bitsy and am currently making a game in it.You can see some of my stuff on my page.

yo, graymeditations here. i don't know how to make video games, like at all... but i do it anyway.

been using bitsy for about a year & i like it. it's a good way to capture these inane moments of life with a smidge of interactivity.

so yeah... tiny moments, tiny engines, revolution!

💙 welcome y'all! 

Hi, I am new to gamedev. By trade I'm a engineer who uses a lot of programming in his work. I have no art or music experience. I've tried to make games in the past, but my programming experience hindered me as I will get lost in making the engine and never finish anything. I'm hoping with bitsy I will just finish something, anything. Right now working on adapting a scifi story for the latest public domain themed Bitsy Jam. Wish me luck.

welcome and good luck! :D

Hello! You can call me slog. I make things in Bitsy occasionally, and hopefully more often in the future.


Hello, it's Rose ! Sometimes I do Bitsys and it makes me happy. I also do Creative Commons 0 music, and silly Pokemon Fangame on Powerpoint.
Currently working on Pokefan Bitsy game to play with the Bitsy music tool.

welcome to the forum rose!!

Hi. I guess I'll reintroduce myself. My name is Chase, but you can call me Cheez. I was a bit hesitant to come to this forum because I'm really used to Discord, but now I'm here because I still like Bitsy...and might make a small adventure game with it. Who really know though.

Hey! I am Kai. I make bitsy, wander games and anything interactive to explore the worlds I make.
For the bitsy 3D community, I made a little website to combine knowledge and get people started:

Hi, I'm Flo! I made a game in Bitsy once for a game jam and it was really fun & I'm sure I'll use it again. Otherwise, I try to make small gamejam games in unity, tinker in blender, try my hand at drawing, etc.

Hey, I'm Randomdooodle. I created overdue books & edible crooks for the Overdue Library Books (bitsy jam) about two years ago and fell in love with the process. It was my first time entering a game jam or making anything game related, so it really was a brand new experience. I've continued to make things when I've had free time and everyone in the Bitsy community has always been incredibly helpful and encouraging. I'm always excited to see more of the interesting little interactive worlds people put out there for us to explore!

welcome folks! :)

Hi, I'm Wandering Cicada! (or just Cicada) I love making games and playing games! I look forward to seeing everyone's creations!

welcome! :)

Hello, I'm W.J.Holly.  I used to make lots of Bitsy games before I became one with being busy. I love tools which make expression more accessible. I love seeing the simplicity at Bitsy's core blossom into creativity. I'll be watching :)

hiya W.J.Holly!! good to see you again :D

hi! catroidvanaia  here! (cat for short :3 ) i enjoy worldbuilding (i dont do anything with it), playing indie games (cave story, yukis4p, and probably more but i cant recall rn), parentheses (if you couldnt tell already) and aspire to learn bitsy development! i aspire to do everything really but ive neither the time nor the attention span for that.

welcome! <3

Hello hello! I love making bitsy games and I make them when I have time. Thanks Adam for the tool, and everyone else too for sharing your games. 

thanks sarah!!

Hello! You can call me Gwen, any pronoun is fine. I'm and artist who  got into bisty because of a school assignment. It's been a while since I made a bisty game, long enough the discord got archived, but I plan to make more soon. I look forward to joining the next Jam!

hope to see you around Gwen!

Hello, I'm Dark, and recently starting to learn to make bitsy games for fun!


Hi! I’m Zeno. Recently I discovered Bitsy, and I love it because it allows me to make and play games on my mobile phone. See you all soon!

welcome Zeno! :)

so cool to hear that you're making bitsy games on your phone! if you have any feedback on what that experience is like, or improvements you'd suggest specifically for phone users, I'd love to hear them <3

Hi all! My name is Nina Martinez and i just started using Bitsy recently to create little games from short stories or ideas that have been bouncing around my brain. Most of my prior experience is based around screenwriting, but I want to learn more about game development and working on the mechanics behind the game. 

that's awesome! welcome Nina!! <3

I'm new here and currently working on a project for school.

nice - good luck on the project!

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toki! I'm appak, and I actually discovered bitsy quite a while ago, but I am only now introducing myself. I occasionally make bitsy games, and usually they're ok. most of the time I mod Celeste Classic. 

mostly i just screw around lol

welcome! <3

hello my mike and i am a noob web developer and game developer.


hi! I'm Data. (Didn't get the username I wanted, so it's a bit of a work-in-progress.) I have a teeny bit of CS experience, but I'm mostly a writer & visual artist (specializing in Photography). I've known about Bitsy for a few years at this point, but I've usually been more of the lurking sort around the community.

hello and welcome!

