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Hi there, I had fun playing this game, despite having to figure out where and how far to jump to in the dark level, and relearning the fact that you only die when jumping out of the layout (& onto spikes and lava).

Your character's running sound effects kept playing even after I finished playing the game, and your collisions are a little wonky for the floors (the character is either sinking into them from above or below said objects); also, Greg PowerPuff Girl :p

Ah, I see. I'm assuming the game has only 1 playable level with 1 win condition, so keep it up :)

Noted; I'm currently busy with work, and I'm sure the game will do well :)

Ah, I see. I look forward to playing your full game when it's ready :)

I enjoyed playing this game, right up to the part where I keep dying to the witch :(

I noticed that if you're not careful, you'll end up missing one of the collectibles (the black/near black boot), due to the placement of breakable blocks that make it hard to get back up to a certain platform :(

Aside from the game freezing at times whenever you lose all your health, this was a nice game to play. I'll be keeping an eye on this one, and look forward to playing the full version when it's out :)

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That's good to know, and yes, thanks to your followers on the Discord channel, I was able to proceed to the next level by clicking around the right side border of the Okay/Continue button :)

Great to hear! It's about time we can upgrade the mercenaries to actually feel powerful :p

That would be the Air Strike, yes? It took me a while to figure out how to use it, even with it's inclusion in the tutorial :p

Take your time; this sort of thing happens more often than you think :p

I would love to help you guys out with testing your game, even though I'm still stuck at the 3rd site; man, those flying monsters are hard to beat when they next appear in the same level :o :(

Anyhow, I've posted up your reply on your Discord channel, and while you're at it, you might want to edit that Patreon link (it leads to DoublePunchGames :p) you had put up on this page, as it doesn't lead to the real deal, which is this one :) : https://www.patreon.com/DoblePunchGames

Hi Freedragon, I tried out your game again on Monday, and found that while the Restart button works, there is still no sound being played when you play the game, even when you fall into the giant box with the 2 big bright green and pink (or was it red?) circles on the ground.

Also, pressing the movement and left mouse buttons had a random effect on the player's movement, so I'm not sure what to do with that :(

Hi, I had bought the game yesterday, and wanted to know how I could send you my Discord info. If it can be done from here, then use this to link to me: Shashi#9228

Hmm, each time I try to move to the right, the player visibly starts over from his original starting point, while moving all the way to the left leads him to fall offscreen and having to start over from the start of the game. Please look through the game, fix it, and then reupload it for everyone else to play :)

Hmm, I could hide and interact with the first door, but was unable to go in as the door was locked, and the guard only walks up to the second door (which is a little far away) before changing his flashlight to red and then turning around to walk towards me (he hadn't detected me because I was well out of his range, but still...)

I'd suggest having another look at the game and fixing the problems in it before putting it up for everyone to play, or at least some explanatory text in the game's page could help :)

I wasn't quite sure what to do once I fell off the tall blue platform into the box with the 4 coloured circles, aside from holding down the left mouse button and  WASD in hopes of making something happen, desppite there being no indication that I'm successfully moving in a chosen direction :(

Do have a look at the game and try it out again to find out what the problem is, then put up an explanation in either the level itself or the game's main page. Cheerio!

Hi there, I took your game out for a spin, and was able to play until I reached the middle of the second level, whereupon I got hit by one (of several) ghosts following around and died :p

I see that there is some issue with the controls one you touch the corner of the solid walls, which requires a few seconds of staying still before we can start moving again, and the gun itself has a cooldown of a few seconds before you can use it again, thus making people needing to be more strategic when taking out the ghosts.

I didn't find any secrets thus far since I only managed to light about 5-8 torches before I got trapped and killed by the ghosts, but I enjoyed the game (could have had a little more music to make it interesting to play, but then again, there's no background music in my jam submission either :p)

I was wandering around collecting tiny squares (only managed 7 out of 10 so far) when I came across a puzzle involving a grid of zeroes, two 1s, and a 2, but couldn't figure out how to solve it. Other than that, I managed to get to an area where the music changed to a dark tone, but since there was not path in it, I only wandered about in 2 screens before fearing the game might crash, so I went back to the previous area.

Perhaps you could put up the controls of the game and what is the main objective of the game so that everyone can play and enjoy the game?

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I was wandering around collecting tiny squares (only found 7 out of 10 so far) when I came across a puzzle involving a grid of zeroes, two 1s, and a 2, but couldn't figure out how to solve it. Other than that, I managed to get to an area where the music changed to a dark tone, but since there was not path in it, I only wandered about in 2 screens before fearing the game might crash, so I went back to the previous area.

Perhaps you could put up the controls of the game and what is the main objective of the game so that everyone can play and enjoy the game?

