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That's so cool! I've seen a need for updated Bitsy tutorials, and I'm really glad you're able to make and share them. 

Most of the time, the controls work fine, but I did occasionally have trouble with rings rotating the wrong direction. 

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This is a really interesting mechanic! It feels so intuitive, so I'm a little surprised I haven't seen a game that uses this before. Good work!

Edit: oh also I kinda wish there was a Zen mode, where the crystals never crack.

oh wow. thank you for making and sharing this <3

From Backpack Hero's Discord FAQ:

Q: How does luck work?

A: Every time an item is discovered (including "reorganize now" items), a random number is chosen. The higher the number, the better the rarity. When you find an item, other item rarities become likely to be found. So if I find an uncommon item, rare and legendary items become more likely. Once I find an item of a certain rarity, my luck for that rarity is reset to 0 and I need to rebuild luck for that rarity. Getting "luck" from an item, increases your chances for all rarity types.

cleavers my beloved, what have they done to you ;-;

why not?

press "m" on your keyboard at the start screen

mostly to remove rage from Olms and King, I think?

top 10 photos taken moments before disaster. 😔🙏poison do be hittin' hard tho

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You might've had a vampirism stone vampiric crystal- vamp damage doesn't count as a projectile, even if it's applied to an arrow.

thank you for playing! i'm glad made it an impact on you 😊

finally, a game that centers my experiences

I love the art style– very clean and clear. Good work!

I'm guessing the candle reduced the spikes

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This game is incredibly sticky; I've sunk a frankly embarrassing amount of time into it in the past two months. I've tried a wide variety of builds, including using the cauldron to farm for golden whetstones. Floors 16 and 17 always end my run, all thanks to Status Effects. Poison and Burn scale SO HIGH, SO FAST that they're nigh impossible to counter. That said, I only run into this problem so often because I play the game so much, which I keep doing because it's pretty dang fun up until that point.

the constant motion makes me dizzy 😵

so cute! thank you for sharing your experience

wow! lots of good work!

Mouse Wood also disables arrows if the arrow has any items adjacent to it

very exciting! i'm glad y'all are still working on this!

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Lots of fun, and I really like the art! I wish there was a way to skip the tutorial levels once you've already played them. Whoops, I just found out that if you die during a run, the tutorial text doesn't show up the second time.

the brush that says "dog" seems to actually be drawing a cat?

the "permadeath" aspect of the game is a function of the genre (a roguelike)

oh Wow

:O this is a really cool mechanic! it looks really clean, too. good work!

Changed the Grandmaster and the Fire Gecko to use Burning instead of Poison
Lowered the health of the Fire-Geckos, Axeman, Frog-Wizards, Rabbits, and Armadillos

This is the farthest I've gotten so far; I'm pleasantly surprised by how well this build worked for me. I got double rage-upgrades on the cursed sword, but sadly no upgrades on the shield pictured.

oh i hate the gecko trio

omg i want my dad to try this ;-;

i still play this every now and then on my phone. the U-shaped pans are my nemesis.

it was a lot of fun to figure out a good build

d'aww, thank you! i hope i can finish it before too long @_@

thank you so much! i'm trying to add a room or so a day until i get to my point. it's strange but freeing to be able to, like, serially release a game. 

oh this is so peaceful ❤️ also, i love the way you framed the scene with that thin border of color. it's a thoughtful detail that helps pull everything together :3c

obsessed. i have this bookmarked on my phone. 10/10

neat! i like how simple it is. it feels focused, i guess? i like how you rendered the scarecrow, the fountain, and ESPECIALLY the car. (it took me a while to realize i had to go inside it to end the game lol)

spooky!!! also, i like the way the animated tiles on the outside have change color between frames. it gives the room a sense of dynamics, or depth. good work!

thank you! i've been really busy recently with another creative project, but i defo want to come back and finish this before it's been too long!