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no problem at all - have fun! <3

are you playing in the browser? you should only need a keyboard

thanks for the suggestions everyone!

the poll is now live, so cast ur votes:

🌸 ✨


thanks for the suggestions!

thx! :)

fun! :)



ooooh intriguing!!



good reason

thanks for the suggestion!

if you end up trying out the bitsy sound tools lemme know how it goes :D

<3 thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed visiting the planets :D

you’re welcome!

really beautiful  - nice work <3

glad you enjoyed the game! :)


thanks! :)

thank you! it's a fun to see it on the SP <3

thank you so much - and thanks for playing! <3

very good game <3

i love all the item text.. especially the useless items

really good - spare yet evocative

this was very sweet ~ I love it! <3

thanks! :)

thank you! it’s very nice to have those little details appreciated :)

I do plan on writing a postmortem at some point on my blog, and I’ll post a link to it here too <3

(the game looks really nice on the pocket - thanks for sharing the photo!)

thank you!!


<3 thank you!!

…I can’t spill the beans on the deer though ;)

Hey y'all, if anyone is trying to get the Museum Hack to work with Bitsy v8.4, I wrote a post with updated instructions over on the Bitsy Forum:

Hi Marlowe - sorry for the late reply! - I just took a look at the Bitsy Museum Hack, and I was able to get it to work in the current version of Bitsy with a few tweaks to the Museum's instructions. Hope this helps!

Using the Bitsy Museum Hack with Bitsy v8.4

Follow the steps on the Bitsy Museum Hack page, but when you get to Step 3, when you need to hack the game code, do these replacements instead.

In each of the showcased games, locate the following in the code:

    // clean up state if the game is ending
    if (isGameOver) {
        bitsy.log("game over");

And replace that block of code with this:

    /*     BITSY MUSEUM HACK:             
           instead of reseting on ending it takes player back to the museum
           also removes need to click button to reset */
    if (isGameOver) {"index.html", "_self");

Then in the Museum (index.html), locate this code:

    if (end) {
and replace it with this:

    if (end) {[].src + ".html", "_self");

And that's it - if you give this a try, let me know how it goes! :)

thanks for the suggestions everyone!

the poll is open now:

I'll select the winner tomorrow evening :)

Douglas Adams - good choice!

I do like the "low effort" idea a lot!

sounds like an interesting book!

<3 I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

my theme suggestion: translation

bonus answer: I liked this post about making small games ->

happy to help!