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Ah, so I wasn't the only one who thought the fight was a little one-sided :p

I made a last go at it the other day, and noticed that the health orbs weren't dropping as much as when fighting Slither, so that's something else you might want to consider as well :)

Hi Apapappa, it's been a while :)

I was playing through your game, and got the Super Missile upgrade early, only to find that fighting the Glob was almost impossible, though I did whittle it's health to about 51% once.

Anyhow, I started another playthrough, beat Slither, got the Charge Module, collected the Super Missiles and doubled back to face Glob, but gave up after a few times as it's almost impossible to fight, even with the quadruple damage from the Charge Module (the part where it keeps absorbing my health to recharge itself is not cool, but I understand it makes the fight more satisfying).

I might try again one more time before I go to bed, but eh :p

Hi NetoX, I was really happy to hear that this game had finally released on Steam! While I am not able to buy it at the moment, I will give the full game a spin later this year :)

Hi Jupiter Hadley, I can see why you couldn't finish the game, as I had (wrongly) assumed that every player would read the text on the game's page before playing said game; I'll be rectifying this either over the next few months or a year, and I thank you for pointing out how I can improve on the game further :)

Hi there SBCafe, thank you for your kind words, and thank you too for the follow! :)

Alright, I signed up for your newsletter soon after reading your reply, so cheers, and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration! :)

Hi there Eniko, I enjoyed playing your demo a while back, and was wondering whether it would still be possible for me to help with testing the alpha versions of this game, despite being too late to donate to your KickStarter campaign? Do let me know how and where I can begin, if permitted :)

Which streamer was this, may I ask? I was of the observation that they didn't stream my game, or at least didn't stream it for long.

It works fine in the Chrome browser as well, so now I'm not sure how exactly you encountered this problem

Hi, I just played it again in the Firefox browser, and it works. Which browser were you using when you couldn't see the text?

Hmm, it worked fine for me when I updated the game and tried it out soon after :/

You're welcome, Akusan :)

Oh, well, I thought you were talking about the main character itself, not the guards :p

The guards are just doing their job, though the more colourful guard has something that the main character was looking for, and he was quite rude ;)

Hmm, perhaps that might be worked into the game at a later point, but we'll see how it goes

Do tell me in which parts the text box had disappeared from view, as most of my recent fixes were focussed on that D:

Hi there, I played this game yesterday, and while that one person said not to kill people, there was no other way to get to the end without doing so. Really makes you think about all those enemies you fight in other games that can't talk to beg for mercy, while here they can speak with you until you're armed and dangerous :(

Anyhow, good job in adhering to the theme while using simple graphics :)

Hi there, while playing this game, I noticed that the only indication of progressing through the levels was that my character's position kept resetting to the side, and while you can move the character to the right, ostensibly to also target people running over to the right, I found that just standing on the left and shooting at them was enough to beat each level.

I was wondering whether there would be more of a challenge, but didn't see much. Nevertheless, you made a good effort in completing this game before the end of the Mini Jam, so keep up the good work! :)

I enjoyed playing this game very much, though I didn't know you had to recharge your energy in order to continue smashing the knights, despite having read the instructions on this game's page :p

I thought there would be a Game Over screen, but was surprised when I found that any effort expended gives you a Victory message :D

Oh goody, thank you for including the game in your video! :o

I'll have a look later in the day, and thank you once again for your generous gesture :)

Thank you for the kinds words, Zach. I look forward to trying out your Mini Jam 13 game :)

Good to see that you enjoyed it's inclusion :)

Thank you for the warm words, PankajSati :)

Hi there, I enjoyed playing this game, once the game had fully loaded :p

Anyhow, the punching seems to be a little slow, and has a small reach. As Akusan said below, a clear sign that the enemies are going to throw daggers, as well as wearing attire that marks them as using throwing daggers, would help immensely in terms of knowing when to dodge their attacks.

Thank you for putting in the time to make this game.

