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Very cute :) The art is really nice too. The outside of the house looks great and the kitchen appliances look spot on.

For the black screens in the dialogue, is it the text glitching, or do you have empty spaces in the Dialogue bit inside of Bitsy? Sometimes those boxes appear like that for me when there is a bit of empty space. Particularly if I'm writing code for the dialogue and not using the editor.

Wow! That was great! I really enjoyed that.

Love the rhyming dialogue, the strong lines in the art, the use of colour. The combination of it all was beautiful.

Flawless little video game. Great job!

Really makes me want to try Bipsi too. I've tried a few of the off-shoots of Bitsy, but not Bipsi yet.

Congrats on your first Bitsy game! It's quite a fun engine once you start experimenting. Hope it has interested you to keep making things with it!

Thank you!

Yes, I was happy I could get that working too. That uses an 'invisible avatar' hack from Borksy for those rooms, and then the 'Edit Room' hack to move the cat around, etc.

Will keep working on it! Glad I could get the general idea down in time to close the Jam at least.

I like it when the themes are strange phrases, so I'm going to go for: 'Close the Window.'

They sound like cool ideas!

I'd be interested on checking out the new ideas some day, though please don't push yourself too much! 😃

I'm glad to hear that!

Do you have any further plans for the game at the moment?

It's always great to see people pushing Bitsy to new types of genre and gameplay. I really enjoyed this! Such a innovative idea and presented in a great way.

I really like the art as well, particularly the parts where you dropping down through the caverns alone. It felt very atomspheric.

Yes, it's possible! It's an off-shoot called Bitsy 3D. You can find a tutorial for it here:

You can change it to a 1st person viewpoint using the 'Camera' settings.

Thanks for playing!

Yes, I guess I forgot that it allows you a bit more freedom with colours than Vanilla Bitsy. Was my first time using it, but I really like it as well.

Very cute game! I think the art looks great too. Not sure what it is, but scuttling about through the webs and branches somehow felt really satisfying.

Hot damn this game looks beautiful.

This is still the best Bitsy game ever made to me.

Recently made for a Bitsy jam.

Really nice use of Mosi's capabilities! Music is lovely and the puzzle mechanics are really pushing what's possible from Mosi. Seeing so many moving objects in the later levels was really cool to see.

Nice! Think the difficulty curve was spot on. Thought it introduced the mechanics intuitively and they were always satisfying to get. Every time I got stuck I just wondered 'what info is this level trying to give me..?' and I was able to beat it every time.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I've thought about new mechanics too, perhaps something that splits a colour into two smaller lines or something that blends the colours together (blue and yellow into green).

I really like MOSI, though it got pretty complicated to code this much towards the end. I might try learning a more complex game engine and recreate it in there instead though.

Congrats on making your first game! 

That's annoying. What device were you playing on? I did test it mostly only on PC.

Were you able to input a colour to begin with? You can turn off any input colours by bumping into them again, which would let you input a colour in another spot. 

Excellent stuff! Fun concept, looks great, and plays very intuitively too.

Really love the creativity here. Such a simple concept, developed so well. Looks and sounds great too.

I also didn't realise how much I love the bitsy default guy and cat sprites.

Really interesting stuff! Sprites look great too.

Lots of really smart uses of the MOSI functions, like the HUD and the minesweeper room using the {random} function.

(1 edit)

Have tried to use it myself, though every time I've tried to use it it causes the game to crash when trying to load.

I assume it'll get fixed at some point. Changes are still being made to Mosi, such as that sprite selection bar at the bottom of the Room section.

Very funny, and loved the different combinations and the dialogue that went along with them. 

Nicely done!

Lovely stuff.

I really enjoyed Manifold Garden, and it was my first thought when I tried this game.

If you want something similiar that is also free, there is Frame of Mind

There is also Antichamber to try, through Steam.

That squirrel running animation really is dope.

Really enjoyed this, thank you. Really inventive way to push Bitsy into new creative ways to tell stories.

Really enjoyed this! Love the depictions of the changing of time and technology, all the different time periods you could go into. The chair popping up now and again.

Doesn't surprise me that you could only submit it 2 minutes before the deadline :)

Hibernation really is a strange concept when you think about it, isn't it? Nice job making me thing about the more 'philosophical' aspects of it!

Very cute. Everything is so cleanly designed too, even the font..? Is that a Bitsy HD standard? 

Love that awaken animation. So smooth! 

You should be able to find the squirrel at the end on the left screen, though as I was in a rush there might have been a few bugs.

Thanks for playing!

Really well written dialogue (particularly the last line :) ), and the yellow really pops in the caverns. Nicely done!

Really liked the colour choices for the different locations, for this! Really liked the top screen too, looked very striking.

Nicely done! Very much enjoyed it.