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Hi bc, I bought your game an hour or so ago and played it right to the end, only to have to restart because I ran out of lives XD

Anyhow, the game was beautiful, and although the character only has 3 lives per continue (making that 9 lives in total for 3 continues), I enjoyed playing the game, even after I had to start all over after failing at the final boss (those 5 dots that light up when he's about to fire his laser was a helpful hint; and I mixed up the good and bad scientist based on your screenshots and trailer :p). The music is great and the sheer amount of effort that went into the art, cutscenes and controls was superb.

I was happy when I found out the game was out, despite being unable to buy it at the time. I'm thankful that I bought and played your game until the end (I felt bad for the final boss :( ).

I was wondering if I could reach out to you on how I could make a similar game, especially since I'm new at making the character move from one layout to the next without losing his health bar :p

Thanks for buying the game; I appreciate it! You'll be happy to hear that I'm implementing extra lives in to the v1.1 update ;)

I made this game using Construct 2. My previous background was in music and design, so I didn't have any coding experience. C2 was perfect for this situation. If you don't want your health bar to change between layouts, you need to have your energy/life be a global variable. They retain their info between layouts.

You're welcome, mate :)

Ah yes, that is one of the reasons for my playing your game, as I am using Construct 2 to make my games as well, which I have uploaded to What I have noticed is that utilising the same trick that I used for my first game (restarting the layout after the main character loses all their health/stamina) doesn't work properly in my second game, so more research is needed :p