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Awesome, I miss the forum signature lil vignette aesthetic. Always find it so charming and cool !
Nice job ! :D

aled je souffre

Thanks for that, it's sweet, Tellington ❤️

i was really inspired quickly on this one

Merci, tu as mis des mots sur des choses que je n'arrivai pas à formuler.

j'adore cet univers, rolalala

omg, j'en ai ramassé une de trop o_o
(j'aime tellement, c'est trop mignon)

Joyeux anniversaire Ayo !
(c'est trop mignon, omg <3)

Quel incroyable travail accompli dans ce Bitsy, il est magnifique.

Thanks, phibeean, that's sweet =) hit me if you need anything music related !

Hi phibbean !
I have a lot of people coming from this game in my bandcamp listening to my Komiku's stuff, so i want to thank you for using my free music in your game =)
(Twitter DMs are broken, so sorry for the public thanks on itch comments, haha)

le plus grand test de personnalité du monde

I'm in love with this game. I think there is an approach near like Computer Folk music experimentation. Making a nice and beautiful short song with those low fidelity instruments and the latency induced by the game. This is what I hope music can evolve in, not that capitalist industry but that kind of moment of making random songs, having fun, and sometimes cross an artistic moment of beauty in this chaos.
Thank you for sharing that game <3

Yeah, I talked about that in the discord at some point because i felt it was important and i felt heard, but wasn't able to be more active, it was still too quick for me, haha.
That experience helped me see how to organize places with a developping lore and make it more accessible for newcomers.

I'm doing well, thank you I'm continuing creating game with Bitsy and making music. I joined the Pang Pang Club which is a beautiful french speaking community creating games and doing jams, where I can continue to use Bitsy. I hope you are doing well too and creating what you love to create.

I loved lurking on the bitsy discord but it was so submersive, so many things happening, so many memes to try to understand, I wasn't able to participate that much in it and I kind of regret it. I was learning internet english at that time, and the speed of messages, the language barrier, the inner jokes unexplained for newcomers, were not helping my french bum.
So yeah, I feel you very much, the community was so nice and great to see growing, so many beautiful bitsies and moment of beauty, but I think I wasn't able to fit in the format that the bitsy community was using to organize itself.
Its a beautiful tribute <3

Wow. c'était fort et intense.

Pouvoir décider de son intranquillité.
Merci pour ça <3

I'm not sure to agree in anything on what you said (because my french bum doesn't understand all of it). I will just say we have tried capitalism in most of the countries in the world for decades, and even though some were saying they were coming with marxist philosphy, they applied capitalism and right winged authoritarian philosophy. So we can't really say about anarchocommunism as though by Marx, Bakounine, Goldman.
What i'm sure is that I don't have to balance the rights and wrongs on political philosophy with a predatorian one who kill people who don't have money by forcing them to work at minimum wage in precarious housing while rich get richer on the value made by the working class (capitalism) against one who want to put at the core of the system social, ecologic and economic justice (anarchism).
Trying to balance on this is having the privilege to not choose between a side. And, it's paradoxal because, not choosing and not being radical is already taking a side, the side of the system already oppressing people by letting it on place.
On that I would agree.

This game is not a troll, it's definitely a game loving the idea of marxism and communism but knowing that revolutionary processes don't apply quickly and easily and have a lot of contradiction and forces going against each other.
Also, comparing the economic and politic situation of Pokemon's Kanto and the economic and politic situation of Japan just after WW2 isn't relevent at all, because one is fictional and not described as much, and the other one is pretty existing and documented.
After that, thinking that the US occupation of the Japan after WW2 was a blessing is, I think, not watching what was the consequences of this occupation on the long run.  It canceled the possibility of the japanese to autodeterminate themselves and placed them in developping a capitalist system that actually socially ruined them.

But thank you for your comment and your feedback on the game !

F R O G F R O G F R O G F R O G F R O G F O oh shoot no é_è

Little Pronoun Monsters, Big Adventures !
Incredible little dex <3

 Hi, I appreciate your feedback but I’m really not at ease with your usage of the word Holocaust to talk about animal cruelty. I think you can’t compare anything with Holocaust but the actual Holocaust, and it’s quite a slippery slope to tax all humans as potential nazis. Yes, destroying ecosystems and exploiting animals are really really wrong and have a tons of bad consequences. But using this word to cause an intense emotion, to create a choc, is a really bad strategy and minimizing the history and impact of what happened during WW2. You can talk and fight for animal rights without using that word.


rolalalala merci beaucoup pour ton retour Laura <3

oooooh merci RedCoco <3333

bitsy community » bitsy » bitsy showcase · Created a new topic POKEMOMCORE

Hello !
I just released POKEMOMCORE, a Pokemon fangame done for the Bitsy Wave game jam where we try to use the little music engine from Bitsy. I wanted to remake some of the first Pokemon song, so I needed to recreate some places from the original game... Then I went a bit wild and did work on a scenario where there was an anticapitalist and an antispecist revolution in a crossover of the Pokemon animated serie and the manga Pokemon Adventures, haha....
But the game is : you incarnate a YOUNGSTER who need to take a package for their MOM.
Have fun !

ydhnfoqgdofqdugd <3333

Hello, it's Rose ! Sometimes I do Bitsys and it makes me happy. I also do Creative Commons 0 music, and silly Pokemon Fangame on Powerpoint.
Currently working on Pokefan Bitsy game to play with the Bitsy music tool.

Trop trop envier d'essayer de pagayer, merci merci pour ça <3

Rolalalla, ces badges sont merveilleux, merci de nous partager tout ça <3


Viva the Internet and the Videogame to not be alone <3

What a cool gay date <3

Bravo la team, c'est du très beau travail !

ça a réveillé ma gratouille, haha

Bravo pour ton premier jeu Bitsy !
Une petite merveille qui donne envie d'aller au musée 👀

i hate those birds


Thank you so much, I'm super happy you liked it <3