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I love grid puzzle games, and I like the mechanics of this one. Good work!

Is it just me, or does it feel like you always receive cards either way too early, or too late?

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Thank you thank you thank you. I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 19, about five years ago. I think about my disorder Every Day. I can't Not think about it. 

I'm so grateful you were able to put this experience together. I've wanted to make something that simulates the experience of ADHD for a while, but- surprise!- I haven't gotten around to it yet. I love how you were able to highlight the severity of the symptoms- how much they interfere with everyday life, how present it always is- without creating a sense of hopelessness.

The "Fix Cable" scenario hit me the hardest. Like: why did that take so long? I was being good! I chose to fix the cable every time! I really do mean to fix the cable, but I just can't, for reasons that I can't control nor explain; and nobody seems to see that I've been deciding to fix the cable this whole time, I promise, I know how to do it, why can't I just do it--

Also! I gave a little cheer when I saw you included Dr. Russell Barkley's book Taking Charge of Adult ADHD in the resources. He delivers information in an ADHD-friendly manner, and I recommend Dr. Barkley's work to anyone that wants to know more about this disorder.

Again: this really resonated with me. I'm so glad you made it, and shared it, and that I got to play it. Thank you.

Cool game! I wish school was more like this.

This is all I can see in the game window. :(

This reminds me of my first time making a "game" in Microsoft Powerpoint. :D Thank you for sharing! 

Also, is there content past the dairy farm? The game ended for me there.

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Are there additional keys we need to use on the last level, ones besides the arrow keys?

EDIT: I found out the answer is no

Once I got a rhythm, I felt like I could play for forever. I can't tell if there's an end state. Does buying land actually do anything?

took me a while to get the hang of it, and to get a winning game, but I liked it :)

It's hard not to starve to death, but otherwise it's a compelling game.

Yay! I won!

Holy crap I was on that last level for an hour. I legit walked away from the computer and made a physical copy of the puzzle with paper, colored pencils, and craft foam (as colored tokens) that I could mess around with, and it did help me learn a rule I hadn't internalized. 10/10 would get frustrated enough to break out craft supplies again.

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I've had a lot of fun so far, but I'm stuck on the level with the big blue rectangle on the left and five red rectangles in a row on the right. I've tried going to the top of the blue section and swimming as fast as I can to the right, but I can't land in the next blue section.

EDIT: Ahhhh, now I've got it. I forgot you can jump in water.

I wish I could see the names of the cities without needing to click on them. Otherwise, kinda fun

Is there a way to turn down the graphics? It's a beautiful game and I'd love to spend more time with it, but it takes too long to load between screens (and melts my computer). I'm also having trouble with my mouse sensitivity.

 It really is a well-thought-out concept, and I love the creepy tone in the visuals, music, and story. I'm glad that I at least got the chance to dip my toes in, thanks to the sale. If only my computer were beefier!

Lovely game; fun to explore. The only part I was stumped was the temple level, until I realized the boxy gold statue was a snake!