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Hi, I'll check the game out over the next few weeks; I went and spoiled myself with your YouTube videos shortly after my last playthrough, so it'll take me a while to get back into your game :)

Hi Monsterbat, I played through your game a few days ago, and can verify that the health and ammo counters are now visible (& I have unlocked all the achievements too) :D

Since there is only the Endless Mode and the Aethenareum (I probably spelt that wrong :p), will there be a way to to decipher what was meant by the opening prologue?

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Hi, I have enjoyed playing the game up to a certain point, as making my way through the room with 8 purple robots, more purple robots and 2 giant crabs/bugs in the next room and beyond (in Electric City) has been quite challenging, especially due to my panicking over a room filled with enemies and bullets (and the dash power taking a while to recharge.

I'll watch a walkthrough video (if it's available) to help me get past those few rooms, then dive back in :p

Aside from Electric City, I had thought of progressing through the Stone Caves, but I'll have to wait until I can drop the giant stone head/horns and beat the big green spiders (with a grey 'X' on them; they regularly spawn hopping, bullet-shooting minions).

Anyhow, your video below seemed a little long as I normally just zip past most enemies instead of killing them :D

Also, I did not know there is a shop somewhere in the game; guess I'll be able to put those points to use once I find said shop.

Edit: Okay, I definitely should have explored the Stone Caves a little more before continuously butting my head at those 8 purple robots in Electric City :p

Hi Monsterbat, I think you uploaded the same version of the game, as it is still named as version 0.2 instead of 0.2.1, and the Escape button change you mentioned is not in the game :p

- The text at the top of the Start Menu gets clipped (I think it's supposed to say Income)

- The words in the Athenaeum are overlapping each other

Ah, now I understand what the Athenaeum mode is about; now I feel bad for killing over 500 flies :(

Perhaps you could make the Shotgun and Pistol bullets more visible, either by changing the colour to be darker, increasing their width/thickness, or both?

Also, the Experience counter fills up rather slowly despite the umber going up quickly, and I have to close the game to exit the 'You Died' screen D:

Edit: I can defeat the flying Stag Beetles with 1-2 Shotgun bullet sprays, not 3-4 :p

Well, now I can definitely watch the grass grow in the background (not sure what upgrades unlocked it, but it's a cool feature nonetheless, aside from the occasional difficulty in keeping track of what's going on in the screen), though that little rotating insect (that sounded like a crying baby) made me feel bad after I shot it (AND spooked me out with those eyes, and the sudden blackout) :(

Not sure what the Athenaeum mode is all about, but I'll check it out soon :)

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Hi Monsterbat, I had a few go's at the game (version 0.2), and I found it much more enjoyable to play, although there were a few things that struck me as odd:

- It took me a while to look around the Menus to discover that the spider DOES have limited ammo (and health, which I found odd as I always thought it died after just one hit :p), so a visible ammo, coin (a summation of all the coins you collected in previous playthroughs and the coins you just received every few black + green fly kills) and health counter would greatly help (unless you want the player to mentally keep track of all 3 counters while zig-zagging all over the screen to dodge enemies and collect hearts :p)

- Changing the skins and using the Cap helps keep the spider visible against the background; choosing None for the skin makes the spider look quite pale black and nearly invisible, unlike Truth and Winter D:

- I'm not sure what the Web upgrades are for, but they are nice to look at, for now :p

- I can only backtrack/backstep (go back one step) to the Start Menu from the two Menus I mentioned before ('How to Play' and 'Upgrades') by pressing the Escape button; to exit the other Menus, I have to press the top-right button (the one next to Maximise) on the screen (or Quit from the drop-down menu in the top-left of the screen) in order to quit the game and try again.

- The Cannon weapon is great for mowing down more than one enemy in a single line, but it is terrible against the flying stag beetles (takes >6 Cannon bullets to kill; never actually got to kill a single one with this weapon, compared to the Pistol with 3 bullets and the Shotgun with 3-4 bullet sprays) :(

- Even when I have clicked Maximise for the game screen (as shown below; my screen resolution is 1920 by 1080, by the way, on a Windows 10 Lenovo laptop), the words at the bottom and top of the screen get clipped a bit; the same goes for the Start Menu as well.

That's all I have for now; do let me know if you need me to check other parts of the game :D

Hi Monsterbat, I was glad to help :)

I'll have a go at your updated game soon, and let you know my feedback. As for your pointers to my previous message:
- I'll check out your update to note on this improvement
- By that, I meant that I can access all the Menus, but I can only move back to the Start Menu from two of those menus (after having clicked on them first to enter those menus) by pressing the Escape button
- I'll try the game movement again in a bit in your updated version of the game
- Hopefully the spider is more visible to me when I next play the game :p
- To clarify on the 'limited ammo' scenario, I was able to fire bullets everywhere at first, but one I destroyed one fly, I couldn't shoot anymore bullets, so the next fly whacked me :(

Do let me know if I explained my feedback better to you :)

Also, after shooting down one fly, the spider runs out of ammo and ends up dying after the next fly hits it :(

Hi Monsterbat, I'm glad that you've put up the sequel to the Spiderbite game.Here is some feedback for you to work with:

- First off, I'm not able to view the whole Start Menu in my laptop despite Maximising the screen. Perhaps you could include an option for the players to change the resolution/size of the screen for the game?

- Only two menus can be exited by pressing the Escape button, such as the 'How to Play' and 'Upgrades' menus.

- When I press the arrow keys while playing the game, I am unable to move around (but the spider does shoot bullets, so that's good).

