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Although I did not submit a game to this jam, I would appreciate a follow here on itch!

bitsy community » bitsy » tips & help · Created a new topic Splash Screen?

I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere.... please point me to that post if it has.

Many games have very elaborate start screens/menus -- lots of bling along the outer margins of the game's 'main' page..... some of it is most excellent!!

Any tips/pointers on how to do that? Stars, starbursts...... etc. etc. ?

I have decided to sort of down shift and just focus on doing a medium-sized upgrade of my game. I will maybe do a BIG upgrade next year.

Good clarification here!

Are you still involved here?

What did you use to make  this?

I have a lot of technical writing experience and I submitted one game in a Bitsy jam here (quite some time back). I will work with you if you'd like to team up. Please message me here on

Not much of a game, but a clever distraction.

Maybe I've failed to say HELLO!

Some years back, I created a rather simple Mech game (really, just a loose idea) called, I Am Father 

I am starting on the next iteration, title "I Am Father: The Hunt"

I may post some updates here soon.

.....and it still continues!

I struggled to understand this game.

Wow!! Pretty awful!!

What is the status of this? Is it working?

Are you certain you listed your Twitter handle correctly?? It returns null.

Just curious: Who is 'we'?


Cool! A bit hard, but I liked the music!!

Well.....I generally try to stray away from insulting people's attempts.........however; There isn't much of a game to be had. Maybe time for an update?

The art is clever!

This looks sweet!!!

Yep......that's a wee bit annoying.......but still happy to see any tool for Bitsy!

Project Agar community · Created a new topic An attempt

Barely the beginning of a loose concept.

Any recent work on this??

Bitsy is cool, huh?

Essentially a maze game. Really liked the animations/movement.....quite good!!

Wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow!!!!!!  Very emotional! Community » » tips · Created a new topic Bitsy

If you didn't know........ 'Bitsy' is so fantastically great!! Look for it here!