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Hi there, I explored the whole game again by keeping an eye out for said artifacts, managed to first get the normal second ending, collected the remaining sword bits, and then got the second version of the true ending. The only thing left to do is to collect all the remaining items, which I must have missed out on while playing the Merope mode itself :p

Well, after watching Button Pushin's video from time to time when I got stuck, your comment on his YouTube video, and dying several times to the last boss, I managed to beat the game. 

I'm not sure what other items I have to collect aside from the apple and all the hearts in the normal game, and I couldn't figure out what to do after searching most of the rooms in Neith Mode.

While I was stuck at first after using up all of my clones, exploring the game's many rooms helped me to get my bearings, so I enjoyed playing through the game. As such, I would like some advice on how to proceed in Neith Mode, seeing as there's only so far I can get by as Neith before being perplexed as to what to do next D:

Hi, this time it took me two tries to beat the Waking Fossil (all that training really paid off!) :)

Also, you might want to make the 4-way bomb symbol a lot more visible on the ground (maybe you could add an orange tinge to it?) and a slight delay to the Fossil's dash move (& maybe a louder sound effect to it) so that players can get ready to zoom out of the way :D

Other than the above, I beat the Mote Golf high score with a score of 16, and got the star for that area (as well as two out of three stars from the Rubble Ruins). All that's left is one more star from the Junk Heap area, though I know not where else to look :p 

Phew, it took me many, MANY tries, but I've finally beaten the Waking Fossil boss (with a little help of adding the health pick-ups to 3 :p).

Funnily enough, I managed to whittle the boss's health down to the last two bars (4th phase) in my first try (without changing the heath pick-up rate at all), then it went downhill for a while XD

For this boss, I'd recommend having the white X's show up more clearly on the ground, especially in the white stone patches throughout the boss room. It was nice to know that I can just stand in the corners during the bullet hell segments (4th and 5th phase) without getting hit, at ALL, even though some bullets looked like they were going to hit me :D

Currently I've found 4 stars in the Junk Heap area and one star in the Rubble Ruins area, and scryed all the enemies I came across (even the Little Lord and Waking Fossil); I'll explore all that I can and see if I can find the remaining two stars in the Junk Heap area :)

Oh, and I've backed your game on Kickstarter too! I await the day that I can play the full game :D

You're welcome; I'll play through the new demo over the next week or so :)

Ah, now I can try using the Speed boost while equipping the speed familiar! Is it possible to do so in the previous demo, or would it be better to try out the speed boost in the newer demo?

Ah, I didn't realise I should have ignored the end bracket when copying your link; a big oops on my part :p

I look up your Twitter account from time to time, and noticed your announcement on through my mail notification. Good to hear that the full game is now on Steam :D

You're welcome; your link doesn't work though D:

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Hi there, I enjoyed playing through the demo by only attacking the monster girls that stood in my way (without choking them, since they did nothing wrong while going about their business), and survived fighting the dark elf until she started throwing huge waves of fireballs :p

Aside from the need for grammar checking in the pre-game cutscene and various bits of conversation throughout the demo, the game played smoothly, though I do have to wonder where all the other humans have gone off to that ALL the monster girls are starving for Fernand's presence ;)

Anyhow, I look forward to the full release of this game :D

P.S.: I keep reading Fernand's name as Fernando; it just rolls off the tongue easily compared to Fernand :)

Hello there, I enjoyed playing through this demo, especially with the different effects of the 3 spells on the tree creature/Groot-like boss. I noticed, though, that the speed sprite didn't increase my walking speed at all, even after upgrading it to give me a boost in speed.

