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Thank you so much for the insight! It's really quite a bit of a mystery, but your input helps a lot!

Hi! Thanks for the reply, I'll check it out! The TTF file should help already!

Hi, I'm Flo! I made a game in Bitsy once for a game jam and it was really fun & I'm sure I'll use it again. Otherwise, I try to make small gamejam games in unity, tinker in blender, try my hand at drawing, etc.


I'd like to make a comic out of a bitsy game I made and I'm wondering if I can use the standard Bitsy font for the text in the comic  & what license is attached to the font. Who made the font? Adam himself? Is there a TTF file for the font somewhere? I couldn't find anything on that topic, please excuse me if I missed something ^^

Thanks in advance!


Awright, I'll check that as well!

Haha, good find! I plan to modify the checkpoints so it won't be that easy in the future :) Thanks for the heads-up!

Wow, great work! I especially like that you added a mini map :) Curious to see what happens next!

Aww, very sweet game ^^ It clearly shows how much effort you put into this adventure! I'm getting all nostalgic, as I feel fond memories of playing Link's Awakening on Game Boy. Well done!

PS: I almost missed the rabbit! 

Hey, thank you so much for your detailed comment, openly sharing your personal experience playing my game! So happy to hear when people feel a resonance in something I created :)

I beat the boss! Whooo...!