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Adam Le Doux

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pretty soon I hope! the next release has a lot of features I'm excited about. thanks for checking in :)

looks great! :)

thanks! you might also want to go into your game's settings on itch and increase the viewport height -- right now the bottom of the game is being cut off

I've put them both in the list - thanks for sharing! and I'm really glad you've enjoyed using bitsy -- I'm just catching up on the comments here and yours made my day! :)

oh my gosh "just a head" is hilarious - nice job! I added them both :)

this is an intriguing idea! I'll admit it's not a direction I've considered taking bitsy in but I can certainly see how it would be cool. that said, it would probably be a pretty large amount of work and maintenance (it requires keeping servers running after all), so I don't see myself having time to take it on in the near term. 

I believe it would be possible to hack something like this into a bitsy game once you've exported it as an HTML file, so if you're feeling up to it I definitely encourage you to try to see what you could make! I can point you towards some relevant tutorials too if you decide to try that. 

another thought: someday I'd like to add some kind of plugin support to bitsy, and I could see multiplayer/chat being a really neat plugin. 

thanks for taking the time to share this suggestion!

I think this is a really strong idea! as you've shown, it definitely opens up a lot of possibilities. I'm currently almost done with a big update to the dialog system. this might be a good thing for me to tackle after I've completed that :)

oh no! the link seems like it's broken..

this was funny and cute! thanks for sharing :)

sure thing! thanks for being part of the jam :)

I can tell! I was looking at the other stuff in your portfolio and it's really great art! :)

good idea! thanks :)

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nice job on this! I like the colors you chose :)

one suggestion: if you name your game file "index.html" you can tell itch you want to be able to play the game in the browser so people don't have to download the game

nice job! it would be fun if you could get off the train at different stops. thanks for participating in the jam!

this is very ominous and the virtual boy colors really accentuate that feeling - thanks for participating in the jam!

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this is adorable! I love all the tiny landscapes -- especially the desert :)

nice job! I had an experience like this once at the train station in New Orleans -- they kept saying the train would be delayed a few minutes, but eventually it turned out it had broken down completely! I ended up taking a plane

I thought it was very creative the way the game turns into a murder mystery at the end! not sure I got the right suspect though... D:

hey nice job on this! I love the art... especially when you get on the train and can see the ground flying by

one suggestion: right now the bottom of your game is getting cropped off! if you go to edit the game settings and increase the height of the viewport, you should be able to make it so people can see the whole game :)

wow I love how much volume your sprites have -- they almost seem 3d! what a charming little world :)

gosh this is really lovely.. kind of like a really nice picture book -- and I love the way you capture the feeling of time passing

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I like the surreality of living on a train, and the gentle melancholy of the music - nice work!

good idea! thanks for the suggestion :)

so for a background loop, you need to

  • make the game in Bitsy
  • download the HTML file
  • make a folder (name it after your game probably) and put the HTML file in it
  • rename the HTML file to "index.html"
  • get your sound file (let's say it's called "sound.wav") and put it in the same folder (this step is important so the HTML page knows where to look for the sound)
  • open "index.html" in a text editing program like Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac)
  • find the game canvas by searching for the following text: <canvas id='game'></canvas>
  • put a new line under the canvas and add: <audio src="sound.wav" autoplay loop display="none">
  • save it and open "index.html" in your browser
  • tada! you have a looping background sound!

to publish the game with this sound

  • take the folder you put the HTML file and the sound file in and turn it into a ZIP file (there should be a right-click option to do this)
  • upload the ZIP file to itch.io

there are a lot more complicated stuff you can do with sound in HTML but this is the easiest thing to start with. if you want to learn more about the <audio> tag, you can read an article like this one: https://html5tutorial.info/html5-audio.php or if you just google "html5 audio" you should find a bunch of resources.

admittedly, this isn't the most fun way to add sound, and I am hoping to add real music and audio support to Bitsy in the future so you don't have to do these hacks. if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see in that area, please let me know!

in the meantime, I hope this helps you get started :)

this is so creative and the result is really cool! I love how the two energies moving towards each other gives each bit of movement a driving narrative tension (not sure if that's the best way to phrase it)

oooh these are great! thanks so much for taking the time to come up with them :O

I especially love telescope, campout, and statues

thanks so much for the suggestions folks! I put up a new theme poll on twitter if you want to vote: https://twitter.com/adamledoux/status/911648542581600256

(btw if I didn't use yours this time, I'll still probably use it for a future poll)

no problem!

ok it should work now! ledoux.io/bitsy/editor

let me know if you still have any trouble :)

whoops I see this.. working on a fix now

thanks for the bug report! I've seen this a lot now, so I've gone ahead and removed the mouse controls (which I feel don't work well anyway) while I work on a better way to support touch devices. :)

haha yeah scoping is hard but I can't judge because I'm terrible at it

another fun and impressive game! you keep doing stuff with bitsy that makes me go "wahhh how is this possible"

thanks for writing this up Claire! this is super useful :) I'll post back in here when I've made progress on any of these :) also feel free to add more to this topic if you think of anything else

I would love to see that list! Could you start a new topic in the bitsy forum here on itch? There's a suggestions category you can post in

well I thought you did a great job with the sprites! I wonder if features like character portraits or name bars for speakers would help with conversational dialog

I adore everything about this! Super impressed with how you were able to weave together the stories of a dozen characters, and how you successfully recreated the structure of a teen comedy in a bitsy game :)


Sure thing! I added it. :) Glad you enjoyed using Bitsy.

Did you know you can go in your game's settings page here on itch.io and make it so the game can be played in the browser? That way players can play your game from the game page without having to download it.

that's awesome! it was super cute and I enjoyed the sense of humor in the writing