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[Help Offered + Free] Amateur Writer

A topic by Illusionstic1337 created Mar 22, 2018 Views: 212 Replies: 7
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I am new here, however, there are a lot of opportunities for indies as I can see.  I am an amateur writer, or a beginner, can't tell, yet. 

Nontheless, I would like to participate in game developing as in writing, I will do it for free, plus, there's nothing to lose, right?

About me? I write mostly in horror genre, as I feel its the finest genre. If you own/develope a horror game, I would really appreciate hiring me. Thus, I do this to fill a profile of mine.

To conclude, I write in Reddit's NoSleep at most times.

There are a few stories I have finished, and I could do better, still. 

Link : 

Hope I can be a source of help, would be nice.


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Can you please check the link. It seems to be broken.

Also, are you open to non-horrr stories? 

Cheers :)


Chopping off the /posts at the end of the link should work to bring up their profile, if they aren't able to get to it soon.

Yes, I can work with non-horror genre.

Well, if you are willing, I'm looking for someone to help with the story for Project SwordPlay:

If you are intersted, send me an email on:

I will check out your work at Reddit.

Okay!!! Glad to hear

Still up!