Happy to help :)

Do keep me posted on your progress, and if you need more playtesting, do let me know :)

I enjoyed playing this game, what with learning how to use the radar effectively (took me a while to realise it was pointing in certain directions for a reason :p), navigating past the moving obstacles, and being able to resume a dig site despite having to abruptly leave it due to incoming missiles (people, beach balls, weird self-moving coral things, blue foxes that come out of nowhere), all while improving the final score received with each play :)

I look forward to playing the games you make in the future :)

Also, this is my highest score at the moment :D

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I had fun playing this game for a while, at least until I found that certain things seemed a bit odd, such as:
- the 'Next Level; button doesn't seem to work despite clicking on it using my mouse several times;
- I can't access the 'Student Wizard' level; and
- from Graduate Wizard up until Supreme Wizard, the 'Too High' and 'Too Low' texts seem to be buggy, as no matter how high or low I go, I can't get the correct number at all, even when I key in 0 and the the 'Too High' text still shows up (unless you're supposed to click the 'Guess' button using the mouse instead of the Enter key) :(

It seems to be useful for kids to pass the time while teaching them logic, so please keep working on it :)

Note: I was playing this game using the FireFox browser in the Incognito mode, so that might have interfered with the game's settings/coding :o

This was a fun game to play, with the ambient music and clever use of the colour-switching mechanic (which kept you alive as long as you paid attention to your surroundings, which I kept failing at :p), and like the player below, I thought there would be more levels to play :(

Anyhow, thank you for making this game, and I look forward to playing the games you make in the future :)

I loved playing this game, even more so when the main character's a vegan badass!

I was only able to find 1 secret in the first zone, 2 or 3 secrets in the second zone, and just 2 secrets in the final zone. They are quite the revelations of her life :o

My only problem was adjusting to the patterns of the first 2 bosses, while the 3rd boss appeared to be changing her patterns, at least until my second playthrough :p

Great work on this submission to the game jam, and I look forward to playing more of your games in the future :)

Hi there, the original intention was for the camera to zoom out so that you could see most of the game level in one screen, but since I didn't know how to do so at the time and I was rushing to get the game done before the deadline, that didn't happen. Once I have learnt how to do so, then I'll implement it in the game's coding :)

You can only shoot water bullets in 4 directions, so diagonal shooting is out of the question :p; initially I had limited the tank's movement to 4 directions, but because I tend to press 2 directions buttons when running around a room, it felt very slow and unsatisfying, so I changed it to 8 directions.

I suspect the reason why you had a tough time handling the fire sprites was that in addition to the play area being very small, you hadn't attempted to run and gun at the same time, which is understandable because the way I played it would be very different than the players. I had not looked into this aspect of gameplay as I was in a rush and was a little spent by the time I was done, but I'll be changing it a little to accomodate new players.

I'm happy you found it fun to shoot water at fire sprites, so thank you :)

Hmm, you have a point regarding the game level, though if you run away long enough, they'll stop following you :)

Yes, that was the same point made by numerous people playing Spiderbite, and even though he gave another set of controls for the spider's weapon, I didn't do that for this game, for some reason. This is what happens when the developer is good at playing his own game, and forgets to factor in new players.

I had spent most of last night and today early morning working on this game and submitting it, so do forgive me for the oversight in the controls. I'm sure Monsterbat would be most amused by my error :p

I will be fixing the controls later today, and I might put up a Windows downloadable version at about the same time. Thank you for pointing out all those details; it helps a lot :)

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Yes, I've been having the same issue with putting up web browser-playable games  for some reason, and even little changes such as a reduced amount of time for the Main Menu to transition to the game itself only makes a small dent in the loading times :/

Ah, that would be because you haven't found all the secrets yet (although the text doesn't come out whenever you've found each of them); the answer lies within your surroundings, and experimenting :)

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You're welcome, friend; I felt compelled to collect all the coins, even though I struggled though the alternate playthrough at first :p :)

Hi GuerraGames, here's my screenshot of the second ending :)

Thank you for the warm compliments, Shandy; the only things I've modified post-submission was the text changes, slight editing of the main character's animations, as well as movements for the creatures you encounter at the towers :)

Yes, that would be most helpful for future games, though I'm probably going to leave it out for the current game jam that I'm taking part in, which ends this weekend :p

Yes, embellishing the graphics would go a long way in making my games more rewarding to play, though that is another thing to add in if I have the time during the current jam I'm in :)

Thank you very much for your appraisal; I look forward to playing your games in the future as well :)

You're welcome, friend :)

Oh, you did? Thank you for taking the time to play my game :)

Hi ashz, this was a lovely game to play despite my having to restart at least once in order to successfully defuse the bomb :)

The maze had enough walls and twists and turns to make it a challenge to bring back all 3 gems (in a particular order; you can't grab the other gems beforehand in order to save the easiest-to-find gem for last, which adds to the difficulty :)), one by one, back to the time bomb, and the background music fit the situation of impending doom, so great job with making this game! :D

I look forward to the games you'll be making in the future :)

Sure, I would be happy to help :)

Ah, I see; your exposition in the game's Itch.io page said as much, but I was wondering what was the significance of that stone

I think I managed to do that, but fell off afterwards because I panicked on seeing the flying goat (thankfully the goat doesn't fire at you right after you've been spotted) :o

No problem, these things sometimes just happen :D

Alright, glad to have helped you guys out :)

Hi there, this game was fun to play, until I started shooting at some of the wormholes, only for more to appear in the same spot over and over, thus leading to high scores that would then freeze the game.

