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Good info.....thanks!

Essentially a maze game. Really liked the animations/movement.....quite good!!

The fact that the animations only allow for 2 sprites can be A HUGE PART of this tool's charm.........really. But the human in me asks: 'Yeah, but wouldn't it be great if there could be 3 sprites for each animation?!' Also, the 'tempo' at which each sprite [everywhere] is displayed is the same for everything. If that could be staggered a bit maybe......?? So one moving animation runs at a faster or slower tempo than the other animations?

Wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow!!!!!!  Very emotional!

One idea......maybe at the end of could do an 'Awards Show' --podcast! 'Best Use of Color', 'Best First Game', 'Best Horror-themed Game'......etc. etc. ! That would be pretty cool. Community » » tips · Created a new topic Bitsy

If you didn't know........ 'Bitsy' is so fantastically great!! Look for it here!

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Very cool!! ......the sounds generated are just hypnotic! Love this.

I appreciate it!

Good info.....and thanks for the encouragement!!

The red street scene is EXCELLENT!!


Well......I think (from within the editor), you can create an HTML file that you just pull up in a browser and voila! There it is!!

Bitsy Game Maker community » Help · Created a new topic 2 colors??

I've only been using Bitsy for about 3 days now. I'm currently trying hard to get something together for the 'Mechs' jam. I've enrolled in a few jams here-and-there, but have never really finished a game, so-to-speak. I'm trying VERY HARD to finish something playable!

I get the basic principles of an avatar and how it's animated. Cool.......2 sprites that 'jump' back and forth giving the appearance of problem. But: I want to make a slight color alteration on Sprite 2, so when animate, it appears the Mech's guns are firing......y'know, muzzle flash!  But, I can't seem to create 2 different colors on one individual sprite......? Can that be done??

Well....I don't know much about the Bitsy community yet, but it's a fun creation tool!!

Cool! That's an excellent old game!

Well, since you asked: The skill to write help/instructions/in-game menu stuff and do so quickly. The ability to write marketing/ads/press releases and all of the 'copy' required to publicize and market a game.

PATHOS - Demo community · Created a new topic Wow!

So, I've only played for about 4 minutes.......but wow!! I love the feel of this game! Looks like it hits that SOLID balance between good story and fun!

A very fun game!! What did you use for design??

Hi Davaro,

I took a long look at your site. I'm not totally comfortable with the theme of some of your games. If you venture over toward more family-friendly games, please give me a shout!

I will check out your work at Reddit.

I am a skilled and experienced copy writer. Anyone needing some help on this jam?