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Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks a lot. 

I'm going to try to submit to the jam as long as my schedule will die down a little.

just curious if this would be acceptable as a submission


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I liked your last piece a lot. So how about...

"single room"

some other ideas: stream of consciousness; no dialogue

this is exactly what it needs to be: simple & imagistic.

hope all is well.

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This is the best bitsy I've played in a while. I don't have time to play (or create) games like I used to, so an experience like this, a peaceful little walkabout, is nice.

  • the last bitsy 
  • bitsy at the end of the universe

It's a really lovely endeavor playing this.

not all who wander the wanderzone are lost

Such a beautiful sense of motion.

This is such a creative project. It reminds me moon & an assortment of other games. Keep up the good work.

No worries, Adam. 
Be well & wish you the best.

I love the absolute absurdity of this. It's a work of art.

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a few ideas:

  • convenience store
  • waiting
  • no dialogue
  • low-effort

I quite enjoyed this. Like you, my grandmother was instrumental in my life & upbringing. You've given her a fitting tribute.

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Thank you. I've always liked the idea of the player interfacing with tech within bitsy. 


I think you've captured the complicated and sometimes contradictory side of parenting: the guilt, the fear, the fatigue. I have two children myself, and I think we [parents] do what we can and love them [children] wholeheartedly. It's a hard task but I'm glad you're doing it. Keep up the good work.

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Hey, I appreciate it. I don't usually write humor, but that jam was a good excuse to make something intentionally "bad," which for me turned out to be an absurd, non-thinking exercise.

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I'm always glad to see a new work from you. I think you have something here, and I hope it gets expanded. Even as a prototype, I think it's a perfect bitsy title. The music complements the aesthetic very well.

I really enjoyed the interplay between the scenes & the typography. It's exactly what I want out of a Twine game: brief, engaging text & player autonomy. 

From one "birder" to another, great job.

I'll throw a few out there this time around:

net cafe; techno-horror; finality

I think this works extremely well; I love the simplicity & the building dread.

I just... my god... 

I loved every second of this vignette.

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This was a clever game experience. Thanks for creating it (and other tools such as imgm as well)

a very concise, poignant, little piece

I played this game months ago and still think about it from time to time.

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I have suggested this before, but I think a bitsy jam where the theme is something along the lines of "low-effort" or creating a jam where there's a tight window for creation (a few hours) could be interesting.

So, ideas:  low-effort; lame; pointless; beat-poetry

Life is suffering.
Awesome game.

I'm not too sure...? It's in English for me, but this is also a weird, experimental, somewhat unstable tool, so it could sound different, even be in different languages, depending on which browser you use. It sounds very strange on mobile / Safari for example.

Thanks for the kind words.

a late, but sort of collective shout-out to your work:

you really know how to create a vibe; this is a real gem, like the others you've created.

yo, graymeditations here. i don't know how to make video games, like at all... but i do it anyway.

been using bitsy for about a year & i like it. it's a good way to capture these inane moments of life with a smidge of interactivity.

so yeah... tiny moments, tiny engines, revolution!