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this pixel art goes crazy!!!

thanks so much:) I'm so happy you loved the game!

thank u Delight <3 

thank u sm <3 i'm  glad my message got across haha :)

thank you so much! <3

i just released my fifth bitsy project i am not your friend! it's a short 5-10 minute experience that has you experiencing continual rejection at school, and consequently experiencing your first, confusing panic attack at home. All of this is framed through the metaphor of  a glitching computer. i wanted to reflect on my personal awful school experiences and create something for others :) i hope you like it! 

play i am not your friend here!

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will this be a way to add externally created music and sounds to a bitsy game (like bitsymuse, but built into the bitsy system) or bitsy's own internal music creation program? or both?

the reason I ask is i enjoy using beepbox for my bitsy game music, but I always struggle using bitsymuse. I'd love a more intuitive way to add my songs to my games :)

omg thank you so much that's so cool! I'm glad you enjoyed! PS, my next game is going to be much longer ;)

thank youuuu <3333 :0)


thank you for the kind words <33

Hi! I just released my short, 5-minute long, bitsy story game Up the Light! It's a super quick experience where you unravel a story as you climb a lighthouse, hiding from a storm. I'm really proud of the atmosphere I was able to create, and I hope it impacts you in some way. Play it at the link below! :)

ahhh thank you so much:) i have some ideas for my next game already hehe

just did, i suggest talking to any of the dogs again AFTER giving the gifts ;)


thank you so much :))))) <333333

feel terrible for responding so so so late, but the ending comes (spoiler warning) once you give the pups their gifts. It should automatically activate when the third gift is received (regardless of the flowers side-quest, that's just for an easter egg in the end lol). I recommend checking out the strategy guide if you're still having trouble. Thanks for the love :)

<333 tysm

thank you so much!!! sorry for the late response, but i'm beyond glad that you loved it so much <3

sorry for the super late response, but thank you so much <3 you're too kind <33

hi! there’s a strategy guide attached to this page that details the steps to complete the main quest and the side quests :)

i'm glad you enjoyed <3

tysm <333 glad u loved it stream butterfly 

i love this.... so much. great job <3

tysm! glad you loved it <3 check the strategy guide for the robe hehe

Tysm, I’m glad you loved it <3333

tysm!! i’m just a multitasking king I guess 

hm... the audio works on my mac so idk what’s up. email me at and I’ll send you the game as a downloadable file.  <3

I’m so glad you liked it! And yes, I completely agree with the background music thing 

Thank you so much!! I’m glad you found it relaxing :)

I’m not having any issues on my end currently (on mobile). I’ll check it out once I’m near my computer later. However, if you’re dying to play, mobile should work :) 

You totally should!! 

literally the best bitsy tool ever, thank you!!!

Thank you!!! I’m happy that you enjoyed :)

Thanks!! The path tiles are actually some of the first I made for the whole game, out of probably around 200 lol

Glad you enjoyed!!! The music sometimes doesn’t work when playing on phones, so that may be the reason. If you want to listen to the music without playing through again, the soundtrack is available for download desperately  :)

"hauntingly beautiful," i love that. thanks!!

thank you!! glad you enjoye

real reminiscing about melon journey hours rn