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a little engine for little games, worlds, and stories · By adam le doux

are bitsy jams still happening?

A topic by capnka created 64 days ago Views: 421 Replies: 15
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I made my first bitsy game a while ago for a jam, and then got busy with life.

The jam was a super cool experience and great motivation for me to actually sit down and learn to use bitsy since there was a timeline for submission and everything (kept me accountable haha). Plus the feedback I got from the rest of the participants was vv helpful and gave me a sense of community.

I heard there arent any official ones anymore, but i was wondering if there are any unofficial ones being held by the community? Can I start a jam? idk seems like it would be fun lol

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I hadn't heard that there aren't going to be any more official jams. I know there was an official jam in December (Bitsy Jam #78). I assumed folks just got busy in January. If it's true there won't be any more, that's really too bad.

In any case though, I'm pretty sure you can always hold your own unofficial jams! Also, sometimes Adam lets official jams be guest hosted, so maybe you could try to reach out to him if you're interested?

Yeah I heard Adam was too busy to host them regularly. I'll def need better bitsy skills myself if I am to host them myself I think.

On that note, would you by any chance know another jam with a huge bitsy community following or lots of bitsy submissions?

I don't think you necessarily need advanced bitsy skills to host a jam, especially if you're doing an unofficial jam. Mostly you just need the ability to get the word out and willingness to be the one to press the "Create a Game Jam" button. And if you posted about it here in the community, I'm sure you'd get a good turnout. 

Unfortunately I don't know of any specific jams that match what you are asking about, but if you look on's jam page for jams with no engine requirement, I'm sure there will be something that will catch your fancy.

I was wondering the same! I'd love to see more bitsy jams around.

seriously considering hosting one for begginers or something

It would be awesome!

I was thinking this too! If there was an unofficial jam made (if adam's ok with that) then i'd definitely join it!

might actually contact adam about this

Keep us posted! 

i just found out about bitsy and would totally love to join a jam if you can get this going!! 

hey y'all, sorry it's been a while - life just got super busy for me! but I have good news: the bitsy jam will be back this month - I have a post up about it on the bitsy devlog <3

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oh yay! thanks for making time for it adam!

you're very welcome! I'm happy to be resuming the jams <3

Great to hear the Jams are still happening. I have just discovered bitsy and looking forward to next jam!

same! was so excited for this one but then i missed the deadline lol