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A Small Robot Story

An adventure-action platformer where you play as Rae, a small robot. · By Cosmonaut Collective

Development, game content, and upcoming plans Sticky

A topic by Cosmonaut Collective created Dec 21, 2017 Views: 326 Replies: 4
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Hey friends!

So I'm going to use this place to keep you all updated on what I'm currently working on in regards to ASRS. Hopefully this will keep you all in the know of what to expect.

What is coming up?
With the holidays quickly approaching things will be pretty low-key. I'll obviously tackle any huge bugs or issues that arise, but other than that, I'm mostly going to be brainstorming what other content I would like to add. Some things I'm going to look in to include:

  • Keyboard and Gamepad config
  • Music and SFX sliders
  • Trading Cards
  • Unlockable characters

I'll continue to post progress pics and gifs as things proceed. I'm excited to work on new stuff already but need a bit of a breather ;) Any questions or thoughts, hit me up!


Hey everyone!

I hope your holidays went well and you found some time to eat some treats, hang with the people you want to hang with, and relax!

Just a quick update on that I updated the build to Ver 1.0.1: this is an update that fixes some release bugs. They are as follows:

  • Adjusted gamepad analog stick deadzone. Down or Up on the analog stick won't make you move now.
  • You can now look with Shift + arrow keys
  • Charge shot animation won't lock with gamepad
  • Small enemy bugs fixed (Level 3 enemies won't get stuck)
  • Small art and tile art edits

Feel free to reach out with any other bugs or issues you find. Post a screenshot, make a gif, whatever works!


Hi bc, I bought your game an hour or so ago and played it right to the end, only to have to restart because I ran out of lives XD

Anyhow, the game was beautiful, and although the character only has 3 lives per continue (making that 9 lives in total for 3 continues), I enjoyed playing the game, even after I had to start all over after failing at the final boss (those 5 dots that light up when he's about to fire his laser was a helpful hint; and I mixed up the good and bad scientist based on your screenshots and trailer :p). The music is great and the sheer amount of effort that went into the art, cutscenes and controls was superb.

I was happy when I found out the game was out, despite being unable to buy it at the time. I'm thankful that I bought and played your game until the end (I felt bad for the final boss :( ).

I was wondering if I could reach out to you on how I could make a similar game, especially since I'm new at making the character move from one layout to the next without losing his health bar :p


Thanks for buying the game; I appreciate it! You'll be happy to hear that I'm implementing extra lives in to the v1.1 update ;)

I made this game using Construct 2. My previous background was in music and design, so I didn't have any coding experience. C2 was perfect for this situation. If you don't want your health bar to change between layouts, you need to have your energy/life be a global variable. They retain their info between layouts.

You're welcome, mate :)

Ah yes, that is one of the reasons for my playing your game, as I am using Construct 2 to make my games as well, which I have uploaded to What I have noticed is that utilising the same trick that I used for my first game (restarting the layout after the main character loses all their health/stamina) doesn't work properly in my second game, so more research is needed :p