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Thanks very much! So glad you enjoyed it!

i love this! 

it looks like after i re-saved the game, and reuploaded, it is almost 100% working. i didn't change anything, but i can read all dialogue except for one character. i don't understand why that one character doesn't act the same, but it's just about good enough for me!

here's some more info!

variable "i" starts at 1. item "itn" starts at 0.

 i have a number of characters that have conditional dialogue when "itn" is 0, and dialogue that is set to trigger when "i" is equal to "itn." so when i get the item, it becomes equal to "i," and the characters say different things.

i tried conditional dialogue where "itn" was either equal to 0 or 1, but for some reason i couldn't get that to work. the characters would not say one of the lines.

my current method works in the editor, but not when i upload to itch. 

i have a game with dialogue that changes, and it works just fine in the editor, but when i upload it to itch as a zip, it doesn't work correctly anymore.

the game is supposed to start with a certain variable at "1," but after uploading to itch, it seems to ignore that variable, and seems to start it at "0" instead.