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Wow dang! I'll try and replicate it but that sounds like a good one. Thanks for the heads up!

No you are!

Thanks! The music was created with Reason, LSDJ samples, and Native Instrument's synth, Massive.

Me: Oh I click on the enemies to shoot them? No problem!


I've started streaming my development over on my Twitch channel. Check it out as I work on new features for ASRS among other things!

Thanks for buying the game; I appreciate it! You'll be happy to hear that I'm implementing extra lives in to the v1.1 update ;)

I made this game using Construct 2. My previous background was in music and design, so I didn't have any coding experience. C2 was perfect for this situation. If you don't want your health bar to change between layouts, you need to have your energy/life be a global variable. They retain their info between layouts.

Hey everyone!

I hope your holidays went well and you found some time to eat some treats, hang with the people you want to hang with, and relax!

Just a quick update on that I updated the build to Ver 1.0.1: this is an update that fixes some release bugs. They are as follows:

  • Adjusted gamepad analog stick deadzone. Down or Up on the analog stick won't make you move now.
  • You can now look with Shift + arrow keys
  • Charge shot animation won't lock with gamepad
  • Small enemy bugs fixed (Level 3 enemies won't get stuck)
  • Small art and tile art edits

Feel free to reach out with any other bugs or issues you find. Post a screenshot, make a gif, whatever works!

Hey friends!

So I'm going to use this place to keep you all updated on what I'm currently working on in regards to ASRS. Hopefully this will keep you all in the know of what to expect.

What is coming up?
With the holidays quickly approaching things will be pretty low-key. I'll obviously tackle any huge bugs or issues that arise, but other than that, I'm mostly going to be brainstorming what other content I would like to add. Some things I'm going to look in to include:

  • Keyboard and Gamepad config
  • Music and SFX sliders
  • Trading Cards
  • Unlockable characters

I'll continue to post progress pics and gifs as things proceed. I'm excited to work on new stuff already but need a bit of a breather ;) Any questions or thoughts, hit me up!

All Level 3 enemies. Will probably add a re-skin of a non-projectile enemy. A lot of projectiles flying around!

Finally wrapped my head around passing along parameters to a master object. Right here I have a function passing different bullet parameters (animation, gravity, speed) for different enemies to a single bullet object. Setting up the object UID as param(0) was my hangup.

Two new enemies!

Up first is Headshot. Erratic robot head that shoots a spread shot.

Next is the Infected Robot. He staggers around and then will vomit in your direction. Still working on vomit art. Currently he vomits bullets :D

Yo fellow robot game dev! Maybe we should do a bundle sometime when we release our games ;)

Been working on coding Level 3 enemies. Unfortunately this means nothing cool to show yet since I use placeholder art while coding :D

Good news is that, according to schedule, I am ahead by one week. However I'm sure that will change soon ;) I just finished all 3 new enemies yesterday and will start on their art this week. Hopefully I'll have something cool to show off by the end of this weekend.

Test of all Level 3 (Helix's Laboratory) art and set pieces. GIF randomly speeds up :\

More parallax testing! Gotta tweak that middle layer so it doesn't look like building-tops :p

Annnddd I'm Greenlit!

Parallax test for lab level. Needs some tweaking (parallax layers need to be bumped up to a power of two) but it's a decent start.

A Small Robot Story is on Steam Greenlight! Check it out here!

That coffee shop dev life

I decided that, since a bunch of people will most likely download my demo when I launch on Steam Greenlight, that I should probably update it. Here is what I managed to do this weekend to the Level 1 demo:

  • Updated controls
  • WASD or Arrow key controls
  • Keycard "have" indicator
  • No more doorways. All screen transitions are "edge of screen collision" types
  • Moved all dialogue over to the new dialogue engine
  • Began swapping out the "pure black" for a "softer black" in my tilesets

I've got a bit more to do but I should manage to finish the update by this weekend. Then on to Greenlight!


Check out the video.