Anyhow, I look forward to the full release of this game :D

You've been working very hard on Zordak throughout the past year, so yes, you are entitled to take a break and work on your side project. We'll always be here, supporting you at every step of the way :D

I wasn't expecting Tanuki-Sama Studios to gatecrash this conversation too; it was most unexpected XD

Ooh, I look forward to the 'perfect run' from the computer; it will be most jaw-dropping and entertaining :D

I look forward to this mode that you'll be implementing :)

Oh, hello; I believe that the bug you're referring to is the '-' symbol appearing within the conversations in the court room, namely in words such as 'Thank-you'. I'll send you a DM about this in Twitter as well :D

Ah, I see. That would indeed be a pain to program throughout the whole game :p

Oh, I haven't had any issues with dodging the bees while fighting the tree boss, though fighting this boss in the challenge mode seemed to be the same as the regular demo itself.

Maybe I had gotten tired of facing that same block over and over that I end up subconsciously ignoring the advice to keep holding down the left arrow button. Who knows? :p

Sure, that would be nice to watch :D

I had no idea that there are some game journalists out there who didn't know how to play games (as evidenced by the journalist who took 26 minutes to get through the tutorial and first part of the forest in Cuphead); taking into account that I tend to die numerous times before I get through a punishing level or boss, I had assumed that said breed of journalists would at least be able to complete a tutorial rather quickly :p

Oh, I see; I thought that the CC slots had something to do with the number of lives that Bella had D:

Yes, you are correct, after I went through my memory for that particular section; I was aware of what the function of the acorns were since I read through each conversation throughout the demo, but only realised that you get more lives whenever you touch a new acorn much later into the demo (especially since I died so many times XD).

As for that 'block', I realised that while I could have reached the block if I kept holding the Left button after jumping (that too after having Bella 'floating' off the edge of the block I was standing on prior to jumping), for some reason I would freeze after Bella hits the ceiling block (unconsciously), then curse myself for not holding down that button; I had thought that changing the difficulty would make that segment easier to deal with, but no, the block remained the same as before.

I never use Luna to jump onto any of the blocks in this area, since her spinning jump (whether single or double jump) makes it harder for me to land precisely on a block. I did notice, however, that if you die once here, you can't summon Luna again until you find the next acorn D:

Hmm, well, even if you did put that achievement into the game, I wouldn't dare to complete the game solely as Bella, especially since Luna is very helpful in jumping onto the ledge on one side of the tree boss fight room (especially since those bees follow me non-stop), as well as for jumping up from a moving platform underground while one piranha plant shoots at me from the right.

As for the Challenge modes, I found the Tower Attack to be slightly relaxing, since there are no enemies about; it does get difficult, however, to progress further without making ill-timed jumps in the 3rd screen onwards. The boss fight room seems fine to me, but since I had only beaten the Tree boss before, all the other doors are locked (mostly due to the demo ending some time after the tree boss fight).

Yes, it's much easier to read your game page's text now; it's much easier on the eyes now :D

You're welcome, though to be fair, I didn't give a full explanation on my part: after dying many times due to not reaching the block properly, I had first changed the difficulty from 'Filthy Casual' to 'GG Ez', and changed the CC number from 4 to 5 slots (I had no idea what it meant, but thought it would help in some way), thinking it would help to make that block easier to deal with, but it didn't; some time after getting past that block and reaching the surface, I faced off with the tree boss, and after finally beating it (after a few deaths, give or take), I was elated, only to accidentally that out a frozen bee while heading through the gauntlet, dying, then not being able to use Luna at all to get through that segment.

After that, instead of going through the gauntlet again, I decided to check out the other section of spikes (below the area with the 'It's a Secret to Everybody' signpost), cleared one set of frozen spikes, died, then set the difficulty to 'Urinalist'.  After that, I braced myself to fall again while getting through the frozen bee gauntlet, but didn't take damage from the spikes, much to my surprise. Soon after, I obtained the health boost, reached the end of the demo, reloaded the game, then went through the frozen spike section below the 'Secret' signpost, and then stopped the game.