Also, I couldn't tell what was affecting my character's health bar, as it came down to either getting hit by the entities being spawned by the wormholes, or by more wormholes being created and/or said entities are attacking the landscape. It was a little confusing, but it didn't take me away from the gameplay itself :p

Hi there, it took me a while to get used to moving around slowly, and fighting the boss was unique as he shot out bullets we could destroy and thus had to shoot around them in order to damage him, alongside the the energy balls that turn into laser columns and his powerful laser beam, so great job on that :)

However, I could not access the Credits screen as clicking it would take me directly to the boss fight, unless that was the intention behind it.

It was a good game overall, and while the controls are only explained outside the game window, I look forward to playing more of your games in the future :)

Hi there, I enjoyed playing your demo very much, even though the most that I can play is Episode 1 of the Sinkhole site :)

For some reason, I'm not able to click the continue button after successfully completing the 1st episode for the Sinkhole site, and end up having to close the game completely in order to play again :( (the good thing about the demo is that it still retains the memory of the total amount of money you have, after adding in the spoils from the first episode for the Sinkhole site, thus allowing you to purchase upgrades for your mech and items from the tech tree)

Also, in relation to the above point, it seems that upgrades purchased for the mercenaries don't seem to remain after I close the game completely, and the prices for upgrading the mech do not decrease after each purchase; rather, the prices stay the same :/

The Space bar does not bring up the Defense Menu in this update, and despite buying the tanks, they don't show up the defense menu during the first fight (first episode of Sinkhole site) :(

I found this demo to be fun overall, and look forward to helping you test out your future patches :)

I really enjoyed playing your Run-Gun-Bot game, and though I only played the Slime Bro game for a short while, I found it interesting to play, especially since there are so few games where you play as the slime, and this one is unique due to the bubble-trapping/shield mechanic :)

Hi there, this was such a lovely game to play, despite the coin being hard to get to just before the final area, even with the Pink gun upgrade :p

The soundtrack for this game is quite a tune, and while the backtracking required to track down each coin was time-consuming, what with the bosses coming back to life after beating the final boss, it was quite rewarding to finally collect all the coins.

The ending was quite unexpected, and I'm glad for once that a blob is your bro, instead of being a staple enemy :)

I'm sure I'll enjoy playing your Slime Bubble Bro game, once I get to it :)

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You're welcome :) . If you wish to keep the hitboxes of the bouncy dogs small, perhaps you could increase the force of the boosted jumps, so that the player can aim to land right on the centre of the bouncy dogs? Just a suggestion :p

I noticed that even though you see the sweet old lady who looks after the protagonist when he was a baby, you don't see her grave anywhere, unless that was the block with a purple stone on it at the beginning; perhaps some explanatory text to go with the grave would make the experience a little more melancholic?

When I played through the first set of levels (the one before Pink Prairie), I noticed that there were several statues to collect, but I had only noticed 2 of them. Is the third one easier to find after you come back with new abilities in tow, or can it be collected in the players' first try?

Other than that, was it intentional to make the the player automatically make small jumps forward when they're idleing on the bouncy dogs? I panicked at the one time I managed to get to the third dog when I saw the flying shooting goat, and then fell to my doom, and after that, my precision kept slipping due to not paying attention to those automatic mini jumps :o

By the way, I was drawn to your game because of the art work, the fact that it's a platformer, and the inclusion of a adorable playable skeleton :)

I look forward to playing the full version of this game, and if you need help testing your game out prior to full release, do let me know :)

Hmm, this game is playable on Chrome, but despite the assurance that defeating all the enemies is not needed to finish each level, I found that not to be the case, especially in levels 2 & 3 (I gave up after I died at level 3, having taken a number of tries to even get past level 2 to begin with :p); oftentimes I would find 2 black holes near an enemy, only AFTER I have defeated said enemy (:

The black hole mechanic was interesting, although the reflected light of your bullets bouncing against the wall helps as well :)

Perhaps this is not a game for those with twitchy fingers or those predisposed to making mistakes long and plenty, but the idea behind the game is quite neat in of itself, so good job :)

Hmm, it seems downloading this game via Itch,io and GitHub doesn't seem to make any difference; I'll try again with a different browser :)

The game seems to be unplayable in the browser (Firefox), so I've elected to download the game and play it :)

Hi there, I was playing your game for a bit yesterday morning, but found that in the second area (Pink Prairie), the flying dogs aka trampolines have a small surface to land on, which makes it hard to tell when exactly to jump in order to get a boost :(

Perhaps this happened due to my using the keyboard instead of a controller; I'll have another go at your demo before I can confirm my findings :)

Alright, I'll have a go at your games within the next week or so :)