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Thank you for the warm words, PankajSati :)

I could tell that the gold was for buying troops, but was confused at first when I couldn't buy multiple units, until I started paying attention to the rewards :p

Also, it wasn't quite clear as to how one could use the Succubus to heal the Boss, until I saw that having the Succubus deliver the final blow leads to the Boss recovering Health, though I'm not sure whether the Succubus has to be next to the Boss in order to heal him after delivering the final blow or not.

Other than that, sometimes a golden rhombus soldier joins the fray, which I thought was a Diamond King, but there is no indication in the 'Type Enemies approaching' message to warn me of it's impending arrival in the final wave :p

Hi there, the irony I found while playing this game was that my first playthrough lasted the longest, and I was randomly choosing which unit to use strategically, at least until I figured out how the currency, unit purchase system and upgrades worked :p

My subsequent playthrough then started becoming shorter and shorter, though I have noticed that 2 of the rewards you can choose from at any time after completing an area would be the same, so there isn't much choice to choose from at said time :p

Hi there, I enjoyed playing this game, once the game had fully loaded :p

Anyhow, the punching seems to be a little slow, and has a small reach. As Akusan said below, a clear sign that the enemies are going to throw daggers, as well as wearing attire that marks them as using throwing daggers, would help immensely in terms of knowing when to dodge their attacks.

Thank you for putting in the time to make this game.

I enjoyed playing it, once I equipped the gun ;)

Thank you Akusan :)

I had planned to make it longer, but due to the amount of time I had left, and my being aware that it would take longer to make the game as long and interesting as I would have liked, I decided to trim it down from a Metroid-like to an action-platformer.

Anyhow, I might either expand on this game for the upcoming Metroidvania Month game jam, or use a different character altogether :D

Hi Gypopothomas, I had managed to complete the game, despite dying numerous times within the mansion. Also, upon further inspection, the down + jump mechanic only works if you press and hold down Jump (throughout the action), and then press Down D:

Alright, I'll try it out over the weekend! :)

Thank you for that quick reply, and yes, escape button for the win! :D

I was playing your game using a keyboard, and it wasn't possible to drop down a platform while facing off against the 2nd sickle throwing man, as pressing down and jump at the same time did not do anything :(

I'm more comfortable with jumping with Z and shooting with X, but never mind :p

After I had beaten the wizard for the first time, I got that screen, but no matter what button I pressed (I was playing your game on FireFox, by the way), I couldn't move past that screen at all :(

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I too have had some trouble dealing with the giant square guys with shadow cannons on their foreheads, as they seem to be immune to light and shadow areas :(

Also, I'm not sure how frequent the hearts drop, nor what causes them to drop (quickly killing them off in the boundary between the shadows and light areas?), so I just focus on keeping my character alive :(

Hi there, I tried out your game (PC download and web-playable versions) for a spin, even though I died numerous times :)

The character can't seem to jump downwards despite pressing down and jump, such as when I am facing off against the 2nd sickle-throwing guy. Also, you haven't added in an Escape button for when we want to stop playing the PC version, so you might want to look into that :o

Ah, good to see you've made significant changes, most notably in the performance of the game via the Unity update as well as the art style. Looking forward to this game's full release! :)

Hi there, I was initially unable to play the game, but that seems to have been rectified :D

Anyhow, it took me a while to get the equipment, with the cape and gloves being nail-bitingly hard, but with the second section of getting to the wizard even more tense D:

I managed to beat the wizard even though I couldn't tell whether I was actually hurting him, only to come across this image shortly after that, and being unable to progress past it :( :

Hi there, I enjoyed playing your game a few days ago, despite taking some time to get used to the 'lamp', 'potion' and 'briefly showing the level blocks before they turn invisible' mechanics.

I must confess, though, that I cheated on the last level by taking a screenshot of it before playing it for the 4th of 5th time, as I was just too impatient to memorise the layout completely before going in.

