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wow! some of the most intricate and immersive bitsy architecture i have ever seen each room is so unique and full of care! and i love my drone child

holy shit violet, this made me cry! one of my favorite pieces of writing i've read in a long time! thank you so much


sooooo incredible!!!! everything detail about this is so thoughtful - i love the color palette, the vines creeping down the walls, the memories so seamlessly woven in, the way the transformation slowly dawns on you - this hit me really deeply as i think about the last two years of starting transition while living alone - thank you for sharing this with us :)

oooomg THANK YOU for telling me what the setup was like, i wasn't able to go to the exhibit myself!! i'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

saw this in the sfpc discord - i really love the concept, and the atmosphere with the music and minimal layout was beautiful - excited to see more work from you~


thank you so much!!!

glad the maze worked ok & glad it resonated :)

so kind :) thank you

thank you, i'm so glad you enjoyed it!

omfg this is SUCH a creative use of bitsy and i looved all the paths, great job!! 


every time i use bitsy the love that goes into making and maintaining it is so palpable and it inspires me to make weirder and more loving things :')

so gorgeous!! i love the colors and the music pairs perfectly - i want to live here :')

so phenomenal!

"nest" or maybe "hibernation" (what i wish i could do...)

thank you!!!

LOVE!!! thank u for sharing <3


ohhh i will look into that! thanks for playing :)

thank you!!!

im crying. this is my gender

the onions are soooo good

wowwwww love...

i love this, especially the graphic w/ the phone & sound!!!! "which time the sun died?" wow

wowowow!! so delightful at every turn, makes me want to learn bitsy 3D!!

so beautiful! and the colors are perfect

wow! amazing as always... structure felt like a zine! and the third story was So Sweet

the level of detail is gorgeous love the shading & this is sooo sweet !!! jay som <3

so fun!! perfect difficulty level

spent the whole evening finishing this, and absolutely loved it!!

absolutely loved it!! so beautiful, can't wait for the next update! heads up i did get stuck in the wall and need to restart

thank you so much for playing and for these kind words zoe <3 i'm so glad you enjoyed!!

made my day!!! so cute and fun, thank u <3

really beautiful!!! loved the animation and the tone, and i miss congee :')

omg i am so glad u connected w it :') that means so much!!!

the pixel art is SO BEAUTIFUL and u evoke such a Mood ! i was very pulled in :)