- I chose the Ranger, but the spider ends up being almost camouflaged instead of standing out from the brown background; this probably has to do with my clicking here and there in the Fashion menu.

All in all, I like the game, but would like to be able to play more of it while having the whole screen visible to me :)

Oh, cool! I'm having some issues with playing it though, so I'll log my feedback in the sequel's page :)

Well, these things can happen, so now we'll wait to hear of your new games, and maybe you could work on the sequel for Spiderbite a year or so down the road? :) 

Hello there, I enjoyed playing the demo very much, what with the combat requiring proper timing to execute and how the boss fights required the player to be careful instead of going in guns-blazing, though it was a little text-heavy, especially when Arco and Arrie's father are doing the talking.

All in all, it was satisfying to play, and I look forward playing the full game once it's released :D

Hi Rivit, I managed to complete the game by finding only 86% of the items, the two bosses akin to Kraid and Ridley were quite interesting (though if you go into the Ridley-like boss again after beating him, you can get stuck there), the final boss was a piece of cake with the use of the Plasma Beam, and the self-destruct timer was quite generous too. Bravo for making this game within 17 hours and 7 minutes :)

Ah, I managed to find the Gas after going all around the map, and avoided the Giant square heads :p

Never mind, I managed to make my way towards the bombs; you did a good job at making me go through every room to find the secrets within :D

Hi Rivit, I have enjoyed playing this game so far, having accumulated 35 missiles and the Morphball upgrade, but now I'm stuck, and have yet to find the Bomb upgrade in order to proceed further into the game :(

Hi Duck Block Games, when will this game be ready for release? I'm looking forward to playing it when it comes out :)

No problem, happy to help :)

I found this game to be very enlightening on the challenges faced by transwomen :)

Aside from that, I found a typo in one of the scenes, specifically when Erika says, 'Want do you want?', which you can change to' 'What do you want?'.

Here is the scene in question for your reference

Hi, I enjoyed playing this game, and while I wanted to collect all the stars, I decided to just stick with finishing the game at 49 stars :p

Oh my, that guy was a creep; how can he act like he owns the world and stuff?

I doubt that he will be the last crazy person you encounter in life, so stay strong and persevere :)

Ah, so I wasn't the only one who thought the fight was a little one-sided :p

I made a last go at it the other day, and noticed that the health orbs weren't dropping as much as when fighting Slither, so that's something else you might want to consider as well :)

Hi Apapappa, it's been a while :)

I was playing through your game, and got the Super Missile upgrade early, only to find that fighting the Glob was almost impossible, though I did whittle it's health to about 51% once.

Anyhow, I started another playthrough, beat Slither, got the Charge Module, collected the Super Missiles and doubled back to face Glob, but gave up after a few times as it's almost impossible to fight, even with the quadruple damage from the Charge Module (the part where it keeps absorbing my health to recharge itself is not cool, but I understand it makes the fight more satisfying).

I might try again one more time before I go to bed, but eh :p

Hi NetoX, I was really happy to hear that this game had finally released on Steam! While I am not able to buy it at the moment, I will give the full game a spin later this year :)

Hi Jupiter Hadley, I can see why you couldn't finish the game, as I had (wrongly) assumed that every player would read the text on the game's page before playing said game; I'll be rectifying this either over the next few months or a year, and I thank you for pointing out how I can improve on the game further :)

Hi there SBCafe, thank you for your kind words, and thank you too for the follow! :)

Alright, I signed up for your newsletter soon after reading your reply, so cheers, and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration! :)

Hi there Eniko, I enjoyed playing your demo a while back, and was wondering whether it would still be possible for me to help with testing the alpha versions of this game, despite being too late to donate to your KickStarter campaign? Do let me know how and where I can begin, if permitted :)

Which streamer was this, may I ask? I was of the observation that they didn't stream my game, or at least didn't stream it for long.

It works fine in the Chrome browser as well, so now I'm not sure how exactly you encountered this problem

Hi, I just played it again in the Firefox browser, and it works. Which browser were you using when you couldn't see the text?

Hmm, it worked fine for me when I updated the game and tried it out soon after :/

You're welcome, Akusan :)

Oh, well, I thought you were talking about the main character itself, not the guards :p

The guards are just doing their job, though the more colourful guard has something that the main character was looking for, and he was quite rude ;)

Hmm, perhaps that might be worked into the game at a later point, but we'll see how it goes

Do tell me in which parts the text box had disappeared from view, as most of my recent fixes were focussed on that D:

Hi there, I played this game yesterday, and while that one person said not to kill people, there was no other way to get to the end without doing so. Really makes you think about all those enemies you fight in other games that can't talk to beg for mercy, while here they can speak with you until you're armed and dangerous :(

Anyhow, good job in adhering to the theme while using simple graphics :)

Hi there, while playing this game, I noticed that the only indication of progressing through the levels was that my character's position kept resetting to the side, and while you can move the character to the right, ostensibly to also target people running over to the right, I found that just standing on the left and shooting at them was enough to beat each level.

I was wondering whether there would be more of a challenge, but didn't see much. Nevertheless, you made a good effort in completing this game before the end of the Mini Jam, so keep up the good work! :)

I enjoyed playing this game very much, though I didn't know you had to recharge your energy in order to continue smashing the knights, despite having read the instructions on this game's page :p

I thought there would be a Game Over screen, but was surprised when I found that any effort expended gives you a Victory message :D

Oh goody, thank you for including the game in your video! :o

I'll have a look later in the day, and thank you once again for your generous gesture :)