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Adam Le Doux

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somehow I missed playing this during the jam but it's really good! I love all the little details that make the space feel alive - my favorite may be the cat that disappears from the window :) really great work :)

This month's jam page is up! The theme is "A Secret." Come join us and make a game. :)


Created a new topic Cute!

This was very cute and pleasant! Nice game :)

I think if you go to your game, click "Edit Game" and scroll down to "Embed Options" you can change the viewport dimensions. You just need to increase the height of the viewport so your whole game is visible. 640 x 640 should be a safe size. The settings you need to change looks like this:

Let me know if you have any trouble! :)

no problem! I enjoyed playing it :)

From Nathan Altice:

  • Flea market
  • Garage sale

great work on the art! interesting world too :)

I shared it on twitter btw (https://twitter.com/adamledoux/status/898200735438913537) -- let me know if you have a twitter account you want me to credit the game to :)

hey the writing in this game was very beautiful - thanks for making and sharing this!

this was funny -- nice work! :D I liked the gameboy-esque colors, and the use of text-in-the-world as narration

P.S. let me know if you need any help with the cut-off thing

also I shared the game on twitter, hope you don't mind: https://twitter.com/adamledoux/status/898027080750845952 let me know if you have a twitter account you want me to attach to the post! :)

oh nice work! it's an intriguing world I'd love to learn more about :)

one comment: you should increase the size of the game viewport because right now the bottom is cut off which makes some parts hard to read

so impressive that you were able to tell the whole story wordless-ly -- really great job!

Really powerful work. And good use of space to move the story forward. Thanks for sharing this!

Good idea! I'm working on a bunch of new dialog features right now, and I think this can be fit in with them. :)

Hi Art, thanks for bringing this to my attention! Unfortunately, I don't have a good answer. The font built into Bitsy right now only has English characters. I know I need to fix this, but I haven't had time to yet. If you're comfortable with coding I can try to help you hack it into the engine code, otherwise I'll have to get back to you once I've had time to fix it myself.


Really impressive game, with such intricacy in the art and the world-building. It feels like it could be a lost Borges or Bradbury story.

nice work on this game! it's got a nice sense of space, the characters are funny, and it just feels very alive. I'm impressed you published it in two languages also!

interesting world! I wonder what happened to the world above?

this was fun! I enjoyed the dialog for all the cryptids :) also it was pretty funny to me that your game directs me to play becklespinax's game -- that's where I'm heading next! (p.s. I mentioned the game in my twitter thread - lemme know if you have a twitter account you want me to direct peeps to https://twitter.com/adamledoux/status/891091139280883712)

Bitsy Game Maker community · Created a new topic Moth Jam!

Hey the latest bitsy jam (theme "Moth") is this going on this weekend! https://itch.io/jam/moth

Come join us and make a moth game!

Plus, I'm playing as many games as I can in this twitter thread: https://twitter.com/adamledoux/status/891091139280883712 (p.s. if my tweet doesn't include your twitter account it's because I couldn't find it -- feel free to let me know what it is and I will add that info)

I will!

great! I've added it! :) btw, I got eaten by a bear :(

nice work! I added it to the list

one comment: I think the frame for your game is a little off-center, which is cutting off part of it. try going into the settings and making it 512 by 512 pixels :)

Posted in Dreams comments

nice work! I like how surreal the scenes are, yet they manage to share some kind of sense of connection :)

no problem!

the minotaur keeps eating me (I think)! I added it to the list too

also, I replied to your comment about getting rid of the white border in the other thread - let me know if it makes sense or not!

this was a really impressive game!

I loved the art and atmosphere in this game :) looking forward to seeing what else you make

I think I mentioned on twitter? but I liked the progression in this game a lot - anyway I added it to the collection!

thanks for being part of the jam!! I added your game to the list :)

Hi! There are two things you can do: Either in the itch.io settings you can set the frame for your game to be exactly the size of the Bitsy frame (512x512) or when you download your game from Bitsy you can set the background color of the exported html game to whatever you want it to be (it should be in the download settings)

this was very cute! I've added it to the list :) I enjoyed how you took Bitsy's "default scene" and expanded it in a clever way

one note: you should go into the itch.io settings for the game and expand the window because I think the bottom of your game is getting cropped off

added! sorry I missed this game before, but the comments have now spilled over to the second page of the forum and I didn't realize..

anyway this was really interesting to play! it has a very ominous vibe

love how evocative and texture the space is - made me wonder a lot about its history..

I thought this was well done! the way you did little "cutscenes" -  like when you open your eyes -  was very effective

nice work! I laughed at the part where you stumble through the dark room :)

Incredible level of detail - I can see why the editor was having difficulties haha! I went down the sewer and it was a very impressive (and surreal) sequence :)