Turn up for the music because this song is very important to me. As I've posted about before, some 12-13 years I was in a band called Tomorrow is Forever. We had a full length album that had music videos for every song telling the story of 2 game developers. We'd play the music live with the videos in sync with us. We wrote this song the first summer we all stayed in our college town together. When we had a rough demo, we brought it to our friend's house and we listened to it for the first time together. It was an incredible moment and it is immortalized for me in the form of this song.

Thanks for reading this far! I'll be launching my Steam Greenlight campaign the first week of August.

Thanks for checking out the demo!

You know I went back and forth on the explosion effect. I had made legit pixel animations but they just didn't feel big enough to me. But I definitely know what you mean.

And thanks for the heads-up on the drop-through ledges. I'll take a look and see if I can resolve that. And I'll be sure to add solid ledges above the instant-death gears ;)

Got that sweet cut scene fade working!

Early Saturday morning game dev hustle at the coffee shop

All cutscene art for Level 2 is done. All dialogue is written. Now working on how to best initiate the cutscenes and hop back to the actual game layout. Should be able to wrap this up this weekend.

Starting work on cutscenes. Here is one of the more basic ones. Text will scroll along the bottom. These are definitely going to push my art skills. Time to get good!

It's been a few weeks but I've been hard at work!

Last weekend I showed off my demo at the Buffalo Game Space Showcase. Got great feedback and hung out with a bunch of other great WNY game devs. Here was my setup:

Looks like another week or two and I should wrap up Level 2. Currently I'm scripting all dialogue events and working on cutscenes. I made the decision to try and do still-frame cutscenes especially since the game is quickly getting story heavy.

Made some huge progress this weekend. As I have mentioned, I've been using a dialogue asset from the Construct 2 store. Over the weekend I realized and learned how to use the text commands which lets me script events from within the dialogue. So basically I can type the dialogue and then type something like {BossActivate} which calls a function or any other event. This is incredibly handy. I cannot recommend this asset enough if you use Construct 2. It's a steal for the price.

Here is the Level 2 Boss reveal. Don't worry; it'll be more difficult than pictured in the gif :lol:

Up next is drawing up the cutscenes, finishing the dialogue script, and setting up all keycard / door functions in the layouts for Level 2. Then on to Greenlight!

Level 2-3 (backgrounds and decorations hidden)

This uses the cave tileset as seen in the gifs above. One more map and I'm set for Level 2. Then I just need to set up dialogue triggers and the boss room.

Thanks for the offer but I'm a musician of 15+ years. All set :D

Level 2-1 tilemap! Such a satisfying and rewarding point to be at.

The backgrounds on the bottom have parallax scrolling and following the player through the level (that's why they don't cover the whole background). I'll be doing 4 screens total for level 2. I'll post them as they're completed.

Customized the dialogue system for my liking. Getting the spritefont to look good was a bit tricky with a lo-res game (256x144) and I had to manually set the width of some of the letters. Overall, I'm feeling it!

And now I finally get to move on to level design for level 2!

Pretty robust inventory system. Nice!

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A huge "behind-the-scenes" issue with my demo was the dialogue system. It worked but it was a mess. 7-8 lines of dialogue would take around 15-20 minutes to implement with around 30 events (Construct 2's "lines" of code). This increased the possibility of errors and it was just an unwieldy beast. The dialogue and the story is the main driving force in my game, so it needs to be easy to use, able to handle a lot of dialogue, and quickly editable.

I purchased a dialogue template via the Scirra store and spent most of last week and Saturday struggling to get it to work. After a lot of hair-pulling and help from the creator, I got it working last night!

I made this gif and directed it at the creator. A quick-to-respond and helpful person!

It is a super slick system that references an external file, so I'm not writing all of my dialogue in the engine. I need to edit the dialog box, add portraits, and tweak the "continue" button, but it already looks much better than my previous dialogue system!

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More coding this past weekend. Still nothing exciting to show yet.

However a youtuber did do a Let's Play of my demo. Check it out!