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this was really fun! I love the ending and I love the dragon :)

Hi Julia!Thanks for the question. In v6, you choose the room to exit to by going to that room in the room tool, clicking "move" under the exit you want to move, and clicking where you want the exit to go in the room tool. Let me know if you have any trouble with it!

Hi Laura, thanks for letting me know about this! You can definitely comment here in the itch forums - I try to check here whenever I can. :) There's actually a whole "bug reports" section!

I've added a bug to track this issue on github, and I will try to fix it soon. You can follow this page if you want to see my progress on it:

thank you! :) looking forward to playing your game :D

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thanks! it was a fun part to do :) I'm sure I got the idea from someone else, but I can't remember where I saw it first..

glad you enjoyed the game! I had fun making the bird part :)

I'll look forward to seeing what you do with the transitions!

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thank you!!

thanks for playing! :)

thanks for the bug report! I know this is an old bug, but I've added it to github so that I will get around to testing it soon to see if it's still broken

really great bug! thanks for writing this up

I'm adding all these old bugs to my github backlog so that I will get around to actually fixing them soon

thanks for the report! I know this is old, but I'll check to see if this is still an issue

I'm tracking all bugs on github now:

hi folks, I know this is an old thread, however, I wanted to let y'all know I've added some of these bugs that might not have been fixed to my github issues backlog

feel free to add more issues there if you know of any!

thanks for reporting this bug! it seems there are several issues when you delete room 0, and it's high on my priorities now to fix them

I have  a bug open in github to fix the room 0 issues, and I'll add this information as a note there:

thanks for reporting this issue! do you know if it still happens?

I've logged this on github, which is where I'm tracking bugs now:

hi, I know this is an old post, but could you tell me more about this issue? is it still happening? 

if you have time to write up more details, I'm collecting all bug reports in one place on github now and it would be super helpful if you would submit an issue there:

I like the new game+ idea, too! that would definitely be a new feature.. if I ever get around to adding save game functionality, I'll keep it in mind

the editor issue is definitely a bug! thanks for reporting this. I've logged it on github, which is where I'm tracking issues now:

thanks for the bug report! I have a bug to investigate the room 0 issues, and I'll add this as a note:

hi! sorry I've been away from the forum for a while

these are interesting issues: I think the "say" one is  a feature request, but probably not one that would be too difficult to add - thanks for the suggestion!

editing the game while it's running probably shouldn't be allowed at the moment, since it causes strange behaviors

I've added that as a bug on github which is where I'm tracking bugs now:

if you find any new bugs, it would help me a lot if you submit an issue there!

if you still have the game file, let me know and I can try to help you fix it! sorry I've been away from the forum for a while

sorry I didn't get to this earlier! sounds like you found a work-around, but now there are new fonts that come with bitsy that support characters with accents. just go to the settings panel and change the font to one of the "european unicode" fonts.

thanks for the bug report! I've added it to the github issues tracker for bitsy:

thanks I'll look into this

I moved this issue to github:

this usually happens because of some bug with parsing game data.. I don't know what happened in this specific instance, but if it happens again let me know! it will be easier to figure out when it's new

I've gotten a lot of interest in this so it's something I'll look into officially supporting in the future

thanks for the bug report - this sounds pretty serious

I'm tracking this issue on github now and will investigate as soon as I can

thanks for the feedback y'all! official mobile support is something I'm currently working on, and is coming soon (possibly as soon as the next version)

thanks for the bug report! I'm moving this to the bitsy issue tracker on github, which is where I'm keeping track of bugs from now on:

thanks Alex! and thanks for adding this to github too! I will look into this ASAP :)

thanks for the bug report alex! I see you added an issue in github two, so double thanks for that :) I will look into this bug ASAP since it seems pretty bad D:


thank you onion!!!! :)

glad you enjoyed it!


no worries at all! :)

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this was really sweet, I love it :)

the dialogue was just perfect - I felt I really knew the two characters at the end

this is adorable and funny! I love the giant friend <3

also those drippy letters! dang

whoa this was super intense! and just dripping with atmosphere - nice work :)

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this really made me laugh!!

great characters and really incredible pacing in the writing :)

love the art too :))