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Ahh, I see. I am usually very careful when I upload my files, mostly because it takes a while for Construct 2 to prepare them for me, and much longer for Itch.io to upload my files, especially if the Internet connection suddenly stops :p

You're most likely going to find that both versions would play the same way, although you would have to close the game and restart it if you reach the 'Game Over' screen in the PC version, as otherwise the Stamina bar would remain invisible not matter what you do :/

Anyhow, I'll be uploading another version of the game within the next few weeks (or days, depending on how free I am) which would cover most of the glitches you found, while the tomes would most likely have an explanation to go along with them (as well as the signboards), since they're not supposed to grant any powers to CM (I did consider adding abilities before, but when I tried to implement a regular ability that unlocks after colliding with a powerup, it didn't work out :( ).

Hi Clay-Taeto, I played your game until the end, and found that while the skeletons fought back hard, I could easily dispatch them when I had something solid to hide behind.

The first boss added a level o difficulty by not registering any hits from the side, while the second boss stopped running around after a while, so I started shooting at it from a distance, then closed in and continued hammering him with the 3 bullet spreadshot from up close :)

Kudos to making the player explore all the rooms to find all the heart powerups and spreadshot abilities :)

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Hi Tom, I got hooked when I saw the words 'pacifist zelda like', and II found your game to be interesting in the liberal use of puzzles, although the double jump mechanic seems to get me out of most scrapes easily :p

Hi Densh, I had a go at your game a few days ago, and enjoyed playing it very much; it certainly is a Metroid-like game :)

While I have only gotten one ending so far, I'll be trying out the other choice in the next few days :)

Hi Jessica, thank you for taking the time to play my game :)

That was a lot of critique for one game, especially since you've found both versions of the game to be completely different (which wasn't my intention) :o

I'll have to look at both versions again to see what went wrong, as both versions should have the 'Game Over' scene, faster player movement, and less knockback from the boulders.

Hmm, you made an astute observation regarding the Jump sound, and yes, I'll be making the Player Mask/hitbox smaller, as currently CM can 'float' off the ground despite it's foot being in the air, so to speak.

I'll have a look at the depth for the signboards and creatures again, just to be sure which parts are dodgy :o

Where did you find the "?" mark? I seemed to have sailed right past it after countless time testing the game :o

I thought I had removed that exploit in the giant spider section, but I guess not DX

The tomes are meant to symbolise the qualities the alien needs in order to handle the challenges of travelling around the planet Earth, and are thus at the end of each obstacle area (Tome of Humility after getting through the boulders etc).

Hmm, that bit about not being able to get through the last door despite collecting all the tomes (in a different order, no less) shouldn't be happening, especially since the door is not affected by your not healing the giant wasp; you're the second person to have discovered that error, so now I'll have to add that to my list of things to test and fix :x

The alien's stamina regenerates over time as opposed to killing creatures to get health from them as the game was supposed to emphasise non-violence, not the usual 'attack everything in sight' philosophy of Metroid and Mario-like games. The 'attack' reducing your stamina over time was put in to make the giant creature sections a little more challenging, and will only work on the giant creatures as they need healing as compared to the smaller ones just going about their usual routines (the spiky ones fire their spikes when you get too close).

In order to heal the giant creatures, the alien has to put out it's arm to touch them, and gives away part of it's stamina in order to facilitate the healing. Methinks the signboard I put up for both giant creatures was too small D: 

Yes, the game is not very challenging at the moment due to the time constraints I had while working on this game; I had intended the game level to be slightly longer and larger in the vein of Metroid-like games, which is why the puzzles and creature placements aren't as challenging as they could be. The arrangement of the puzzles and the creature placements will vary quite a bit from the last version you've played, since I'm still working on the game, so no worries :p

Once again, thank you for taking the time to play my game and spot all these bugs all over the place; Nintendo is very lucky to have you on their roster :)

You're welcome, Jessica. Wishing you and your family a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :) :D

I myself am learning how to use Unity, and keep comparing it to Construct 2 in order to better understand how it works :)

By the way Jessica, I wanted to confirm whether you're still making the game in Unity, or that you have gone back to using Game Maker Studio.

If you're still editing the first post from time to time, you might want to put in the bit about switching back to GMS.