Hmm, I had no idea that I could skip the Intro and Game Over sequences by pressing the Escape button; it didn't occur to me that I could even skip those sections to begin with, since I had not thought of skipping those sections. Now you can see why I got so frustrated from dying numerous times, which led me to changing the difficulty settings down to 'Urinalist' (which is a nice play on the word 'Journalist', according to one of the websites that reviewed your demo) :p

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Yes, I went into the game fully expecting Bella to be foul-mouthed, especially with Luna and when she locked herself out of her own home; having her acknowledge Luna's upgrade to be cooler than hers, and never hearing the end of it, was quite satisfying XD

After beating the tree, I was expecting the thief to pop out of the tree, but was taken aback when we realised that the tree itself was talking to us :o . Still, at least you left one mystery for us to resolve once the full game is out, especially since the tree was rightfully angry for being attacked in the first place :p

No worries about the font; there are other games on this website that use the same style of font as your game's page, though their font size is much smaller to begin with, so it's easier for me to read. I had to reduce the Zoom level on the Chrome browser to 67% in order to comfortably read your game description and the myriad comments on your page :p

Ah, now we come to the block that gave me a hard time: in the bottom-most area of the Potesta Caves (after falling down a long shaft), where there's a lot of jumping from block to block above an abyss, there's this section where the second purple-faced plant shoots fireballs. The block in question (if I remember correctly) is the one which you have to jump down to from a block located a medium distance away (and above), and there is a part of the ceiling which is lined up on the same Y axis as the block you're trying to jump onto.

I wasn't sure whether you had purposely placed the ceiling block in that particular location or not, but I did have to jump (& die) many times to jump onto the lower block, such that I would use up all my 6 lives. It would have been okay to deal with if I didn't have to sit through a long 'Game Over' scene repeatedly (with no way of skipping straight to the Main Menu) D:

I would have prepared a screenshot and post it up here for your reference, but I didn't want to go through that area again DX

Anyhow, thank you for the festive wishes, and I wish you and your family a Merry (belated) Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

Hi there, I bought your game an hour ago and just finished it a few minutes ago. Aside from that one block in the Potesta Caves which I kept trying to jump onto only to die multiple times, and not getting to find out why the tree got annoyed with us (no thanks to Bella being impatient and rude with the tree), I enjoyed playing your game very much.

I look forward to playing the full game once it's out :D

Your font on this page is too big for me though, so I suggest reducing it where possible :)

The music is quite catchy, the main character is always bopping his head and swaying his body as if he's dancing to the beat, and he vastly resembles Charlie Chaplin :D

The main character's mischievous laughter in between, and the secret golden pepper that gives another heart, was cool as well! :D

Good to hear; the completion of this game about a puppet who wants to restore her garden will be the greatest gift you can give to your fans, including me :D

The minute I read Tomba, I was hooked! :D

I had fun playing this game, despite having some difficulty adjusting to the controls a bit (it was fine after a while, until I reached the boss fight, and kept shaking instead of throwing objects XD). I backed this game on Kickstarter, and am looking forward to playing the full game once it's ready :)

It took me a while to find all the drops, but it was worth it (despite the lack of a payoff), especially since the theme of this game resonated with me so much :D

I enjoyed playing this mini Castlevania game, though it took me a while to figure out how to use the axe as a stepping stone (& the final level was quite the rush!) :p

Hi there, I loved playing your BubblePuff game very much, especially when the main character, Pochi, is so adorable, nice background music that evokes a sense of loneliness and hope, the hopping sounds Pochi makes while moving around, though I kept mistiming my jumps over the frogs :p 

I look forward to playing the full game in 2021 :D

Ah, right, I've noticed that, though was wondering why the amount of bullets I have keep increasing despite the lack of extra ammo lying about :p

Ah, yes, I noticed that the spitting cobras in the desert take less time to die after getting hit by my Chain Core's bullets, while increasing my defense lets me get through lava (& toxic waste) without losing a lot of health in one go, so there's that :D

Ahh, I see; I'll need to go back and play those games again.

Yes, you mentioned that in response to another player asking about the underwater levels in GP 2.

