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Adam Le Doux

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😊 great!

I’m really glad!! by the way, do you mind if I retweet your game? (I know it’s pretty personal so it’s totally understandable if you’d prefer not)

almost snorted out my coffee when I got to brian - ty for this gift ✨😔✨

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lovely and poignant game ✨

I think it’s really effective the way the game moves from the apartment rooms to a more abstract space - really well done! ☺️

hey btw, I just merged your PR! when you get a chance, do you mind replying over there to tell me what name or handle or other credit you'd like on the credits page?

thanks for your help! :)

hi I'm sorry but this jam is only open to bitsy games!

thanks for the feedback! :) did you get a chance to try the bitsy 8.0 beta? I had a prototype of a new find tool that added rooms, palettes, etc.

those 3 bugs are interesting ones - I'll look into them! :)

I've seen the game load issue I think, but very rarely - I don't suppose you've noticed any patterns with when it happens?

could you tell me more about the minimizing idea? is the main benefit not losing the order of the tools, or something else?

thanks Claire, these are good suggestions! :D seems like a lot of people would like that play mode

yeah I don't love the current layout of dialog list controls.. when I added nesting the quantity of buttons started to get out of hand, but I agree that hiding them isn't the best solution. this one requires some thought!

oh yeah these are all good ones! :D

  • yeah a few folks have mentioned this.. I like how mosi automatically goes into full screen when in play mode - what do you think of that solution?
  • I want to add tooltip translations! I need time to go through and catalog all the tooltips though
  • did you get a chance to try out the bitsy 8.0 beta? I had a prototype of a more general find tool in there that included rooms
  • ah hmm that move button issue should definitely be fixable
  • for the screen size issue - are you able to share generally what kinds of devices they're using? and is it all the tools that are too big, or just the room tool?

thanks for the idea! :) it's actually possible to set bitsy up so the avatar has its own color but it requires hand-editing the game data which is not exactly user-friendly :( I'd like to fix this someday though

oh that's definitely a bug! it used to work but I noticed recently it's broken :( I'll check out the PR

thanks for the feedback! :D

do you know if the text editing issue happens when the game is running? it seems like that's a common issue people run into

yup, that's right! plain ol js ☺️

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thanks for suggestions! :) accidentally editing while the game is running definitely seems to be an issue many people have run into

do you think you could tell me more about the gif recording tool? what would you expect or want it to do vs. what it currently does?

oh yeah this one bugs me a lot :( it's definitely my to-fix list!

oops - fixed it! thanks for letting me know :)

oh interesting, somehow I've never thought of making this persistent! thanks for the suggestion :)

thanks for voting folks!✨ after adding up the totals from here and on twitter, it looks like "unfinished business" will be theme :)

yay! hope you have fun :D

thanks everyone! the theme voting is open - you can vote here on itch:

or on twitter:

(but please only vote once!)

waterfall 💧

unfinished business 📅

murky 🌁

little things add up🆙

thanks kai!

thanks! :)

thanks for the suggestion! :D

thanks!! :)

those are cool! I think I like "murky" especially

thanks for the idea! cottage has not been done yet :)

thanks! :) nope I don't think this has been done!

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the march bitsy jam is coming soon - I hope you'll join us! :)

theme: unfinished business

(vote here ->

submissions open: 3/20 - 3/31

jam page:


ok yeah this makes a lot sense! thanks for additional details. actually, my partner taught some bitsy classes with kids last summer and encountered similar issues, so there's definitely something here..

thanks for mockup too! :)

oh nice that's pretty cool! reminds me of twine a bit :) I really ought to play with gb studio some time

thanks max! that's very helpful extra details to have :)

thanks for extra info - that makes sense! :) there isn't a feature like that right now so don't worry you're not missing anything

I'm so glad you're enjoying making stuff with bitsy :D

yay! glad that's helpful - it's not well documented, so no worries about not finding it 😬

there isn't a way to remap keys at the moment, sorry!

thanks for the feedback ronen! those are really good ideas - I'd love to make bitsy more accessible at some point. I should think about if there are some smaller things I could do right away :)