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wow crazy mode was a lot easier

ahhhhh i finally beat it!

i figured it out! it's how many boxes of that color in that row or column contain a bomb

what do the colored bombs on the sides mean?

ayy new high score! (2028 points)

i like this!

ooo neat!

i like this variation on Rush Hour!

thank you for sharing!

ahhh i should pick up Bitsy again. this is beautiful

ayy, this is what my ACNH flower-breeding documentation looked like too! i think it's cool that you made a game out of it!


Thank you for sharing this game and the story behind it. Author Julia Serano has an essay on a concept she calls "markedness" that I immediately thought of when I read the phrase "social gaze". I think you would find her work interesting, if not validating.

omg thank you for maing this. i LOVE sorting

I get a game over every time I hit deliver :(

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find *their home edit: has been corrected

cute game btw!

cool puzzle!

i hope you come back and share more of your work someday

thank you for making this. it's really touching and i'm so relieved to see that awkwardness i've experienced be portrayed in such a tender way. i added this to a collection of mine a few years ago and i've had to have a lot of tough talks with my partner both before that and since. it's been so important to communicate what we feel, even when we're afraid the truth will hurt the person we love most in the world.


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nvm i got it lol

I'm stuck on level 3 ☠ rip

I got white in 3 moves, green in 5, and I can't figure out how to get red in 4.

i loved that last puzzle! it'd be cool to play more with that mechanic :)

yay! i'd love to see how it looks in your game, so feel free to post a link here once you release it :D

I got up to L

thank you for performing this public service. may we all have access to Homestuck, past, present, and future

I think there's a good core gameplay loop and I'm excited by the potential for complexity that it offers. And the game itself it just nice to look at! The details around the play area like the path and flowers and rocks are really cute, and I like how you used a little forest area in the lower right of the screen to reduce the amount of negative space there. Also, the way the cards wiggle and bounce are fun without being too visually noisy, and that the cursor changes from the arrow to hand to closed hand is a cute and thoughtful detail. :3

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just spitballin' here:

  • a designated "hold" space
    • I recognize that functionally, one of the cards is "held back" because more cards are drawn after four of the five are played, but I feel like it would help extend gameplay and allow for more strategizing (which I find most fun) to have more options.
  • a plant removal card or tool
    • 1. a trowel tool that the player can use after gathering a certain number of plants or placing a certain number of cards.
    • 2. a trowel card that can be played on top of another card that removes that card without awarding points.
  • basket variations
    • 1. a type of basket that could be played on top of another card that would reduce the counter on that single card.
    • 2. a plant-specific basket that would reduce the counter by one (or more) of all linked cards of that type.
  • the ability to toggle the water on and off, or maybe pause it for a few turns
  • "wildcard" or variety-pack cards
  • a discard or "compost bin"
    • this could reduce the player's score by the point value on the card as a penalty for discarding and/or be on a cooldown that requires a certain number of cards be placed before becoming available again

I'm using Firefox v108.0.2 and I got the following error:

  • Error
  • The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:
  • Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)
  • SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

this mechanic is really fun! i hope you have time to further develop it.

can't stop playing. nice work

this is still so beautiful.


very fun!

nice work! i hope you add some new levels soon

very clever!

This is a cute and relaxing game. Thank you for sharing it!


really fun!

so cute and addictive