It seems your game supports the act of taking screenshots, as Agatha's health meter does not start decreasing until AFTER you start moving her around, which is quite helpful :p

Hi there, this was a fun game to play up till Stage 6, as the bubbles are rather sensitive to twitchy fingers, which is both good and bad as it gives instant feedback, but reacts a little too fast at most times, such as when hitting a solid obstacle, and when spawning the next bubble right after destroying the previous bubble.

I get that the game was forcing me to relax when a bubble bursts, but restricting the movement of the new bubbles for a short period after they spawn would be of great help, and would further emphasise the idea that this is meant to be a relaxing game, not a race against time :p

Hi there, it took me a few times of dying on each level to win, but it was satisfying to beat the final boss; kudos for a unique, well-made game :D

Ah, I see. I checked the resolutions available for my laptop, and found that the one you prescribed is in the list :D

The resolution in my laptop was at 1920 by 1080, hence the game appeared to be a bit too long :p

Hmm, when I downloaded the 1.4.2 version and opened it, I found that the screen was too high for my screen. I had already checked the Windowed mode, but it's still too tall for my screen :(

Hmm, I'll have to dig around in my external hard drive for the game, if I still have it; I might even resume playing the game from where I last stopped, or if not, I would be more than happy to start over :p

Oh, I see :o

When the boss is at full health in the first phase, it's at 30, then he shifts to the second phase when his health is at 10 and below.

That's a good workaround I suppose, since the Space bar can be a little sensitive at times :p

Alright, happy to have helped out :D

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Ah, I had just now realised that the main character is an eyeball XD

Your game is very sensitive to sudden movements of the mouse, making me have to readjust my position ever so often; sometimes, when I stop moving, the character suddenly aims at a slightly different angle, making me miss my shots :p

Anyhow, I noticed that in your patch notes that there is a 4th entity, but I've only encountered 3 forms of the boss (normal-sized black entity, room full of dust balls, and an enraged gigantic black entity with bleeding eyes).

I find that while I can see the dust balls, sometimes I end up touching the 3rd form quite a bit as it's silhoutte is not visible, or that it's hitbox is quite big.

Other than that, pressing space bar to continue the text at the end tends to make the webpage scroll down, which would be the same problem your Spiderbite game previously had. Also, I've had to minimise my browser's zoom just so that I could comfortably play this game without having any blindspots, and your background is still a little dark (though I can see why you went with it, since the main character is an eyeball :) )

P.S.: Did you change the game just now? Previously after beating the first phase, I would have a score of 80, but now I start with 0 :o

I'm using the Firefox browser by the way

Aha :D

Anyhow, I haven't played the game for some time, so I think I got stuck at the giant wizard boss that shoots projectiles at you while jumping in and out of a lava-filled hole in the ground

Wait a minute, you're the creator of Ivan Fukkoff and Sunkin's Wrath!? I enjoyed playing those games, thought I could never quite finish the Sunkin game, probably because it got too hard at a particular boss, though I'm not sure which one :p

Hi there, thank you for posting up a fun game to play. No story = no fancy ending ;)

Anyhow, there was quite a bit of backtracking involved, but it was never boring because each floor had a few items to pick up, and thankfully the shopkeeper sells the same things on each floor.

The fact that there are infinite lives for the player made this game more relaxed towards mistakes, which helped as I kept dying to the bullet-shooting monsters :p

Thank you for making this game, and I look forward to what you'll release in the future :)

You've gotten my vote, and is that the secret you spoke of before? ;)

Hmm, it took me a while to figure out that you use the mouse to move and Z to shoot and that the angle in which you suddenly move our mouse would determine the angle that your character is aiming at.

Having said that, this 'quick' boss fight seems to have more than 3 stages, and the black masses being produced in stages 2 and 3 being near invisible due to the background image.

Restarting the game after losing all my health takes me back to Stage 1, but for some reason there is an invisible sprite in the middle of the room that harms me when I touch it, and after some time, the red bullets from Stage 3 start being generated and follow me wherever I go.