Oh, that's quite neat! At least you can refer to your past level design when making new games :D

Oh, I see; still, it's quite an impressive effort for a game made with the English language in mind :D

Right, I was reading said lore in the Military Lab rooms, both in the Oilgun upgrade room as well as the Sleeper Bay, which revealed to me that Final Columbus is the name chosen by the giant heart which had taken over most of the city hundreds of years ago. I even turned the emergency switch on and off in the Sleeper Bay, but nothing happened; was expecting Jessica to pop out of nowhere and fight me, but didn't see her at all. The notes nearby explained that there are 15 gun upgrade stations throughout the game, though I've only obtained 9 of them so far (Mist Charger included); you mentioned some of the other upgrades before, though finding them on my own will be a tall order :p

While I was at the Military Lab, I had accidentally discovered that charging the Fairy Heart releases water bubbles that bounce about, and releasing the button makes said bubbles explode and fire water triangles both left and right :D

I'm now back in the Fungi Cave to obtain the Wave gun upgrade before heading to the Waste Canal (for lore #22) through the Subway, and am trying to trigger the secret door to Sunshine to open, though I'm not sure if it's possible to do so without getting hurt by the Antiblood spilled by the toxic rats and green ceiling robots.

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Ah, so more room-checking for #22 is needed in the Waste Canal. After I checked a save file from 2017, I discovered that I had gotten the Pen (#29) before, both in 2017 and in my second-last playthrough; it makes sense that it's in what's left of the Water Tower, since I only rescued Voice from there and haven't explored it much yet so far (I only had 1 wing flap at the time, but I can return to it soon).

Oh, I must have lost sight of #10 due to rushing to get rid of most of the enemies in this room; I'll check again :p

Well, I don't use the Fairy Pistol much (has since been upgraded to the Fairy Heart, despite the announcer calling it the Fairy Charm) so it's not a big deal if I run out of ammo in the middle of Heart of the City; on the other hand, I buy ammo for the ATG (now called the Super ATG), Key (soon to become the Board) and the Cryo Sphere (now called the Hellbreath; very useful inn the Smoggy Skyway) guns regularly, and currently have more than 3700 bullets for the Super ATG (which I use a lot in the Subway, Smoggy Skyway and Heart of the City), over 2000 for the Hellbreath (I think), and more than 2000 (I think) for the Key gun.

Speaking of which, does the purple Velocity jar increase the strength of the bullets, or just the amount of bullets you can carry? Does the blue Endurance jar increase the amount of defense that you have i.e. lowers the amount of damage you take from enemies and bosses?

Aside from the above, I had played Gun Princess 0 and 1 before, but though I could finish 0, I got stuck at one point while playing 1, so I jumped to Gun Princess 2, but found it difficult to get past the underwater sections of the game despite the existence of the item that lets you breathe underwater. I could buy said item from a bat, but noted that it disappeared from my inventory; you did mention in your reply to someone else that they can hit the underwater blocks for some air bubbles to breathe, so I might try playing  that game again later this year :p

I'm guessing Raccoon is the Bat at the very top of the outside of the Grass house (and is from Gun Princess 1 & 2, and that Sunshine might be the Gun Princess protagonist from Gun Princess 1 and 2; did I make the right deduction?

Other than the above, Voice seems quit unreasonable/suicidal in her wanting to explore certain parts of the city without bringing along a bodyguard, notwithstanding the fact that something happens to each of her 'former' bodyguards each time they investigate the city alongside her. Teal has disappeared or died since the shopkeeper sells you the Cryo Sphere gun he was last seen using before the explosion at the Water Tower, and Cain is seemingly unaware that she was back in the Truck (after I rescued her) or wasn't bothered to ask if she had survived the explosion. Hopefully more will be revealed once I have collected lores #10, 22 and 29 D:

Anyhow, how are you able to check the level data of your game if the engine (version 8 if I'm not mistaken) you previously used is not supported anymore by GameMaker themselves and Windows 10? It is remarkable that you're able to refer to the game's level data despite the deprecation of the game itself :O

Also, after going through the notes left behind by the scientists of the Final Columbus research lab, I found that Final Columbus is alluding to an unknown creature/machine or army that is able to access gun data and add them to it's stockpile of weaponry, since they had to leave an upgrade to the mystical Fairy gun behind in one of their secret rooms, and locked up too behind a sophisticated mechanism (plus the Fairy gun was lost to them, and they had no way of finding it).