I enjoyed playing it, once I equipped the gun ;)

Thank you Akusan :)

I had planned to make it longer, but due to the amount of time I had left, and my being aware that it would take longer to make the game as long and interesting as I would have liked, I decided to trim it down from a Metroid-like to an action-platformer.

Anyhow, I might either expand on this game for the upcoming Metroidvania Month game jam, or use a different character altogether :D

Hi Gypopothomas, I had managed to complete the game, despite dying numerous times within the mansion. Also, upon further inspection, the down + jump mechanic only works if you press and hold down Jump (throughout the action), and then press Down D:

Alright, I'll try it out over the weekend! :)

Thank you for that quick reply, and yes, escape button for the win! :D

I was playing your game using a keyboard, and it wasn't possible to drop down a platform while facing off against the 2nd sickle throwing man, as pressing down and jump at the same time did not do anything :(

I'm more comfortable with jumping with Z and shooting with X, but never mind :p

After I had beaten the wizard for the first time, I got that screen, but no matter what button I pressed (I was playing your game on FireFox, by the way), I couldn't move past that screen at all :(

(1 edit)

I too have had some trouble dealing with the giant square guys with shadow cannons on their foreheads, as they seem to be immune to light and shadow areas :(

Also, I'm not sure how frequent the hearts drop, nor what causes them to drop (quickly killing them off in the boundary between the shadows and light areas?), so I just focus on keeping my character alive :(

Hi there, I tried out your game (PC download and web-playable versions) for a spin, even though I died numerous times :)

The character can't seem to jump downwards despite pressing down and jump, such as when I am facing off against the 2nd sickle-throwing guy. Also, you haven't added in an Escape button for when we want to stop playing the PC version, so you might want to look into that :o

Ah, good to see you've made significant changes, most notably in the performance of the game via the Unity update as well as the art style. Looking forward to this game's full release! :)

Hi there, I was initially unable to play the game, but that seems to have been rectified :D

Anyhow, it took me a while to get the equipment, with the cape and gloves being nail-bitingly hard, but with the second section of getting to the wizard even more tense D:

I managed to beat the wizard even though I couldn't tell whether I was actually hurting him, only to come across this image shortly after that, and being unable to progress past it :( :

Hi there, I enjoyed playing your game a few days ago, despite taking some time to get used to the 'lamp', 'potion' and 'briefly showing the level blocks before they turn invisible' mechanics.

I must confess, though, that I cheated on the last level by taking a screenshot of it before playing it for the 4th of 5th time, as I was just too impatient to memorise the layout completely before going in.

It seems your game supports the act of taking screenshots, as Agatha's health meter does not start decreasing until AFTER you start moving her around, which is quite helpful :p

Hi there, this was a fun game to play up till Stage 6, as the bubbles are rather sensitive to twitchy fingers, which is both good and bad as it gives instant feedback, but reacts a little too fast at most times, such as when hitting a solid obstacle, and when spawning the next bubble right after destroying the previous bubble.

I get that the game was forcing me to relax when a bubble bursts, but restricting the movement of the new bubbles for a short period after they spawn would be of great help, and would further emphasise the idea that this is meant to be a relaxing game, not a race against time :p

Hi there, it took me a few times of dying on each level to win, but it was satisfying to beat the final boss; kudos for a unique, well-made game :D

Ah, I see. I checked the resolutions available for my laptop, and found that the one you prescribed is in the list :D

The resolution in my laptop was at 1920 by 1080, hence the game appeared to be a bit too long :p

Hmm, when I downloaded the 1.4.2 version and opened it, I found that the screen was too high for my screen. I had already checked the Windowed mode, but it's still too tall for my screen :(

Hmm, I'll have to dig around in my external hard drive for the game, if I still have it; I might even resume playing the game from where I last stopped, or if not, I would be more than happy to start over :p

Oh, I see :o

When the boss is at full health in the first phase, it's at 30, then he shifts to the second phase when his health is at 10 and below.

That's a good workaround I suppose, since the Space bar can be a little sensitive at times :p

Alright, happy to have helped out :D