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Adam Le Doux

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this is really sweet onion <3

thanks onion!

just one screen!

yupppppppp D:

I went in to the game data and manually added extra animation frames haha - if you download the game file and look inside you should be able to see it :)

thanks :D

really great! I love the way it ends

lovely game ~ the art is beautiful and story is heartfelt ~ thanks for making this!

love this - especially the "tutorial kid" dialogue! someday I'll get those turnips to grow... I just know it

Thanks Sarah!

cute game!! the text is funny and the tubes are a clever way of using exits :)

thanks for the nice comments everyone :)

thanks onion! :)

nice work! very atmospheric, and good use of empty space for pacing of both the words and the environment :)

this was very lovely :)

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love how mysterious this is <3

I almost spit out my coffee playing this :P

this is a very lovely way to wander around :)

btw how did you make the "giant sprite" for the whale?

nice work! I like the way it sort of makes you feel like restarting the game is still part of the game :)

this is really beautiful and moving!

probably not - it's very small :)

thank you :)

thanks onion!!


The Gothic novel jam sounds fun! I'll put gothic as one of the poll options for july :)

thanks! these are cool :)

glad you figured it out haha :)

this is awesome! the way the new tiles come in is so smooth! :)

hi! this is a really cool tool - thanks for making it :)

I've encountered a few issues though; let me know if you have any thoughts on how to solve them! (I'm on Mac btw)

1. Just want to note that the symlink error is still a problem for me. I couldn't launch the generated .app file at all at first. I went back to version 0.21.6 of nwjs and that seemed to fix that.

2. My icon files aren't being associated with the app. It just has a generic icon. I've created the icons in the 3 formats and named them all appIcon.* but it seems as though they aren't being picked up?

3. When I load the generated .app, it starts as a blank white window. I have to right click and "reload app" before it will display the web page. An odd detail is that I can hover around the blank white page and see the tooltips for the html elements.. they just aren't visible.

this was great! love the "retry" structure and also how you focused each room down to just a few visual elements that were really striking

I think I'll do this for the 12th bitsy jam to celebrate a year of these :)

reminds me of this webcomic

hahaha I love it

these are fun! thanks james :D

ohhhhh this is a really good idea!

thanks! I had fun trying to do that :)

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This was a very pleasant game to play; I felt like I could practically smell the books! :)

Oh, and without spoiling anything I loved that you can find the ******* ****


this is really good! I like the way the different color palettes seem to help express the feelings of the protagonist as you navigate different spaces

wish I could properly express how much I loved this piece.. it has such a strong sense of melancholy and history