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Crashed a few times (I think when moving between the screens), but that could be my laptop and not the game, so I dunno. Either way, it was really fun (the game, not the crashing) :3




Waiting for the full thingy, probably :3

Stumled upon this when revisiting one of my all time vidya favourites, which happens to be The Midnight Station, and really enjoyed it. Took me some time to finish and some fights felt kinda unfair (like the second boss feeling a bit harder than the third boss, or that one encounter with the 6 enemies circling you with only one of them being real/vulnerable, as there was way too much going on with such a little space to manouver through T_T), but it was a cool experience overall. I never ran out of gold, so losing only half of it upon dying felt kinda too forgiving. Anyway, I really dig the concept of a minesweeper arpg, it was executed well and had some nice spritework, so, great job ^.^

I had the same issue. The game keeps on giving the points if you replay the last level you finished... here you go. Had fun making it ^.^

That's really nice to hear :D Take as much time as you need, though

I really like the gimmick and the artstyle :P

It's a great balance between being simple and being tactical, and a random element makes it even more fun to play.

Not to flex (well, maybe just to flex a little bit), I finished your game on my first run

Hi, just wanted to let you know there's still some interest in the game :P
I've been playing it for the last two weeks and I didn't even realize it was in early access ^.^'
Would explain some things, though. Like how 'endless' mode' seems to be the main one and stuff. It's been about a year since the last update everywhere I checked and the discord link doesn't seem to work, so I'm just gonna ask it here; is the game abandoned/hiatused right now?

I really like the idea behind the game and the bosses are really nice, so I would love to see it develop into a more finished thingy and I'm quite sure I'm not the only one  :)

Nice game with nice graphics and really cool soundtrack. It was really fun to explore. I've got some issues, though...

First of all, I'd say that the lack of pixel rounding in 'retro' games is a cardinal sin. It really bothers me ^.^'

Second of all, the 'metroidvania' tag isn't fitting for this game. Backtracking with new abilities is essential for a game to be called that.

And lastly, the game is just very easy. The enemies are either too slow or too scarce for most planets to be challenging.

But other than that, it was a really fun experience and I don't regret 100%ing your game at all :3

Just finished it yesterday ^.^ Defeated Jack Hammer at level 10 and it felt satisfying B|
Are there any more content updates (like the tall building one) or sequels planned for the future?

I like the overall vibes and the bosses were really cool, but it kinda felt like there was a ton of hats, costumes and collars, but barely any charms. And a map menu would be a nice addition. Maybe something with a world map, an option to view the maps of other locations you've already visited and/or to leave markers on the map.

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Pretty cool anniversary thing :D
I like how you did your own drawings of the good old nostalgic stuff and I never thought I'd see Rayman sporting such a magnificent set of teeth, but there's still some room for improvement in this title ^.^'

For a most notable example, ground hitboxes are uneven, which causes the jump to sometimes not work if you try to jump while walking.

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Thanks :D

Unfortunately, it was just what I'm into/comfortable with, since contacting my giftee proved to be kinda difficult and the only things I knew before making the game was that they like a funny narrative, along with just three titles he enjoyed in the past. Not having much directions, I just decided to throw my own vibes into it and hoped they were going to enjoy it ^.^' But I'm not even sure if they played it.

Anyway, I'm really glad about how it turned out and I'm happy that someone actually played it and appreciated the art, so thanks again :P

Cool game! :D I hope the giftee likes it, too :P Nice, simplistic style and a huge amount of different spells for such a short title make it much more enjoyable. The only (though minor) takebacks were some monsters that seemed kinda untested (I'm talking mostly about that fast thing near the glass at the center of the map). And respawning upon dying seemed kinda buggy (and kinda pointless, since the monsters remained damaged when I returned to them), but it was still a good jam thingy ^>^ Really liked the whole roguelike feeling the multitude of items raising your stats a bit gave me.

Thanks, Santa ^.^


Go and play NES Castlevania. You could make a great game involving that kind of a movement. And it's even more limited in Castlevania, because there is no momentum.

A great little thing. But it'd be even better if its itch page was hiding the fact that it goes on forever. Even though it's infinite, making it to another transmitter feels like a progress and the exploration feels rewarding at times. It could actually trick some people into thinking there is some sort of an ending or a path branch with Bill at its end if there were no youtube links etc and it would be hilarious...

But it doesn't... It's like a tree-maze. It literally moves you to the previous level so you could try another path - not forward

So, the concept is really cool and it's done pretty well, but I still had some fun-related issues ^.^'

First of all, the other guns seem pretty redundant outside of the boss battle. Same with the jump upgrades. It wouldn't even be a problem if there were more enemy types that require more hits to kill in the later areas or if there were rooms that require going up to the ceiling to avoid some obstacles instead of just sticking to the floor level.

Another thing is the escape sequence; the game is easy and the auto destruction part is even easier than the rest of it, because 15 minutes is way too much to feel pressured. Even having just half of this amount of time would be a bit more than enough.

But every other thing about Infinitroid is just great and it's really hard not to enjoy that Atari-esque demake of Metroid :D