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I'm solo traveling through Scotland right now  and decided to try this out while passing some time in a local cafe. I wrote for quite a while and was surprised how much time had passed! I've only played a handful of solo ttrpgs but this one definitely provided a fun and entertaining experience. Loved the color palette and layout of everything as well!

I'm not sure if this counts as a bug/oversight but is it intentional for units like Fire Mage to sometimes be referred to as firemage? I'm referring to inconsistent capitalization and spacing. It only struck me as aesthetically a little off when I caught it after battling or when I went to talk with the units at the hut. 

I'm only a little ways in (around the Forest Maze) but I've really enjoyed it so far! It gave me a lot of early GBA Fire Emblem vibes with the character interactions and when I had the option to talk with the units in the hut I felt a wave of nostalgia. Also when exploring it reminded me of when I first played Etrian Odyssey on the DS, and brought back a lot of good memories.  I've played a fair share of VNs and some of those hero collecting games, and I honestly think you've done an amazing job pulling out some of the best parts of both with this. The art, sound effects, and music also all fit together really well and its impressive how much work you've put into this! 

I came across your page while looking for some inspiration in trying out Ren'Py on Youtube, and found your videos to be not only well thought out and educational but also honest about the pros/cons of solo development. Just wanted to say thanks for putting all your content out on Youtube (I know that also takes quite a bit of work!) and with your games themselves here! I look forward checking out more of your games and hope you'll continue making things you enjoy! 

Definitely an intriguing gameplay mechanic I haven't really seen before. Would have been nice to have a score or timer to see how well you did so you can attempt to get better when you restart! Glad I checked this out.

I thought the difficultly was challenging but fun. The time window for the parrying felt unforgiving at first, but after a few rounds you easily get the hang of it. Really nailed the retro sound and vibe too, solid game! 

I like this idea a lot! It's a pretty fun gameplay mechanic that can easily be built out to more levels. Would have loved some music/sfx but I know it's a lot to do within the jam time frame! Nice work!

Ah, the glowing body actually gives you 4x the amount of data (points) for your score so it shouldn't be avoided! The only reason it doesn't move towards the void like the others is because of some weird balancing tweaks about when it spawns. But thank you for the feedback and thank you much for playing!

Really enjoyed the art and overall style of this one!

I actually have been wanting to mess around with making a clicker/incremental game so I'm always eager to see people's attempts at the genre. I liked your idea, and definitely enjoyed the color choices. I was a little confused as to what was the best choices for the upgrades, but overall it's an interesting little experiment. I hope you'll keep tweaking and messing around with the formula in the future!

Congrats for putting this together under 3 hours! It feels quite nostalgic and it was just the perfect length for a gamejam. Glad I was able to finish it! The music fit the atmosphere quite well too.

Impossibly difficult but at least you're rewarded with the cutest game over screen when you fail. Like the comment below stated, it would be very helpful if you could get a warning about the obstacles or given a longer window to avoid them. Congrats on finishing under the time limit though to enter the jam! 

Congrats to all of you for finishing your first game making experience, it can be quite a rush and a challenge! Fun concept, the controls work smoothly and I definitely agree with the feedback below that indicators for the health and when the bag is almost full would be incredibly helpful. I almost put eyes on my game's vacuum too and now I wish I had! 

Thank you so much! And again, your game's art is really great!

Thanks! I'm glad I was able to get the leaderboard into the game before the time limit. Last time I entered the Trijam I wasn't prepared for just how quickly 3 hours can pass by. Glad you enjoyed it!

It's like a minimalist Katamari Damacy with an even better name. Bole is somehow a fitting title. Fun bite sized game and the little effects were used sparingly but just right.

Thank you so much! I'm glad it was a good mix for you. I just took a look at how many games you've done and your art is always so nice! I'm going to definitely check them out when I get more time. 

While it definitely could use a bit of music/sfx and polish I honestly did find the actual vacuuming to be rewarding when you see the trail of cleanliness.  I saw you're a newer dev and I hope you'll keep making more content!

