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this is so original! love it

thank youu

happy you liked it :D

same! was so excited for this one but then i missed the deadline lol

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the writing and visuals together create a unique & heartfelt aura <3

the artwork & colors are so beautiful, the writing is very touching <3

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oh yay! thanks for making time for it adam!


your games are so adorable! the world building is simple & yet i feel like a part of the community <3

short and sweet! enjoyed this game so much <3

glad you enjoyed it ^^

this is so cool! i love the color scheme & story so much

might actually contact adam about this

seriously considering hosting one for begginers or something

Yeah I heard Adam was too busy to host them regularly. I'll def need better bitsy skills myself if I am to host them myself I think.

On that note, would you by any chance know another jam with a huge bitsy community following or lots of bitsy submissions?

I made my first bitsy game a while ago for a jam, and then got busy with life.

The jam was a super cool experience and great motivation for me to actually sit down and learn to use bitsy since there was a timeline for submission and everything (kept me accountable haha). Plus the feedback I got from the rest of the participants was vv helpful and gave me a sense of community.

I heard there arent any official ones anymore, but i was wondering if there are any unofficial ones being held by the community? Can I start a jam? idk seems like it would be fun lol

hope you enjoyed it ^^

thank you so much! i'm so happy you asked that question, the music is from an old long dead mmo (the mmo & company that made it don't exist anymore), i thought it would add a layer of depth to the game since it matches the theme well

yeah growing up with the internet was an experience. there’s actually a term for the rise in broken links called ‘link rot’

thank you! it really was haha

thank you so much!! glad you liked it

This game is so fun, reminds me of the browser platformers from the early 200s! i really like the music and how the levels are designed, i do wish the dialouge at the beggining had more depth though, it would allow for a better storybuilding experience for the game :)

thank you so much for your feedback! very helpful as i also did feel a bit lost when i play tested it, just couldn;t put a finger on what went a miss. will check you game out now! looks very fun

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hello! I recently made my first bitsy game and want to use bitsy HD to make my second one, I’m not sure if pixsy works for bitsy HD and can’t seem to get RGBitsy to work at all. How do I convert a pixel art work into a bitsy HD room? 

thank you so much! glad you found it so relatable, wasn't sure if others did that too lol

having the same issue again

having this same issue again, is anyone else having it too?

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was wondering the same, have you figured it out?

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this is the most intricately drawn bitsy i've ever played!!! amazing!!!! got 16/21 in my first try

beautiful, the music really brings it all together

this is so comforting and sad at the same time, the dialogue is great

i love this game so much

hey! just checked out your game, had fun playing it :D

i did find the number of game modes a bit overwhelming at first, grew to appreciate it though!

some of the keys were confusing, but i assume that's a part of the challenge

feel free to check out my first interactive fiction game

this was a fun little game, i like that here are so many game modes! i think this could be a good typing game if there was a mode with words too

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enjoyed this! simple yet fun, i especially like that this has 2 endings

the art in this game is so cute

i miss when the internet was chronological

this has to be one of the best bitsy games i've played