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Adam Le Doux

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this is possible, but there's no UI for it yet. an example of what the code would be like would be:


  - x > 5 ?


      - option Aa

      - option Ab

      - option Ac


 - else ?


       - option Ba

       - option Bb



also just checked out your instagram and I love your ink drawings :) seriously folks take a look if you haven't already: https://www.instagram.com/leonie_zhou/

beautiful! seriously impressive work on the art

hi Sophie, thanks for the really thoughtful feedback! these are all really great ideas, so thanks for taking the time to write them up. the wall thing is definitely a little detail that's been bugging me for a while...

as usual, if you find bugs let me know!

cool idea!

nope! :) I'm open to suggestions

oh nice - can't wait to play it!

I missed this game but I'll have to give it a try! sounds interesting

Yup making items interact with exits is something I plan on adding - I think it will open a lot of possibilities

funny and weird game! I have this feeling there is going to be a butt revolution someday and the people will share all the butts fairly

hi Yukon! I haven't put this in yet, but I haven't forgotten about it either.. this is something I plan to do soon :)

good idea! this is something I'll put on my todos

:D I think that could open cool avenues for experimentation

in my imagination the plugins would basically be html files that would become the inside of a new panel

hey sorry this took me so long to respond!

this turned out great! I love the music and I love the mysterious feeling of the train and its occupants :)

looking forward to future games/music you make!

interesting idea! I have to think about that since it might break compatibility with older games

thanks for the feedback - the new dialog features adds this! let me know if you think of any other ways to improve this

bitsy is written all in javascript! good luck :) definitely I'd like to see what you make

thanks for the feedback! I think the new items features covers some of this. it also makes me thing that dialog that plays when you change rooms could be cool

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good idea! you can already name some things, but better organization tools for tiles would be helpful I agree (e.g. re-ordering them, grouping them (folders?), searching, etc.)

thanks for the feedback! I'd like to work on a dedicated mobile version sometime, since I also want to make games on the bus :)

this is a great idea! it's definitely something I want to add in the near future :) thanks for the feedback

love this idea! it is definitely something I plan to add :)

this is neat Mark! this kind of things makes me want to support plugins

added! nice work on this game - 3 endings is very ambitious! :)

added! this is lovely and cute - thanks for sharing your dog simulator :)

the url you posted says nothing is there - did you move the game?

added it! you've created a really intriguing world - thanks for sharing! :)

hey this is a very cool world! nice work :)

added! :) thanks for sharing

it was so cute! I added it :) thanks for sharing!

that was scary! I added it to the games collection :)

hi! thanks for the bug report :) these are good observations

I will have to figure out how to turn off the keyboard controls when you focus on an editor element

a way to make it more clear when you are playing the game vs. editing it would also be good

I'll definitely add these to my to-do list!

sorry I didn't get to this until now :( life has been pretty busy

however, great answer sprvrn! that covers most of what you can do with variables. once you create  a variable you can use it to make dialog change and you can update it using math operation during dialog (as sprvrn shows).

you _should_ be able to store strings in variables, but it may not be working correctly

I need to add documentation for the scripting language - I will try to add that soon!

glad you figured it out! :) nice game btw

hi, good question! if you want to say the number of items you have in dialog, try putting something like this in your dialog: 

hi you have {say {item "tea"}} cups of tea

I loved seeing  how everything comes together in the second half of the game -- nice job!

thanks it wont happen again

i played it sorry

thanks! good catch!