Strangely though, we could buy it from the shopkeeper at the Fungi Cave (that too after making our way to a large column of fire blocks at the right side of the Cave, and then doubling back to where we had last seen the shopkeeper, instead of him spawning back in the Fungi Shop after Sarah and Mario left that room); he probably picked up a copy from Smith, since Smith still had the gun with him after waking up at the ruins of the Water Tower.

The 2nd strange thing was that the shopkeeper was able to sell the Wave gun (mistakenly called the Vawe gun, or was it spelled this way intentionally due to the 'Engrish' mode?) to us after Mario's first fight with Smith, despite the fact that Smith still had said gun with him hen you fight him in Final Street.

Thirdly, it was rather odd to see Cain running around with a Chain Core in the underground Cave when we set off to rescue Jack and Sarah from the Skulleater, both when I only had a Handgun (in my first recent playthrough) and a Chain Core (in my current second playthrough), but if Teal can have the Cryo Sphere gun while at the Water Tower, then it's not far-fetched after all :p

Hi Yal, I have mapped out most of the game by now (until Final Street and the room where you fight Smith twice in his human form (& obtain lore #50), so I have returned to the Pipe Building to locate 1 lore (#10), only to find none left (though I did manage to find some fake floors and ceilings to obtain $1000 and a blue jar, the very same one I couldn't access before).

Aside from that lore, I need to find lore #22 (either in the Water Tower, which I doubt very much, or the Waste Canal, which is more likely) and #29 (either in the Canal Reef, again which I doubt that I had overlooked it, or in the Waste Canal).

I did, however, manage to get the Mist Charger (after a painful and tediously long journey through several large rooms in the Forgotten drain area), though I wouldn't have bothered if I had known what I would get at the end of it. There's a bug with the door that leads out of the room where you get the Mist Charger; if you exit the room to the room where you can see the endless columns of fire blocks and then reenter the Mist Charger room, you'll get stuck inside the door. Thankfully you had laid out save icons throughout each long room, as otherwise I would have stopped playing the game for a while :p

Since I had bought enough water bottles to have more than 1000 ammo for the Fairy Gun, the Mist Charger seemed rather pointless, ith the endless fire blocks being a long and tedious affair to overcome D:

Anyhow, I'll return to the game after some time and use the upgraded ATG gun to sniff out fake floors and walls while rummaging about for lore in the Pipe Building and Waste Canal :D

Oh, I see; when I started learning how to make games a few years ago, I learnt how to add comments to my game's code, and found it helped me to focus on the parts which were giving me issues. Comments are a godsend, so I understand when you're facing challenges with poking around your own code (I use Construct 2, which is similar to Godot and other 'visual blocks of code' game-making engines) D:

Ah, I remember that room; after a few days of your mentioning the Boiler room, my thoughts went to the exact room and of exploring it fully, since you mentioned that some lava floors hide a secret, though I never would have guessed that the secret would be hidden within a pipe :D . I obtained the Hellbreath upgrade at the end of that secret room (called Thermal Plumbing; so many monsters and lava floors! :o), and found it quite useful :D

Hmm, I might have missed seeing any lore in that Thermal Plumbing room (the one that ends with a 'rusted shut' door) nor near the door leading up to it, so that warrants another look. I doubt that the lore would be missing due to my playing on Casual mode, so it should be fine to backtrack a bit later on :p

