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ooo im gonna play around with this late

It's all just duplicate rooms with the sprites moved around / swapped, and a lot of teleports inbetween said rooms.

my secret recipe is smoke, mirrors, and lots of nearly identical rooms

thank you for playing! your reaction is exactly what I hoped for.

thank you! I actually sketched each screen on paper almost like a storyboard as a first step.

No, the woman standing on top of the parking garage has the hint for that puzzle the dream that sequence is based on I sat down and waited seemingly forever until I woke up, so I decided having it soft lock with you sitting down would be the best way to emulate that

Thank you! I used Klingon because I didn't want to go through the trouble of making my own alien language. I used an online translator, but it wasn't the best so everything came out kind of garbled. I'm sure if you wanted to know what a specific one is supposed to be saying I could probably remember what I originally wrote.

thank you! it took a while to make

thanks, pardner