Hi I make stuff >3

hi there!

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русская версия:
Здравствуйте, я Куст. Я люблю создавать головоломки в Bitsy. Музыку не пишу, язык программирования не знаю. Я просто обычный парень. Сейчас работаю над своей первой игрой, которую я выпущу на . Пожелайте мне удачи.

English version:

Hello, I'm a Bush. I love creating puzzles in Bitsy. I don't write music, I don't know the programming language. I'm just an ordinary guy. I am currently working on my first game, which I will release on . Wish me luck.

welcome! and good luck!! <3

Hi there! I'm Mynaher! I am an aspiring Bitsy/PuzzleScript game developer, and I want to share my games with you all!

Heyo! I’m stysan and I’m on for a pretty long time. I’ve discovered bitsy only today and it seems like a good place to make games! :)

Maybe I've failed to say HELLO!

Hi everyone! I'm CJ, and I've been messing around in bitsy since I saw some cool games on Anna Anthropy's I made a couple of "gift" games for friends in bitsy before I published my first little game. It's a great engine!

hi adam + everyone! i'm a writer and crafter who's been getting into making games over the past year, and in that time at least half a dozen folks folks have told me i had to check out bitsy. i'm so glad i did, because i love the size and feel of the engine, and what i've seen so far of the community is so generous and creative . i'm working on a couple of little sketches at the moment and am super stoked to do more!

hi alanna! welcome to the forum :D

hello! i'm capnka and i've been lurking on here for a while - I'm finally trying to create my first bitsy game and will be joining the upcoming jam. i've mostly done pixel art before but this will be my first attempt at any form of game design!! 

Hello, IwonK here :) I've learned about Bitsy almost two months ago and it was love at first sight :D I've already made my first game "Clean your room!" (ispired by my own room... hee hee... :P ) and I want to make more games :D I've started a challenge to myself and I'm going to make one game a month for a year (wish me luck!).  Starting this September.

I love video games and computers in general, I have a webcomic titled "I won a game!" where I show some slices of my gaming life :D 

I've been playing games practically all my life and I've alwayse wanted to make my own games but I didn't know how. My poor attempts in my teen and adult life didn't work well but then came Bitsy :D 

A huge thank you from me to Adam for creating Bitsy :)

Heyy, I'm Ezra and I'm new to game development and coding. I found bitsy a really amazing place to start with!

Hi! I'm Maciek. For the longest time I've dismissed Bitsy as a weird curiosity, until I tried it myself. I immediately fell in love. In hindsight, I should've known better, as it's been the same way with me and Pico-8. Anyway, I've made a few bitsy things, and currently I'm making a game each week with themes inspired by subsequent letters of the alphabet. Bitsy seems perfect for that!

yo, i go by miniwoolf. i was a member of the old bitsy discord, and i haven't released a game in over a year. until today, that is. i mostly like using bitsy as a visual medium for my poetry and prose. maybe soon i'll have the energy to hack the latest version of bitsy (they put music in it???), who knows! I'm glad this lil tool exists.

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Hello, I am Laura Palavecino from Argentina. I am a researcher and transmedia artist interested in the experimentation with visual art, poetry, alt.ctrl, installations and interactivity. These are my main sites & .I love making games with Bitsy and I often give courses on it.

Hi! My name is Online, I'm a game design student and am enjoying messing around with bitsy!

Hi everyone! I'm Nico Valdivia Hennig, Co-Founder of Niebla Games, an indie Studio from Chile, and I'm also a Researcher in Game Design and Production. I'm currently pursuing my Ph.D. at the University of California, Riverside. Additionally, I'm a part of Río Junto, a collective that organizes cultural activities with Latin American creators to develop events and exhibitions in Southern California, with a special focus on digital media, art, and games.

Hello I'm Earthan Huq, I'm a game design student at Hostos CUNY, with instructors Marcello D. Viana Neto and Matthew Baloušek. Marcello has us making Bitsy games for our 101 final project.

I've come here to ask a very specific question regarding bitsy logic, but I imagine I will have more questions before this project is completed. Sad to learn I missed the Discord entirely.