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Adam Le Doux

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good to know! thanks for the feedback :) helps me figure out what to prioritize

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yup, I see what you mean! I can see the case for that - it would keep the color palette small but add some flexibility. thanks for the feedback!

thanks! :)

- new "find drawing" window
--> browse list of all tiles and sprites
- new animation preview UI
- rooms animate in edit mode

- drag exits and endings to move them!
- show entrances in room view
- fix exit copy bug
- exits start with valid destination

you bet :)

Hi! Bitsy is built with HTML and Javascript. If you're curious you can check out the code on github: https://github.com/le-doux/bit... (However keep in mind it is not necessarily written with other people in mind, so it may not be the easiest to dive into.)

gotcha! I'd like to do this eventually. I'll add it to my backlog :)

I think having a unique color per sprite/tile would be outside the scope of Bitsy's current goals, which is to stay very simple.

However, an item system of some kind is very much on my mind, so stay tuned for that!

oh, I see this - it's only on windows I think so I didn't notice it at first. I've temporarily fixed it by increasing the viewport height, but I think there's go to be a better way..

I'm still unsure about multiple frames. I like the idea of changing sprites for the character though!

yes, I'd like to do something like that. another related though I had would be to have the option for the avatar "sliding" between grid spots instead of "hopping" instantaneously like it does now - it could animate during that transition potentially.

exactly! sort of like a "cinemagraph"

Hey if you want to suggest a theme for one of the monthly jams, please post here! :)

For inspiration, here are the jam themes that have been suggested so far:

  • Alien abduction

  • Surrealism

  • ... and we never looked back

  • Poetry

  • Repetition, repetition, repetition

  • Meta

  • oddly unremarkable

  • alter ego

  • rhubarb

  • experiment

  • infection

  • the DMV

  • Very Important.

  • wrestling

  • radio silence

  • snack run

  • giant

  • preformance

  • memory

  • what I had for breakfast

  • a secret

  • pen pals

  • if on a winter's night a traveler (interesting title of an italo calvino book)

  • labyrinth

  • mirrors

  • riding in the back seat of a car

  • daydream on a hot day

  • high five

I'd like to play that :)

love the way you move the narrative forward - this is really great

this is really well done! very eerie too

this was fun to explore! also it made me laugh to find the villager that mentions the jam :)

happy to help :)


this is really cool! I love the clever way to use Bitsy to make the radio communication possible :)

quick note: if you want people to be able to play without using fullscreen you can change the viewport size in the itchio game settings so they can see the full game

hi! nice work on this! (I love the wolf)

just one quick thing: I think you need to make the viewport for your game taller (in the itchio game settings) so we can see the whole thing :)

This month's jam is live: https://itch.io/jam/radio-sile... The theme is "Radio Silence." Come make a game with us!

you're welcome! let me know if you have any ideas about improving it :) I haven't added anything new to it in a while.. one thing I was thinking of is "snapshots" of specific rooms that just capture the animation in that room

Yeah, that might become necessary eventually. For now I'm hopeful I can avoid modes by adding functionality via new tool windows - that way new users can add tools as they need them. One thing I'm considering is preset "workspaces" that open a set of related tools automatically.

Hi I started a twitter poll to pick a theme for this month's jam :) https://twitter.com/adamledoux...

Also feel free to suggest alternate themes here in a comment ~ if they aren't used this month, I'll draw from them for future jams!

yeah this is a *lot* better! :)

thanks for the suggestion! one of the goals of Bitsy is to keep things constrained, which is the reason I limited animations to 2 frames. it makes it so you don't have to worry too much about getting super detailed. for those reasons I don't see this happening soon. (that said, I want Bitsy to be useful so if it seems like this constraint causes many people problems I would reconsider.) also, do you mind telling me what you wanted to animate that needed more than 2 frames? it's helpful to understand what people's goals are.

ah, thanks for write up and scenario! :) this definitely could be an interesting feature

cool! I've added it to the list :)

Thanks Sean! That's a good bug.I'll look into it soon :)


that's something I want to do! it's a bit trickier, but I think it's doable..

Cool! I appreciate the quick response. :) Looking forward to see how this project takes shape! It's already very neat.

Ah, I guess I just got too flustered and didn't realize I could escape!

As for controls, something on the right side of the keyboard for attacks is definitely good so that it's not awkward with WASD. I'm on a macbook and I notice there is no right-ctrl key. On my keyboard right-shift and enter/return would seem like natural choices, but I don't know if there will be a combo that works for all keyboards!

This is a very enjoyable demo! The polish on the combat and movement is really nice. :) The flat look and orthographic camera go really nicely together.

Some feedback on the current iteration:

  • I found the way way the enemies seem to follow you forever overwhelming. I'd prefer to have the option to run away from a fight and come back later (this is almost always an option in Zelda games).
  • On a laptop, using the trackpad to attack is awkward. I'd prefer spacebar or some other comfortable keyboard option.

thanks!! :)

Hey it's been a while! But I've got some UI updates :)


  • move tool windows around by dragging the title bar!
  • user interface redesign

wow this is impressively polished & complete! the dorms really feel like a living place :)

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pretty scary! 😭 I like how you used the spacing of the rooms and the flickering background to create suspense :) 👍