It's always pleasing to see the little trail when you clean, thats something I wish I would've been able to implement in my game! But I also have to agree with those comments below, the high pitched noise was a bit too much sometimes. I did enjoy the game though and your robot art and the controls were fantastic!

Neat idea and impressive that you even managed to get some upgrades into the game under the time limit! Kids definitely love destroying and being destroyed by roombas so this is also seemed like an accurate simulation. Difficult but fun game!

Super glad you were generous with the hearts! There's a good bit of chaotic mayhem but when you did manage to time everything just right you feel like a multitasking genius. Nice use of physics and felt incredibly polished overall. Absolutely enjoyed the challenge.

This mechanic, while simple, is honestly one of the more interesting ones I've played during the jam. I hadn't heard of Xonix but now that I've watched some videos that also looks pretty fun!  The minimalist aesthetic overall works well for this and gives me those nostalgic vibes for all the hours I used to waste on simple phone games back then. Great job annnnd thanks for introducing me to another good retro game to check out! 

wow that was fun! The controls felt really good and if I made a mistake I definitely always knew it was my fault. The art was adorable and the cute music perfectly matched too. Overall great work!

I really liked the look of this! You also just helped me solve a problem I had in my game by reminding me I should have added a "battery" meter! Great work with the game though, it feels like a complete and solid as an entry could be for the jam! 

this is a great first attempt! Congrats! I would have absolutely loved to know about that art asset pack before I entered this jam because it's amazing too. Everything in the game plays smoothy and feels nicely polished. Also, cute animation for the vacuum!

Glad you added the ability to double click to reverse! The game has a a fun gameplay loop.  A well thought out but simple mechanic that ends up being quite addictive! Good work for under that 3 hour time limit~

Wow thats pretty high! I can barely get into the double digits sometimes! 

I'm glad I read the comments because I thought the game was just resetting too.  Very challenging but the music and sfxs add a lot to the whole thing.  How high of a score did you manage to get? 

Ha, I really did enjoy my many many many attempts at making a cake! Amusing idea and really adorable presentation. 

When I let my nephews play my game they thought mine was about sucking up children soooo now I'm glad I can show them yours! Cute art and easy to understand mechanics. Provides quite a challenge in the short time window!

Glad to hear it! I was hoping it would be easy enough to understand and feel intuitive. Thanks for playing!

The ambience of the whole game was consistent and kept me fully engaged. The pacing was also JUST right so that there was always motivation to move ahead and see what comes next. Enjoyed the story and the whole game overall, nice work! 

Love the design of Grazarok! I also like that you have the stomach displayed on the right. That reminds me that I reallllllly should have put some kind of bar/meter IN game for my own game during gameplay as well.  Fun concept you have here and glad you all worked together to put this into the jam!

Thank you! It's wild how much a little music can really add to the overall feel! Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I'm really glad that GDevelop makes it relatively easy to tie in a leaderboard. It adds a lot of replayability to mini-games like this and is great for seeing if tiny gameplay mechanics are fun.  Thanks for the kind works and stopping by to leave a comment! 

Thanks! I was definitely going for a simple "mini-game" that I could polish up a bit under the 3 hour deadline. I appreciate you commenting and playing my game!

Had a good arcade style feel to the gameplay and I also enjoyed reading about the way you spawned enemies too.  Quite a lot of stuff to get working in such a short time limit! I had a good time and you did a great job with your instructions/tutorial at the beginning as well.

Sweet and simple mechanic that worked flawlessly with an absolutely fantastic aesthetic. Great interpretation of the theme too! 

Ha, thank you! I tried to make sure it felt fast but I should've done better to explain you move FASTER if you click further away than if you click somewhere closer or just hold the mouse button down. Thanks for playing and the kind words, much appreciated!

I loved everything about this! It oozed charm and style. The voice acting and sound effects are an absolute blessing. And honestly the whole mechanic felt satisfying and had an overall great "feel" to it. Amazing work putting it all together within the short time frame!

Interesting idea and the background music kept me in the pleasant trance. I think it'd be nice to have a little more "how to play" instructions written under the game because I've played it a few times and I still don't 100% know if I'm doing it right.  Hope you'll keep updating it, definitely a neat gameplay idea!