Oh, if Swifthand was living there much before the accident that ended in disaster for the Ancestors, then it means that Raccoon (which I'm assuming is the bat, whom I had found much above the Handgun upgrade station), Sunshine (who is in a room surrounded by fotocells, which can only be accessed by not getting hurt by the electrical sparks located in the Subway), Baron McFungi (in a secret room in the Green house/vegetation building, and asked me to say hi to Raccon for him), Vanessa (in a secret room somewhere in Smoggy Skyway) and the other 2-3 characters (your patch notes say as much, but I don't know how many more to look for) have been in the city for a very long time :p

Oh, that's good to know; I just name the similar-sounding rooms (Waste Canal, Fungi Cave) according to the sequence of my entering them :D

Anyhow, it seemed that saving Voice from the Water Tower was important enough for George to continue selling me ammo (& a Super Jar) after everyone decides to go after Smith beyond the heart of the city, though Voice is now wandering the tunnel (or Subway; didn't think to screenshot Misty's dialogue about Voice's disappearing act), and I have a feeling that both Jack and Voice are pivotal to getting the good ending :o

Other than the above, I'm keeping track of the lore I had found, and noticed that the Rusty Gun, numbered at 43, was found inside the Green house, which somewhat throws off my theory that you had placed all the lore according to the numerical sequence and location (for example, the first 5-10 lore would be in the rooms in Outskirts street, followed by another 5-7 in Highway Street, and so on), so I'll have to comb around each place with more diligence.

I'll keep you updated on my search :D

Also, regarding that secret spot under the 3 destructible blocks in the Waste Canal 3, I thought I would find Raccoon in there instead of the signpost. Your patch notes did say he could be found under destructible blocks somewhere in the Canal :p

Hi Yal, after much thought, I had decided to start a new game while recording each room I'm visiting as well as what I've found in them (lore, money piles, jars, hidden secrets/secret walls etc) in a Word document (which I will send you a copy of when I'm done, for your future reference), and have found this exercise to be quite fulfilling, although a tad slow.

I found the Bat character at the very top of the 'Grasshouse (outside)' area, so that was neat :p

Anyhow, I managed to find another part of the Thermal Plant, thanks to a secret wall, and went through the door, but at the end of that large new room (with much lava in the floors) was a door which was rusted shut, so I'm back to square one. I did access a room above me in the plant despite the lava ceiling, but didn't find anything of note. Will go through the entire plant again, room by room, until I've found a way to the other jars (& possible the gun upgrade room you had mentioned before).

As I had found out before, there is nothing of interest in the Rattleskull Valley (thanks to an old save file that I had kept aside), so that will remain off-limits to me.

To my surprise, after heeding Albert's advice to check the Water Tower for any survivors, I managed to find Voice, and she was still alive! She's being nursed back to health by Albert while I head off to find the female scientists from the Waste Canal (after we parted ways at the Main Artery).

Another surprise was that after checking the 2nd Canal Building (which I thought was the one I visited before and ended up fighting the Epic Whirr), it turned out to be quite different from the first Canal Building. I assumed the green ceiling robots had moved in after I had fought the Epic Whirr, but I was wrong, due to the fact that I had found a new lore, quite distinct from my previous playthroughs. It was quite rewarding :D

Other than the above, I came across the signboard left behind by Artillery Swifthand in the Waste Canal (or as I termed it for less confusion in my Word file, Waste Canal 3) after using the girls to get rid of 3 destructible blocks in the ground. Although I have taken screenshots of each section of his message, I am concerned that I might not be able to meet him after the girls are completely rescued (since said blocks will reappear after leaving the room), but I will visit unlock the special door in the Barkley Goods Station once I've unlocked the 3 wing flaps (& noted down all the lore I had found).

Thank you for making this game, Yal; I appreciate your helping me out despite having released the game in 2011 and my first asking you about it in 2017 :D

Hi Yal, I completed the game 2 days ago with 46 lore (the last one being on the table with the small crystal), and will root through the earlier areas one of these days for the remaining 4.

Will keep checking the walls in the Thermal Plant and the Reactor building (assuming I remember where I last saw that signpost that said 'Reactor').

