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Hi everyone! I was trying to upload a version of my game with more than one audio file, but I'm encountering some issues. I added the Bitsy muse hack, and it works fine when I include just one song. However, when I try to add at least two songs as background music, I receive this error message from

Any one knows what could be happening and if there's a solution?

Thanks in advance!


Dear Valeriy,

Thank you so much for your comment and close reading/play of the entire experience. I deeply appreciate it and was moved by your words. I really needed to tell this story, and in this way. Knowing that someone had played it with such attention and commitment pushed me to polish some final details and, finally, try to add music. After composing a short Andean MIDI song (aiming to emulate the sounds of the charango and zampoña/panflute), I uploaded this version with "Guaman's song." After some challenges trying to incorporate Bitsy Muse I was able to build a version with four audio , but it seems to function only locally. Unfortunately, I've had issues with Itch.Io when uploading a zip file with more than one audio track.

Thank you once again for your feedback and for that push to achieve this final version <3



Thank you so much Adam! For this and everything <3

Hi everyone! I would like to share my first Bitsy project with the community. I'ts called Hawk and Puma, and you can find it here:

It's a fictional experience based on the real figure of Guaman Poma, the indigenous chronicler of the Andes who wrote and drew the titanic work called "El Primer Nueva Corónica y Buen Gobierno." A 100-thousand-page letter to King Philip III of Spain, with 400 hand-drawn illustrations. It is the result of a research-creation process taking influence from the work of researchers and intellectuals like Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui and others.

In the game, we join Guaman in his journey to defend the life and rights of the indigenous peoples of the region, while he encounters a spirit from other lands who questions him along the way. This spirit is a representation of Niccolò Machiavelli, as a figure who constantly questions Guaman's motives from a different worldview and set of motives. The encounter of these two characters was an interesting creative exercise to play with because of three important details that became strongly relevant during the research process: 1) Guaman is writing to the King, while Machiavelli writes to the Prince. 2) Both are characters of important historical, political, and cultural transitions. 3) Machiavelli died just a couple of years before the probable birth of Guamán Poma. So, Maqui, the spirit you will encounter, is a lost soul who arrived with some colonizers to the Tawantinsuyu.

I'm struggling with a bug during the transitions and would love to add music in the future, but still. It has been two years since the first time I shared this project, but now it was time to share it for anyone who would like to try it.

I'll appreacite any kind of feedback (and help with the bug if possible).


Nico [Niebla Games]

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FIX: I uploaded the game to the editor and downloaded it again. It was a file of 2021, so maybe it needed some kind of update (?).

Good luck everyone!



Previous Message.

Hi everyone! A couple of years ago, I completed this project in Bitsy, and I've finally gathered the courage to share it. However, when I open the project, black blocks briefly appear each time I enter a new room.

Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know why it might be occurring?

I've included the game link for reference. It's currently only available in Spanish (I plan to upload an English version as soon as I can resolve this issue).

Thank you very much!

Nico [Niebla Games]

Hi everyone! I'm Nico Valdivia Hennig, Co-Founder of Niebla Games, an indie Studio from Chile, and I'm also a Researcher in Game Design and Production. I'm currently pursuing my Ph.D. at the University of California, Riverside. Additionally, I'm a part of Río Junto, a collective that organizes cultural activities with Latin American creators to develop events and exhibitions in Southern California, with a special focus on digital media, art, and games.

Thank you so much :)