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wow, I really liked this. There was a lot of personality to every little piece of it.

This was really nice!

Ha, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it.

This is great! I really liked the way this whole game felt.

Thanks for playing!

One of your songs fit perfectly for the bitsy gamejam I was trying to finish last minute! Thanks so much! 

Corporate Cactus Practice:

That is a great Cactus sprite. 10/10

Thank you! It was a lot of fun to work on this one.

Wow, there was just so much to love about this. The art has the perfect palette and every conversation flowed so smoothly. Thanks for making this and putting it out into the world!

I found this very relaxing.

Cute sky!

The colors were great and the atmosphere of the game was well put together!

That was a neat idea! Now I want to try and do something like this.

Very very very relatable content.

I really liked the game machine! And it seems like the dumpster was on fire ALL YEAR ROUND over here.

S Tier content.

Ah! Thanks! However, I would suggest not devouring those with late fees at your local library.

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Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed their pleas.

I really liked the style of this! Oh, and that single lightning strike effect was worth it.

Ah! I really liked this!

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the game! It really kept pulling me back in!

I've spent a lot of time in China recently, which of course means a lot of Hot Pot. I really enjoyed everything about what you created here, and I'm glad you shared it. Take care!