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ooo im gonna play around with this late

It's all just duplicate rooms with the sprites moved around / swapped, and a lot of teleports inbetween said rooms.

my secret recipe is smoke, mirrors, and lots of nearly identical rooms

Ooooh, I have a buncha ideas

thank you for playing! your reaction is exactly what I hoped for.

thank you! I actually sketched each screen on paper almost like a storyboard as a first step.

thanks! which ending was your favorite?

I feel like being able to upload your own audio is a bit too open. Bitsy is great because of it's limitations, and if SFX / music features were added I feel like they should reflect that ethos. A small sequencer, one channel, 2 octaves, 3 or 4 preset "instruments", would be enough for music. 5 or so pre-made sound effects that cover some basic actions like something being opened would cover the SFX front.

No, the woman standing on top of the parking garage has the hint for that puzzle the dream that sequence is based on I sat down and waited seemingly forever until I woke up, so I decided having it soft lock with you sitting down would be the best way to emulate that

finished R.E.M.-scape, a first person exploration game

this one took a long while, but I think it was worth it

Heyo, got a few ideas

  • Dreams of leaving
  • Feeling of being watched
  • What's for lunch?
  • The train home
  • A moth flew out
  • B-movies
  • The master thief
  • Do you have any gum?
  • The lights go out
  • Dreamwalkers

Love the new look!

Thank you! I used Klingon because I didn't want to go through the trouble of making my own alien language. I used an online translator, but it wasn't the best so everything came out kind of garbled. I'm sure if you wanted to know what a specific one is supposed to be saying I could probably remember what I originally wrote.

I took my favorite 2 from each list in no particular order then rolled a regular die twice and I got a 3, which is "... and we never looked back", and I got a 2 which is "riding in the back seat of a car", so those are my picks

thank you! it took a while to make

I know that there are some devs on mastodon so when the time comes I'll also try getting the word out there

(the sound of pots and pans banging together) new game new game

this is a little different than my last few games. I wanted to create a little world to wander around in, and what better world to wander in than an alien one!

It's called "Juh" :

I have no idea. Twitter would be one way, is there a way to announce a game jam via itself?

I like the idea of "oddly unremarkable" a lot

Here are some ideas as well!

  • experiment
  • infection
  • the DMV
  • Very Important.
  • wrestling
  • radio silence
  • snack run
  • giant
  • preformance

a short sequencer with some baked-in samples would be good. Like, a couple (2, 3?) channels and each channel could have a sound that goes with it. the sounds could be something like this? tps://

I made a game about hurrying to a sale I think it's pretty good

what do you mean by "what would it look like?" do you mean what would the jam signup page look like?

I think a big pool of themes would be the best way to go. A pool of 20 or something like that?

I think that giving each month a theme would be a great idea! I don't know how the theme would be decided but it would make the monthly jams interesting. Also, does "monthly" mean you're given a month to make a game, or is it a specific time that would happen every month.

Coming in hot with another one. After two desert games in a row I'm switching it up with a game where you play as a knight. I was really inspired by Papercookie's "The King's Message" with it's side scrolling and linearity. Hope you all like it!

thanks, pardner

You can! There's a stairwell in the upper left of the saloon.

I really liked this! I like how some npcs were background tiles and their dialog was contained in sprites above the path

I know my last bitsy game also took place in the desert, but despite the name it has nothing else to do with my previous game. Also, my first bitsy game with animations and multiple rooms.