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adam le doux

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thanks for the suggestions y’all!

the poll is open: https://ledoux.itch.io/bitsy/devlog/738280/vote-for-the-may-bitsyjam-theme


hi y'all! thanks for bringing up this issue <3

do either of you happen to still have an example of a large bitsy game file that you've encountered this problem with? and would you mind sharing it with me?

that would be a big help for me when debugging this

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hi emmie! glad you found a fix - do you still have the problem when you get to bitsy through https://make.bitsy.org? if so, I'd love to see a screenshot - maybe I can help figure out how to fix that :)

glad you like it! <3

<3 <3 <3

it has! sorry I posted on socials but forgot to make a post on the devlog - I'll fix that :D

here's the jam page: https://itch.io/jam/bitsy-80-no-dialogue


you're welcome!

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<3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3


I’m impressed you’re making an RPG in bitsy - I like the ambition! seems like there’s a lot of interesting story threads set up too - I’ll look forward to part 2

p.s. I think I ran into a bug where dying doesn’t actually consume a TK pod (I was revived but I still had the pod in my inventory)

really neat concept and it definitely captures the intended feeling! ;)

nice use of dithering!

nice use of color to give each flashback it’s own mood!

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this was very sweet! I enjoyed finding all the little interactions

p.s. thanks for participating in the jam & congrats on finishing your first bitsy game! <3

what a majestic creature 

love how textured everything is: the art, the writing, and music are really working well together to create an ominous, melancholy tone - really good

very effectively dread inducing - well done

the worm animation is so perfect <3

that was super impressive! the resource management during the travel section really made me feel how tense and dangerous the journey was

I had a fun time exploring and figuring out the puzzles - nice work!

really love all the details in each apartment! and the isometric perspective is super impressive (alas I got stuck at the roof entrance)

thanks for the great suggestions!

the poll is now open :)


hey y’all thanks for the bug report!

I’ve heard a few folks having this problem recently so I want to see if I can find a fix. if either of you have time to answer any of the following questions that will help me know where to investigate:

  • when using pixsy or room converter are you starting with an empty game or adding to one that already has rooms/tiles/etc?
  • after using room converter you noticed you can’t place exits or the avatar - did you notice anything else that seemed broken or off?
  • does using pixsy cause the same symptoms? or something different?
  • do either you have a copy of a broken version of your game that you could share?


really beautiful work. one small thing I love is how searching for the moving part of each screen really makes you pay attention to the texture of each image 


spooky! really love how the story and structure slowly reveal themselves to be intertwined - nice work

intriguing setup! would love to play a longer version someday :D

I loved this! great writing for both the characters - I really feel like I know them <3

touching and sweet! :)

thanks for the great suggestions everyone! poll is open: https://ledoux.itch.io/bitsy/devlog/704538/vote-for-the-march-bitsyjam-theme

you're very welcome! I'm happy to be resuming the jams <3

no rush! just wanted to make sure it got to you :)

hi Valeriy! sorry my responses have been slow - life has just been super busy for me for the last little while

anyway, just wanted to let you know I sent an email with more info - if you didn't receive it, let me know and I'll resend it!

hey y'all, sorry it's been a while - life just got super busy for me! but I have good news: the bitsy jam will be back this month - I have a post up about it on the bitsy devlog <3



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<3 thanks for playing!