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Hello hello! I love making bitsy games and I make them when I have time. Thanks Adam for the tool, and everyone else too for sharing your games. 

The snow prints are a single tile (with no walls) added to every cell in the room. I then cover these tiles with a collectable item that is blank white. When the "snow" item is touched by the player it is picked up, revealing the footprint pattern underneath

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. 

Thank you for your kind words! I have checked and shipping to Canada should be fine. It's a little expensive though; an extra $8 USD (about 10 Canadian Dollars). If you add that amount to the tip at checkout I will be able to send it to Canada for you! I understand if that's a bit steep but international shipping is rough right now. 

I'll also update with more specific contact steps, thanks for the catch! Commenting is always fine. :)

Take care

about your business

let others become strangers

and forget their names

so they can grow new ones

each taking care of their business and protecting it from you

This was fun. I enjoyed watching as each added line distinctly changed the feeling of the poem as a whole.--I think my favorite version of this poem excludes the final two lines. Thank you for making this! 

This is wonderful, thank you for sharing your experience of the game!

I enjoyed this. ruve is ruve. 

Thank you for playing! This is a short game made in a single day, meant to tell a single story. There are two slightly different endings, but no way to avoid your death. 

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed both doodling in the snow and following along with the short story. I spent quite a while playing in the snow myself while making it... 

(As for the meat... all I can say is that no matter what, your family is glad you made it home)

Thank you! I am very glad you enjoyed the game. I have now fixed the scrolling issue, so future players will be able to navigate as expected. If you notice anything else awry in this game or others, let me know and I will fix it up.

Thank you for saying so! Chill's sense of humor was ahead of her time. 

Thank you for organizing this.

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It's useful feedback that someone unfamiliar wasn't given enough information to understand! I might update the page later to give some more scaffolding. 

If you're interested in playing more little games in this engine (or making some yourself!) I highly recommend starting here:

Ledoux made the engine and has some games that are far more complicated than this one you can try out. He also keeps a collection of other people's games on his page! 

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Thank you for playing!

Bitsy games do not support sound (to my knowledge), so you aren't missing anything there! As for the loop, I see it was unclear; bitsy games automatically restart upon reaching the end. Once you reach the final room nothing new will change about the experience. While you might consider the looping nature a part of the story, you needn't worry about missing anything there either. 

If I ever update or expand this little game I'll let you know. I'm glad you enjoyed it for what it is!