Also,  wow, congratulations on becoming a Nintendo indie developer! That was some stroke of luck :o

Your Super Pixel Plains looks awesome as well! Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future :)

Wow, this asset pack looks amazing! Kudos for the fantastic job! :)

Hi Jessica, here's my game. I hope you enjoy playing it :) : https://hobcramwork.itch.io/colourmapster-the-tomes-of-life

Awesome! I see you've been making great progress :)

Great! I'll post the link up very soon :)

Indeed, doodling (& writing) on paper does wonders for me. Good to know that it's helping you out too, Yal :)

It's okay Jessica, no worries; I myself take a looong time to respond as well XD

By the way, I too am working on a game. If you'd like, I can send you a link to it's progress thread :)

Wait, what!? That's awesome man!! I had been away from Itch.io for a long time, so this was welcome news to me :D

Aha, I'll be looking forward to this game once it's featured on Steam :)

Hi Jessica, thank you for the follow! :)

Ah, so THIS is what you've been working on :) . Hope you've had fun putting it all together :D

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After a few attempts to access the first area with the relay dish, I backtracked and looked around to see if I had missed anything. Once I obtained the Rokvoxx core and tried to use it to change the music, the game stopped running and exited immediately.

Other than that, I enjoyed playing this demo. I look forward to news on the full release :)

Bug report: Once I found Canal Jungilara, I started looking around for more Lore, only to come to a dead end (thunder blocks). When I tried to exit, the door took me to a different location which I couldn't get out of.

That Desert Hornet upgrade is really something else; I thought it was bugged, or something, till I figured out what that statement meant XD

The only upgrades I haven't found yet are those for the ATG Laser and the CryoSphere. Can I ask you about these two places in further detail through e-mail, along with the general whereabouts of the remaining Lore? I have only found 44 so far (not including the last one after facing off with Smith a second and third time) ?

Your new sprite of Rob.it is quite muscular. I'm sure it took quite a while to get him to that stage. It certainly took me a while to make a sprite of my own :o

(Edited 1 time)

Ah, I see. Well, thank goodness Metroid had taught me to look everywhere (i.e. check every room) before triggering the water tower incident.

Ah yes, that was what I was referring to. My habit of always saving at each Save point led to me restarting the game at least twice, mostly due to getting stuck in two places in the desert XD

Oh. You may or may not have mentioned that in the game's update file. Found two secrets in it as well, plus interesting details on what went on behind the scenes. I've yet to meet those 2 extra characters, and will avoid some areas if they're too rage-inducing :p

Ah yes, I read up on one user's comments on a certain block, and you explained that other characters have weapons that can help them get through them (although one small area can be accessed without said weapon, but you can't get back out from there :p).

On a side note, after comparing the background of one of your screenshots with the background of the area I was in, I looked around and found the Forgotten Drain area. Needless to say, that one jar was not worth it after repeated tries (and being unable to reach a ledge sealed the deal :p).

Yes, the blockade is there, but once you have the Key gun, you can get through it (if the player is curious enough) and move on past all the enemies to 2 places (if you go in and fall down without the wings, you can't get back to the entrance).

If I'm lucky, I might find the infinite wing flaps power up, but right now, I'm about stumped as to where to find the remaining lore, and Teal (if he can be found...) :s (including the remaining gun upgrade locations; I've only found 4 so far).

Yes, you did mention this on the GameJolt website, but you did mention (on this game's Itch.io page) that 95% of the intended content has already been put into the game, so we can work with that.

I got all the lore from the Canals, after some wall checking with the trusty Chain Core (& some experimenting); there was a fake floor in the tower, but that went nowhere ;)

Goodness, all these riddles will give me a headache XD

(Edited 1 time)

Note: I didn't want to specify the locations as I didn't want to spoil the game and such :p

Ah yes, that does explain how he gets through impossible places without the items Mario buys :D

I had figured out the wing flapping after a long time of trying to get to the top of the first room with the Fungi brain, while the invisible blocks were triggered by accident. I've only found one place with a fake wall, and 2 places with a fake floor (all within the last area of the game). I've yet to find such a thing, and probably wouldn't bother (unless it helps with the Water Tower later on, which is where I was stuck at; I'm referring to the rearranged surroundings, and the hidden door in the wall) :p

I can assure you that the high jump bug is still around within the game :D

There is one area that you can get locked in if you haven't unlocked the wings (dungeon in the desert), and another area further down (the one with giant snakes) that locks you within the same screen with no hope of getting out :s

Hi there, I enjoyed playing through the demo, and hope to hear more about this game's development right up to the full release :)

I see. I assume that I got the neutral ending, as I had collected roughly 42 Lore before facing Smith a second time.

Having said that, is it possible for Mario to learn how to wall-run? I ask because there's a certain (optional, if I'm not mistaken) segment where there's no other way to go up the narrow space between 2 walls (and a Whirr floats up and down above me).

Hi Yal, I had recently downloaded your game and had finished playing it on Casual mode yesterday, only to be saddened by the ending. Is this affected by the number of Lore you collect, as well as the number of people you've saved? I would normally ask this via e-mail, but this seems to be the only way to reach you