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Laura Palavecino

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Very beautiful. Very often I think about all the things we could learn by contemplating rats, some of the considered more miserable beings, but I find them transcendental. Specially since, perhaps one year ago, I could watch for long a rat contemplating her own mirror reflection in the entrance door of the building next to my previous home. Few days later, one people of the street tried to scare me by holding  a rat corpse very close to me. 

And some years ago, I used to ask permission to pass by the sidewalk, every day at the same time at night  (because most of the time one rat could cross my path there)

Hi All

I wonder if someone can help me with the creation of an image using Pixsy + Bitsy

I have a game (  made with bitsy, which is already published, but I want to add another room which I want it to be and illustration:

I followed this tutorial ( ), but when I copy and paste the image data in my already developed game, I have as an outcome a superposition of sprites, tiles, rooms, and items all mixed up

I think that if I could know what exact part of the data image to copy and paste, and where exactly to paste it in the data of my game "Un mundo sin vos" it could work. Thanks

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Hello, I am Laura Palavecino from Argentina. I am a researcher and transmedia artist interested in the experimentation with visual art, poetry, alt.ctrl, installations and interactivity. These are my main sites & .I love making games with Bitsy and I often give courses on it.

How amazing, so pleased to share this wonderful space with all of you 🌸

Gracias a vos! <3. Por todxs los gatitxs del mundo

Gracias Chu!

Gracias Val :)

Muchas gracias <3

¡QUE TERNURA! hermoso

Hi! The doesn´t have sound, just moving images

Muchas gracias!

Gracias Manuel!

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A Very lovely game with a poetic Play and a shitty outcome :P


so cute!! <3

Awesome game!

Awesome game!

Awesome game!

Me encanta este juego Taina, muchas gracias por acompañarnos en el taller :)

Hermoso juego y hermoso mensaje Eva!

Hermosa propuesta de juego de impacto social :)

¡Quedó divino el juego Mateo! muy buen trabajo :)


Hermoso Juego Alejo! Felicitaciones :)

¡Quedo hermoso Cami! Felicitaciones

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Un juego para jugar y re - jugar eternamente Sofi-chan. Una obra narrativa interactiva bellamente ilustrada.

Una belleza de juego, muy entretenidas las mecánicas y un diseño excelente. 

Muchas gracias!

Lovely <3!!!

Muchas gracias!

Que lindo juego!

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Claro Leo! Muchas gracias  por tu interés en el proyecto :)






Thank you so much!! <3

Lo mas de lo mas!!!

Me hicieron querer matar Vaquitas de San Antonio, ahora me siento un poco mal :/

Muy bueno chicos, ya me lo baje y estuve intercambiando partes de monstruos! Puede ser que haya una sobreimpresion de Jesus sobre la imagen de la lechuza?