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idk why, but I hope ZX Spectrum will added to the list of platforms now. Seriously. Check this WIP Godot-based game creation tool out sometime. It's really neat so far. It might even take JSON if we're lucky. :3

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Just realized something: JSON can work with the Go programming language. So now I have an excuse to use this for JSON reason...and try making a GBA port of my game when I get to that point.

Why GBA? Ever heard of the TinyGo compiler? Apparently that can generate GBA roms. Yay.

Definitely has ways to go before it's considered completed. Just tested 0.10 in Gearsystem on my amd64 desktop. It seems to occasionally slow down at time when inconvenient. The sprites definitely need more animation oomph to it. I also find the bullet sprite a bit lame, mostly because I don't imagine missiles being that big.

Solid prototype overall. Can barely wait to see the final product! <3

Yeah. Also, I made my first pull request today. It was to correct a capitalization error probably caused by either VSCode or GitHub. Either way, the GitHub version should work offline now.

Okay, I get that exporting to JSON is a big deal, but I just realized that some people will prefer using an Electron wrapper; I'm probably sidetracking myself a bit, but would you like to make a ready-made Electron wrapper for Pocket Platformer gamemakers like myself?

I should also note that there'll eventually be a custom sounds update for Pocket Platformer itself, but maybe...well, you know?

No problem.

No problem. BTW the latest devlog has some new deetz you probably missed. Steve has been hard at work on this...and...well...that's about it. Good luck on your other project anyway. Be sure to check back whenever possible. I've been buggin' him on Discord on a killable enemies mechanic here and there, but otherwise I've been patient as well.

There is a github repo. Just download it from there and click on "index.html" or whatever. Very sorry for the late response from the crustacean. Steve is a rather busy one. Plus, I should note that I'm not the main developer. I just really like this engine.

However, keep an eye out. There will be a critical update that enables custom sound soon. Just be patient and we'll see what happens when it's ready. Thanks from me and the-l0bster. <3

Just to let you know, Pocket Platformer has some new feature revealed. Check the devlog when you can to see what's up?

Yeah, I guess you do have a point. Plus, I'm not completely opposed to a mono port either, so keep up the good work anyway.

Thanks for answering my question. Though, I think there is a version of dotnet-runtime on Ubuntu, I know this might sound weird, but I don't like mono that much. I understand that it is needed for running certain exe files, but maybe I would prefer using the dotnet command instead.

I'm not sure how this'll work, because the .NET framework is a bit finicky. I know this, because I had to install it to run FamiStudio natively at one point. Plus, I think dotnet usually runs dll files, so maybe trying mono for now will be my best bet.

Again, I do appreciate you answer, so thank you.

First off, once again, I'm very glad this is being continued. I do have one question: will there be a native Linux port sometime? Because I don't know how well this works on Linux with Wine. I know games using the previous version worked, but will this be any different.

Thanks again for continuing the work on this wonderful engine.


Low and behold, the wait is (almost) over, a PP-to-SMS converter. Internally, it uses haroldo-ok's previous project Pocket Platformer Exporter, which just exports JSON and tiles; however, it seem like wish for a platformer tool for retro consoles is pretty much coming true.

Anyhow, go check it out and give it a test drive. Be sure to report bugs on the github that is linked on the PP-to-SMS converter itch page ting.

I'm very glad you kept working on this and my idea aren't in vain.

I'll check this out later down the line. <3

How's it coming along? I remember you mentioning taking a break to take care of the cat that inspired this synth, but it's been awhile. How's the cat doing by any chance?

I'm loving the concept of this. Keep it up! <3

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Just a quick note that due to the recent announcement of THE400 Mini as well as my recent interest in learning actual programming languages such as BASIC, I might as well include the Atari 8-bit Famsquad (including the Atari 5200) and the ZX Spectrum into my repitoire of what I can think of for this exporter. I'm very glad I was able to introduce the Pocket Platformer tool to you, senor haroldo-ok.  Maybe someday, I'll make a game for the Speccy or even the Sega Master System or even the Genesis/MegaDrive.

We'll see though. We'll see.

I was thinking of simple combat similar to Atari 2600's Adventure of yesteryears, but that does raise some questions of whether add via a hack or do it yourself somehow. Either way, it would be nice.

I know I've probably asked this somewhere else before, but I really want to make a dungeon crawler type game. Any ideas on where to get started? Maybe even an example or two?

I hope you are doing well. If you return to the SMS conversion project, don't forget to rest here and there.

I'll probably wing it later; thanks for the reply anyway. <3

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Hey-o. So, I'm a Linux user and I was wondering if you're working on a Linux version. Otherwise, how well does this run on Linux with Wine?

This does seem like a nice tool though.

Not sure if webintoapp would work with a zip file on that front.

Hmm...yeah, this is gonna be a challenge, but I like it tbh.

You can always learn to make a webpage wrapper using Electron, but it's rather painful and bloaty that way.

I might've gave somebody an idea on making a PP-like engine, but for the Sega Master System or even a PP converter. What do you think of that? Because I would like PP games to run on platforms other than just the internet browser.

I was recommended by a certain crustacean named Steve. So far, it's really fun. I kinda hope for a port on an actual Atari. Most likely 7800 though.

It's all good, I just hope it might play nice with the Wine compatibility layer.

On second thought, I'll just do the album at my own pace. Sorry for getting your hopes up.

Here's the link to SunVox btw.

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Yes, this is legit. No April Fool gags here. I'm actually working on something until mid-spring. This isn't a FAWM entry either in case if you couldn't tell.

Anyway, I plan on making it a cheap, noisy breakcore album akin to Nasenbluten and Passenger of Shit. It's also gonna be made with a piece of software called SunVox, which is actually really awesome and free.

Anyway, wish me luck. If I lose track or interest in my album project, I'll release the resulting tracks, no matter how many come out of it.

I also made this thread to demonstrate a way to talk about your non-Bitsy projects.

[edit] I've realized that this is a tall order for myself. Sorry.

Hi. I guess I'll reintroduce myself. My name is Chase, but you can call me Cheez. I was a bit hesitant to come to this forum because I'm really used to Discord, but now I'm here because I still like Bitsy...and might make a small adventure game with it. Who really know though.

Hey. This does seem like a great tool, but will there be a native Linux build or do I have to run this on the Wine compatibility layer?

Speaking of twee2sam, I hope you'll revive that project in the near future. The latest Twine update allows for exporting to Twee code now with one click apparently. Yay.

I kinda really hope return to this project as well as the VCS Game Maker too. <3

Hey-o. I just remembered that this thing can convert Bitsy games into Sega Master System game. So, I was wondering if you could make a quick update to accommodate the later versions of Bitsy Game Maker that include tools to make sound and music.

Will it be possible?

Long story short, the "change background" setting is squashed behind one of the other options...if it actually appears of course. By the way, I'm you're using Godot instead of Unity3D. The latter is a bit of a mess despite being more "popular" than Godot.

Hey-o. So, I've actually tested the Linux build on my Pi desktop using an x86 emulation layer...and it actually works compared to some others I've tried. However, I'm not sure about using OBS on my Pi though. In the meantime, I tested it using Discord's screen share (the browser version of Discord, mind you)

My only complaint is that the interface for setting it up is squashed in some places. Plus, it was unclear about using double-click to turn off transparency or even greenscreen, but other than that, this is probably the most optimized pngtuber app I've seen.

To put it simply, I love it! I would also love a native aarch64/arm64 version for those that can't work with a x86_64 emulation layer.

Thanks for an amazing app though. <3

Not a problem.