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exhausted boi studios

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Thank you so much!! I’m glad you found it relaxing :)

I’m not having any issues on my end currently (on mobile). I’ll check it out once I’m near my computer later. However, if you’re dying to play, mobile should work :) 

You totally should!! 

literally the best bitsy tool ever, thank you!!!

Thank you!!! I’m happy that you enjoyed :)

Thanks!! The path tiles are actually some of the first I made for the whole game, out of probably around 200 lol

Glad you enjoyed!!! The music sometimes doesn’t work when playing on phones, so that may be the reason. If you want to listen to the music without playing through again, the soundtrack is available for download desperately  :)

"hauntingly beautiful," i love that. thanks!!

thank you!! glad you enjoye

real reminiscing about melon journey hours rn

fantastic! reminds me a lot of melon journey, which is one of my fav games. great work!


what an absolutely amazing game! I'm shocked you made this so quickly because of how high quality and in-depth it is. 

great art! it's very detailed

uh oh human teeth :0

so good! love the story and design 


I’m trying to figure out a way to attach both the music file and a strategy guide to this page! I’ll post on the devlog once I sort it out :)