You might want to look into debugging and fixing the game first, lest people think the game is meant to be unplayable, friend :p

This game looks lovely, though it will be a while before I can buy it. I wish you all the best with this endeavour :)

Hi there, I had a go at your demo yesterday, and while it took me a while to get used to the controls, levels and bosses, it was quite fun to play (aside from the hero's short jump, but that's mitigated by his double jump ability from the start) :)

You're welcome :) ; I decided to get back to playing it since it had been a while since I last played it, and I wanted to complete it once and for all :D

Yes, that 'shooting enemies off screen' thing made it possible to get through the game, especially from levels 11 to 15 :p

It's good to know that you've learnt from that experience, and if you are going to continue making games in the future, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the release of your new games :)

Thank you for agreeing to do so; I do hope you have a good time while playing them :)

Oh? I look forward to seeing this bigger world in Don Megahertz 2 :D

Hi Amado, I played your game on the PC. I look forward to playing Don Megahertz 2 when it's released :)

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Hmm, you were right the first time around; the 'Try Again?' button didn't respond when I clicked on it, but did so when I pressed the Enter or Space bar buttons, and all because I didn't check my code properly. Anyhow, I'll be putting up the updated version very soon :)

Hi, there is some lag when it's transitioning from the Game Over screen back into the game itself, so I'll put up an updated version of the game for you to try out once more :)

Hmm, it should have worked when you either pressed the Enter or Space bar button, or clicked on the 'Try Again?' button.

It is also possible that there is a lag affecting the game, which lengthens the response time from 2 seconds to slightly more than that. I'll test it out to see what could be the issue :)

I enjoyed playing this game despite getting lost quite a bit; thank goodness for those save flags, and the minimap with the blue dots, even though it was slightly misleading (for me at least) in terms of what those dots actually represented :p

(1 edit)

You're welcome, and I can understand making grammatical errors while developing a game, with or without a translator (I was surprised that you were making this in another language, since I assumed you had intended to make it in English), since you're likely working on this game in your spare time, and may often rush it out to reach a deadline.

By the way, sometimes when I use the whip, it stays in it's position without moving back towards the character, most notably when you're attacking the giant plague-ridden humanoids (mostly black with green eye spots), and the main character's jumps seem a little stiff.

It's great to know that you're improving on the game, and I look forward to playing the full version when it's released :)

Hi there, I enjoyed playing this game very much, aside from dying a few times to the first few laser-spewing demons :)

You zombies are able to go down slopes but not go up them, which was a relief when dealing with a giant plague humanoid next to a hole with spikes :p

I like that the music fits the tone of the game, the back of the whip damages enemies too, such as the mini eyeballs in the boss fight (though I was confused as to whether the Plague Doctor himself fused with the multi-eyed creature or not), as well as the whip acting as a bullet destroyer.

By the way, there were quite a few grammatical errors in the cutscene involving the player's mother, and there are currently no health pickups, though the fact that you restart the area you died in with full health is a plus point in itself.

All in all, I look forward to playing the full game once it's released :)

Hi there, I had first started playing this game about a month or so ago, and finally sat down to complete it in one sitting.

The game was enjoyable to play, had some wonderful rock music to accentuate the underground mine and castle backgrounds, the instructions for using each new magical attack work in sync with the changes to the controls, and kudos to using a female character as the protagonist :)

Aside from the remappable buttons not working for the J button (if you switch the attack button to something other than J and then want to change it back to J, you can't), there's a little typo when the purple lady decides to make a strategic withdrawal/retreat.

Even though I couldn't locate all the remaining treasure boxes, it was still helpful to have them displayed i the map for later backtracking.

All in all, I look forward to playing the full game when it's released :)

Although this game doesn't have any music nor sound effects, it was quite nice to play, and if reaching the GZ! screen is the aim of the game, then that means I reached it early on, before collecting the Boots, Shield, and remaining hearts :)