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There’s a tiny glitch where if you open the inventory, then enter and exit the pause menu before you close the inventory, the mouse will remain on the screen until you open and close the inventory again.

I just finished this one:

I also made this other one a few years ago on an earlier version of Mosi:

Remember physical contact?

Those pink heaired muggers are scarier than they look, especially when there’s a group of them surrounding you.

Cool concept, I enjoyed playing it. You could definately expand on the concept if you wanted to. I would really enjoy climbing more hills.

It’s a cool little puzzle. Didn’t take me too long to complete but enjoyed the time I spent with it. Would love to see the concept expanded on.

Really enjoyed this cute little game!

I was wondering, what method did you use to make all the passages? Is it a find and replace script or something similar? The reason I ask is I've been looking for ways to change the genders, names and pronouns of characters in playscripts.