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Almost there! If everything goes according to plan, I will release the full version next Tuesday!

thanks, that was the intention!

oh no, it's probably the story that is not clear enough (I need to improve my writing)

If I remember correctly, in the ending in which Star Player kills himself, he suggests that the Talent Scout sexually abused the Coach when he was young

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Ah you right, it's mostly a retelling of the haunted game cartridge story in the game description. I should convert it text when I have time

MaPS it's incomplete yes, being worked at the moment

Assistant was Satan. The coach killed himself because of the Talent Scout abuses. Lol everytime I come back to this game I'm amazed how cruel I was in depicting the sport world!

wow nice!

the pact star player made with the devil was the classic "get good at soccer in exchange of his soul", in the true ending of the story the protagonist (you) makes another pact, his soul in change of going back in time and save star player from getting good at soccer

done! I also did the same thing with koyamachou watch repair shop's manual (which has a lot more stuff)

thank you! 

Good question, I guess I'm planning to continue working on all of my games but there are some visual novels that I consider to be complete for now, and they are: Shared Visions, Haunted Club Manager 88, Koyamachou Repair Shop and Undead Air.

My current plan is to finish this one first (Echoing Sky) since I've already written all the endings and I'm at proofreading/revision stage.

Thank you! I didn't know about the clipboard output, I'll put it on the game page as well! Also, I hope to share the rest of the story soon!

Cute protagonist and mechanics!

nice idea! It can get loud very fast!

simple and fun mechanic

thank you! I'll do my best!

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Thank you for the feedback, I'll work on it! At the moment the only way to change that setting is to go in system settings (I did it myself on mac to speed it up), but having the option in game would be better yes, I'll look into it!

For once I know what the ending will be! I just need to polish the last chapter and the full story should be ready, I'll keep you updated via the game blog!

Thank you for your in-depth feedback! All the things you mentioned are good points and fairly easy to implement and I'll keep them in mind when working on the full release!

Fun game! I feel sorry for the many dogs I woke up

wow my favorite game so far, I love fishing games! Everything just works, intuitive controls, great atmosphere, and sound,  I also liked the fish's description every time you catch one!

Cool game! Having voice actors adds a lot to the immersion and audio quality! I like how you specified in the beginning that the movement is grid-based, that helped a lot with navigating the game.

fascinating concept and execution! Maybe I'd start with a much smaller map at first!

amazing how you combined pico8 with text description, nice music as well

very nice! It was hard at first to memorize which composers were on which key (my memory sucks I know) but the game was well made overall!

oh thanks for the suggestion, I love that style!

thank you! Yes, mine had an Italian accent at first lol, having to deal with TTS is not ideal, I hope I can get a real voice actor for the full release!

thank you so much! The original plan was to add some vague backgrounds as well but I decided to focus on sound instead!

thank you, as you can imagine that's what I've been focusing the most, I already have the ending in mind it just needs some more polish and it will be ready!

The look of the game is incredible, I love this style!

nice gameplay! it was fun and scary!

wow scariest game so far! Also you get the award for the best mouse cursor icon

interesting game, I like the adventure game flavor inside a twine game!

Thank you! You can try playing them by pressing V and activating self-voicing, but they need some optimization, I'm working on that, I will post updates when they're ready!

Thank you, especially for the puzzle since this is my first time trying something like that!

<3 Thank you for hosting the jam as well, it's always a great source of inspiration!

thank you!! finally someone who found out the secret music track!

loooool best review! your reading was superb, thank you so much!


nice! Thank you I will try that!

I think this game has a lot of potential! I really like the environment and the atmosphere

My favorite game so far lol it was so fun! I think it feels comfy (despite being jumpscared at the ending!)

the game looks very cool, but unfortunately my mac doesn't want to run it :( It says I don't have permissions to run it, am I doing something wrong? apple is a pain for gaming