Ah, now I understand what you meant by going up the Water Tower once the explosion starts; I'll use one of my old saves to make my way up after triggering the explosion and see if I can save Voice :D

I see; I might root around the Thermal Plant and other buildings in the vicinity for a bit before moving on to the Smoggy Highway, though at the rate that I'm going, it would be much easier if you could explain what all the riddles meant as well as point me in the direction for uncovering the remaining lore (as well as where to find the upgrade for the Cryosphere gun).

My analysis of my previous save files and current file indicate that I had gained about 6 lore in between the Smoggy Highway and the final fight with Smith/heart amalgamation in a building (where he briefly regains his consciousness, shows his remorse, then warns you to get away before he explodes), bringing my total lore collection to 44 in 2017. The ending I previously obtained, which may or may not be the Neutral ending, had Mario and Sarah sitting at a campfire after getting everyone else to safety (Emily Withers, Jack Deadwater, Albert Coffee, Cain Brown/Buddy and the other female scientist).

Hmm, it is sad that Mario might not be able to rescue Voice after all, though that leaves certain parts unanswered, such as what was behind that door that she had previously unlocked before the Thermal Plant and Vegetation building, as well as what she and Teal were up to.

Yes, it only seemed like yesterday that I had last played the game (aside from the past week or so :p), and I was happy to receive a reply from you! :D

Ah, I see (I had forgotten that the Heart of the City had ruined the world, and thought the Ancestors had left for other planets :p); well, that's something new I've learnt today, and yes, "Heart of Ruin" does aptly describe the game's backstory :D

Well, I look forward to seeing the remake, and in the meantime, I'll try to find all the 50 lore, and play Arengius a bit too.

I have a question regarding Ashley (nicknamed 'Voice'): is it possible to rescue her at all, whether at the Water Tower after the explosion or after collecting all 50 lore? I ask as your update 'readme' file indicates that as possible.

Also, I had found Baron McFungi in the Vegetation building, whereby he said I should go look for Sunshine in the Canal. Aside from that, I was about to ask you about whether there is anything of interest in the Rattleskull Valley, only to uncover an old save file that showed me otherwise :p

I found another door in the Thermal Plant that should lead to a room with lots of those giant brown living mounds (there are some that spew fire while spinning and others that hold a large stack of barrels like a shield) and a blue jar, but I haven't found a way to the door. Is it a fake area like you had mentioned before?

Oh, hi Yal! Long time no see! :D

Ah, I see; I was hoping this secret room would yield a few more Lore, but I got the ATG Laser upgrade instead. Looks like some riddle-solving is needed fully complete the game :p

I very much look forward to a remake of this game in the future, should you ever decide to do it, since I want to rescue as many people from Columbus City as much as possible (& face off against the mysterious AI boss that the Columbus scientists were protecting their weapons from, as well as uncover what 'Final Columbus' really means) :D

Hi Yal, long time no see! :D

I've started the game up from the beginning a few days ago, and Mario is now at level 28 (yay to fighting all the tiny birds in the first room of the Thermal Power Plant, the Bubble Whirrs and Bubbles in the Water Tower and underground tunnel/cave!). I found a secret room in the underground tunnel after the shopkeeper, and will return to it once I have gotten the wings (I fought off two blue Setniles before finding my way forward blocked due to high blocks).

If anything, I'll be combing each room a few times as I play through the game, just in case I missed any lore or upgrades, especially before I face off with Smith near the end :D

Hi, I'll check the game out over the next few weeks; I went and spoiled myself with your YouTube videos shortly after my last playthrough, so it'll take me a while to get back into your game :)

Hi Monsterbat, I played through your game a few days ago, and can verify that the health and ammo counters are now visible (& I have unlocked all the achievements too) :D

Since there is only the Endless Mode and the Aethenareum (I probably spelt that wrong :p), will there be a way to to decipher what was meant by the opening prologue?